Weekly Love Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign, March 14 - 20, 2022

There is nothing standing in your way.

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As you settle into the new energy this week, you are being asked to awaken to all that is possible.

The week starts off slow with a few quiet astrological days to help you process and feel your way through all that has recently happened in your life.

There might be a tendency to try to talk yourself into keeping things the same or old fears coming back up. But this is just part of learning that things have already changed too much to go back to how they previously were.


And that is good news because as the week continues, it will become clear that everything that has been happening is in perfect synchrony to the divine timing of the universe.

Just when you start to doubt this new path ahead, the energy arrives at the end of the week, giving you the clarity and confidence that you need to finally break free.

The Full Moon in Virgo arrives on Friday, giving you that realization that reality can be just as good as the dream of love, especially if you have learned how to put the work in to make it happen.

It's never easy to make changes in your romantic life, and at this point of the year, you are noticeably clear about what is in alignment with your needs and what is not.


But there is also no perfect easy time to have those hard conversations and take those leaps of faith.

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The thing that happens over the weekend, though, is that you will stop seeking or looking for that perfect time and instead decide that your happiness is worth more than the comfort of those around you.


When you finally start choosing yourself, you will understand that the only thing that was ever standing in your way as yourself.

On March 20, 2022, it's the start of Aries Season arrives with force, prompting you to feel as if you can finally breathe once again.

When the Sun moves into Aries, it represents a time in your life when you will be acting more. This season isn't about reflection or feeling like Pisces Season. Instead, it is about having the courage and taking a risk.

This season marks a time when many of the lessons that you have learned since Venus first went into Capricorn last November will now be able to be acted upon. There is still another month of no retrograde planets. For the first time since this year began, not even you will stand in your own way of pursuing the love that is calling to you.


Weekly Love Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs For March 14 - 20, 2022


(March 21 - April 19)

This is the last week that you will have to bide your time and feel uncertain about when to address what has been going on in your relationship.

You know precisely what you must do, and while much remains unpredictable in the situation, you know that you need to act.

Whether this is the ending of a relationship or rekindling a flame from long ago or even both, you know that you can no longer put off what you must do.

Take this week and get as clear as you can about the vision you have for your life and your own sense of worthiness for a love that is healthy and fulfilling.


Then as the Full Moon and your Season dawns, you will be ready to walk into the best chapter of your life.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Change in your life first begins with the emotional changes within yourself. You have been doing a lot of work acknowledging your true feelings and what they mean.

Instead of talking yourself into keeping things the same, this week, you will be prompted to start looking for ways to start small.

Do not be hard on yourself if you are not rushing forward. Any step in a new direction is an important one.

Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to adjust to this new you. For you specifically, there will be a theme around feeling seen and heard by your partner or prospective partner.


You cannot force someone to do this, but you can create a space where you are sincere and vulnerable, which goes a long way.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Whatever choices you make in your life, you must be okay with them. This is not just accepting them but genuinely living with them.

Feel as if there is truth and integrity in all you do. As the week progresses, you may start to feel as if some of your choices are not indeed those you know you should be making.

Whether this means you have been considering having an affair or a betrayal, take time to see why you feel the way you are instead of trying to justify it.


Being honest about what you are experiencing is the only way to start making some changes. This will bring some ah-ha moments, extensive conversations, and then the chance for you to feel better about your life and love overall.

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(June 21 - July 22)

While change is knocking for many right now, for you, it is getting to the point you can no longer ignore it. This is because the wheel is not already in motion for what is to come.

It is spinning uncontrollably at this point. Part of your work is learning to be okay. Once things have been set in motion, there is a lack of control over what course they will take and who will affect them.


Reflect on what provides that sense of stability and grounding within your life, the part of yourself that can never be removed or altered by external events.

Then remain focused on this as things begin to develop so that no matter what happens, you know that you are safe and secure.

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(July 23 - August 22)

This week is the prepping time for you to go after what exactly it is that you want. You have been deeply enmeshed in your own inner work to make sure that you are doing things differently this time in your life and in your relationships. But at a certain point, you must give yourself the green light and trust all the work you have done.


Even if things feel incomplete or you still need to work on them does not mean you cannot pursue your future.

There is a specific person or relationship that you have not been able to get out of your mind. As the weekend comes, you will no longer have a reason to not reach out. Part of your charm and gifts is that you excel in going after what you want, and this scenario is no different.

