3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves After The Rise Of Venus In Aries On April 12th, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves After Venus In Aries Rises On April 12th, 2021

As Venus in Aries rises once again in the sky on April 12th, 2021 after completing her superior conjunction last month, she will bring hope to all signs — but specifically, three will be strongly affected by the energy of this new cycle.

Three zodiac signs will see their love life improve after Venus in Aries rises on April 12th.

Venus will enter the critical degrees of Aries as she starts to become visible once again.

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Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty, where we call home, and those physical pleasures that we revel in.

In astrology, depending on what zodiac sign she is in and where she is located in the sky our love lives, relationships, and even how we feel about ourselves will be affected.

When the planet Venus is below the horizon line as part of her normal orbit we tend to go within more, sometimes even trying to avoid dealing with important issues or even acknowledging a deep-rooted truth.

While unseen, Venus can also have us working behind the scenes in our relationships including the one that we have with ourselves.

This means that perhaps we’re taking a second look at things with a current partner, realizing that perhaps we are more in alignment with someone else or even recognizing that we need to work on how we feel about ourselves before we make any other big romantic decisions.

To move through these cycles is normal and beneficial, but all of that is about to change as Venus in Aries once again starts to emerge from below the horizon so that we can see her rise.

As Venus in Aries rises — so do we.

As of April 12th, Venus will actually be forming an aspect with the waxing crescent moon in Aries in the early nighttime sky.

While it will be beautiful to witness it actually holds a significant meaning for us in our lives, beyond our love horoscope.

To have Venus rise once again means that all of us are ready to take those steps of a new beginning in our lives — specifically in our romantic relationships. It also means that we’re ending one cycle and beginning another during this new astrological season.

But to have to coincide with the waxing crescent in Aries is even more significant because this fire sign is the first of the zodiac and is the one to initiate new chapters in our lives.

This is the time when we are more focused on letting go and releasing what isn’t working and ready to take on what it feels like will.

The spiritual meaning of the waxing crescent signifies a time to set an intention. To look up the definition of intention, it is described as “medicine to heal a wound” and this is what we are all doing.

For many of us, we have been battling the wounds of old loves since the start of the year teetering on the edge of could this actually be different and wanting to believe that it can.

As many beautiful moments as we’ve had, there also have been those spaces where we felt constricted and unable to grow or move beyond.

But as Venus returns once again into our nighttime sky as she finishes her last week in the first sign of Aries, we will be reminded that the only way we actually have the love and life we dream of is by taking action to create it.

This leads right into Venus’s Taurus Season which begins on the 19th, one of her home signs, where we will be able to grow even more deeply into this path of newness that is blossoming now.

While the first step is always the most daunting in new chapters, it’s really only just the beginning, not just of a new relationship or even a life path, but of a self.

And this is why we’re constantly being shown why it’s worth it. Why even the biggest risk in love is worth it because it takes great risk to become the people that we are meant to be.

Here's how the love life of Aries, Taurus, and Libra improves after Venus in Aries rises on April 12th.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Given that Venus is currently making her way through your sign, it’s no surprise that your sign is one of those that will be getting a major shakeup in the coming week.

While significant in itself it’s magnified given that the planet of love is making a conjunction to the waxing crescent moon also in Aries.

The important lesson to be mindful of during this time is to remain aware of what your intention is as you move forward into your new beginning.

You can be rash at times and even considered impulsive and while sometimes we need that headstrong energy in order to be able to get what we want; it also can work against us if we’re mindlessly following a path that we are unsure why we’re on.

In the coming days, it’s important to sit with yourself, to let yourself melt into the quiet and to reflect on what you actually want to begin during Venus’s rebirth.

What feels like it needs to change in your relationship? What do you need more of? What feels stagnant? But this time at the center of it, keep yourself, your authenticity, and your truth.

Let this new cycle be all about you and who you truly are, remembering that even the darkest parts of ourselves deserve love.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Venus in Aries will newly be in the nighttime sky at the time she moves into the earth sign of the bull on the 19th which means that as she moves through the first new degrees of your sign, she will be creating big changes within your life.

While Venus is creating a new start in love for everyone — for you it comes down to where you call home and of course, who occupies that space with you.

Oftentimes your biggest downfall is thinking that you don’t have any other options in love or that you’ve made your bed so you need to lay within it, not realizing that it’s your own mind that can have you trapped inside a cycle you can’t see your way out of. In the coming weeks, you will be asked to truly focus on and define what home means for you.

For many that may mean that you discover that your home is a place you haven’t yet discovered, it may mean that you need to sell everything and move away on a dream that your soul knows what it’s doing.

It may mean that you finally have to acknowledge that the relationship or marriage you’re in is one that’s slowly killing you or that there is a place you feel at home and people that feel like family — except that’ not where you are.

So, you will be called into action, into movement with this rise of Venus as you realize there’s no good reason to not follow your heart.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

While Aries and Taurus will be seeing Venus in their sign at the time of this transit, you will not, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be as affected.

Libra is one of the other home signs of the planet of love which means whenever she’s going through a big transit, so are you.

The other factor contributing to your sign being strongly affected is that the last Full Moon we saw was in the sign of Libra, which means that until the next Full Moon on the 26th we will still be within your lunar cycle.

For many we have been under the energetic influence of both Aries and Libra in the past month; that push and pull of action, fairness and balance.

But what we sometimes struggle to learn is that balance is seldom fair. Instead, balance is determined by our own internal radar over what we need in order to feel our best. Sometimes the pendulum swings one way and at the other, it shifts in the opposite direction.

It’s never right or wrong but more along the lines of what we need and being accepting and loving enough of ourselves so that we can honor those needs.

But there also are times when we struggle with making decisions and choices because we’re thinking that things need to be fair, yet this is an illusion of a heart that wishes there was a different answer.

In the coming weeks look for where you’re dragging your feet or delaying making a decision because you wished the answer was different.

Look for where you can lean in and take steps of action no matter how uncomfortable it is because no one can live your truth, but you.

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