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(August 23 - September 22)

The Full Moon this week lights up your sense of self and how you approach relationships. Sometimes you tend to blame others while not admitting that your actions have been part of the problem.


For you, this is a time to reflect on your choices in relationships. Instead of dismissing people because of their issues, look at what you have been bringing to the table.

In love, you attract where you are at. Every partner is a mirror, so instead of blaming the other person and ignoring your own work, take the time to see how you can do better.

It may be a time to apologize or just take accountability for yourself and shift away from the victim's mindset. Nothing happens to you; it happens because you create it.

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(September 23 - October 22)

While the Full Moon this week is in Virgo, it shifts into your sign just a few hours later.


This will give you many of the benefits of this Full Moon without the necessary challenges that sometimes come along with having it illuminate all that was hidden. You will feel a deeper connection to yourself and those around you, including your romantic partner.

You may suddenly get a gratitude attack and feel the depth of your emotions you have been avoiding.

Whether this is because you were afraid of getting hurt or even attached, it is a positive thing to admit the depth of your feelings.

This is healthy, and it is part of this chapter in your romantic life that you have been creating. It really is a brand-new start, so allow yourself the feelings of trust this time really is different.


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(October 23 - November 21)

The eclipse points of the Moon have been busy creating all sorts of changes in your life since they crossed over into the Taurus and Scorpio axis.

This is all in preparation for the Taurus Eclipse later this Spring. Still, it is about making sure that you are not allowing yourself to forget all the work you have done or to slip back into what is comfortable.

You have reached the point in your journey where going back is no longer possible. It is just being able to realize that for yourself.

So do not be afraid this week to truly stand in your power and speak into existence what it is you want and deserve from your romantic relationship.


It is not your job to figure out how to have the other person meet them, but only to stand in your truth and observe who is willing to stand in theirs to meet you.

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(November 22 - December 21)

After so much time focusing on your career these past few months, your romantic life is calling to you.

There may have been some hesitation in turning your focus on this area because, of course, you will need to do something about it and deal with it. But the thing is, as you are becoming increasingly aware of it, it is not just going away either.


As much as you may have found it easier to create success in your professional life, you underestimate your ability to create your own reality. Just as you have challenges at work or even promotions come up, the same happens in your personal life.

Try to deal with these events in your romantic life as you would your career seeing that they are coming for more incredible growth and success.

While you will need more emotional vulnerability to work through relationship issues than professional ones, it gives you a place to start, which is all that matters.

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(December 22 - January 19)


If you have felt constrained in your life, this is the week that all of that begins to change. After having Venus hang out in your zodiac sign, from November until just a few weeks ago, you have been seeing only the areas that you don't feel accessible or even valued by others. The realization this week is that you are only as accessible as you allow yourself to feel.

No one can take away your right to live the life you want, not even your romantic partner. Look for where restriction from within your romantic relationship has prevented you from living the life you genuinely want to.

You cannot blame them for being themselves, but you can take responsibility for accepting it. It is time to take your life into your own hands, and either your partner will rise to meet you, or they will not, but at the end of the day, you will feel like your life is finally yours.

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(January 20 - February 18)

The light has returned to your life once again and just in time for a new season. You have been getting used to this new energy since Venus and Mars shifted into your sign at the beginning of the month.

While you have been hesitant to trust the optimism filtering in, this week provides a breakthrough. Instead of seeing only the parts of your relationship that are not working, you will be feeling grateful for all that is.

This will also allow you to go deeper into it, which will result in even more joy. When you focus on the wonderful, that is more of what you receive. It does not mean everything is perfect, but only that there is enough that you lose the desire to focus on what is not. But it is also about seeing what truly matters. Once you do that, all the rest just does not seem to matter.


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(February 19 - March 20)

As you move through the last week of your season, you are feeling contemplative and hopeful about what is awaiting you on the other hand. You have made many changes in your life and have worked to speak your truth.

Finally, finally, you create the relationship you have been desiring. It is not that you are solely responsible for it, but if you are not standing in your worth, there is no way to receive what you deserve.

After some darker periods, this week's Full Moon shines its magical light on your love life, giving you the gift of seeing that reality really can be better than any dream. You must trust that everything you have done has built that new foundation you have been seeking, and now is the perfect time for love to grow.


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