Critical Degrees In Astrology: How Mars, Mercury & Venus Affect Our Relationships In 2021

The critical zero degree represents the point of creation.

Critical Degrees In Astrology: How Mars, Mercury & Venus Affect Our Relationships In 2021 Fred Mantel/

In January, the changes in astrology have already rocked our world. Some may cite politics, but there's also an astrological explanation called 'critical degrees in astrology.

For example, on January 6, Mars the god of war entered Taurus and at the same time Mars hit a critical degree, we saw anger in various parts of the world, including Washington D.C. when rioters attacked the capitol.

Then Venus entered Capricorn on January 8 placing greater focus on relationships and the work that is involved. Capricorn has to do with work, and the unemployment rate reported as stabilized.


On the same day, Mercury entered Aquarius and we begin futuristic conversations, but Mercury's connection with Saturn demonstrated blackouts of the internet and other disruptions that made this difficult for some all over the world.

Per astrology, these events take place when planets hit what is called a 'critical degree'.

How will the critical degrees of Mars, Venus, and Mercury affect your zodiac sign this year?

Critical degrees are 0, 13, and 26-29.

These mark an ending but also a new beginning.

We feel their changes in or out of each zodiac sign the most.

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Critical zero degrees in astrology represent a time for new beginnings.

These new beginnings signify the end of one karmic cycle and the ascension into a new phase of life.

During our newly begun Age of Aquarius means that for all of us it’s time to think about love and relationships differently.

There are a few additional critical degree dates to pay attention to this year:

January 30th Mercury Retrograde Begins: Tying up loose ends; truth and autonomy becomes a priority

February 1st Venus Leaves Capricorn: Freedom to make big moves and decisions

March 3rd Mars Leaves Taurus: Future plans begin to take shape, More movement

March 15th Mercury Leaves Aquarius: Balance between independence and romantic partnerships


Mars and Venus are the celestial lovers and rule both the divine masculine and feminine which means whenever we see these two dancing in the sky it means that we can expect big energy shifts within our romantic relationships.

This is especially important when we’re seeing both of these planets cross the critical zero degree point within just a few days of one another.

Mars also rules passion, motivation, determination, and the legacy that we leave.

Together these two planets are definitely creating an atmosphere of success in love-but also in life, showing us that we don’t need to be paupers in order to be happy.

Oftentimes it seems we only think that we deserve to have one area of our lives doing well when in truth it’s only that attitude of lack that makes us believe that.


When we let go of that we can see that we deserve to be rich in all areas of life.

Here's what to expect from the critical degrees of Mars, Venus, and Mercury throughout 2021:

Critical degrees of Mars in Taurus.

In Taurus we’re being asked to slow down, to let ourselves assimilate into what we learn while in Aries but to remember that life and our relationships should actually feel good to us.

Another layer to be aware of are the houses that these signs rule and how that will affect us not just in the month to come but during the entire year as well.

Mars in Taurus rules the second house which is the one of Value.

This rules our finances, personal assets, property, material possessions, and also includes our own feelings of self-worth.


While we will definitely be focusing more on the abundant side of life, this is a time to evaluate our own sense of wealth.

Most often we first think of numbers, of bank accounts, and what holds a monetary value-but there are also huge parts of life that are invaluable but have nothing to do with finances.

Critical degrees of Venus in Capricorn:

Venus in Capricorn is a compatible energy to Mars because she’ll also be in an earth sign.

Venus is all about love and in Capricorn is still interested in romance but only if it’s forever.

It’s not a time for one night stands or short flings, instead, it’s a time to commit to who we love and to find the joy in loyalty.


We also tend to express our love through material gifts which complement the vibe of Mars in Taurus as well.

Adding to that vibe of wealth is Venus in Capricorn representing the tenth house of Ambition which rules over societal influence, careers, achievements, and even humanitarian efforts.

With Venus being all about love though there is definitely an energy of that sense of Ambition when it comes to love which drives us to ask how far we would go to have everything.

Venus in Capricorn also tends to use gift-giving as their love language and also prefers the finer things in life.

Critical degrees of Mercury in Aquarius:

And then we have Mercury which rules our communication and thought processes.


At the end of the month, we have the first retrograde of the year which will have us doing a review of those things we might still need to take care of from 2020 before really being able to leave it all behind.

For now, though, this phase is about thinking for ourselves and not worrying about the opinions and beliefs of others especially as it relates to love and who we choose to invest in during this new karmic chapter in our lives.

Mercury in Aquarius is the eleventh house of Friendship signifying that we’re going to have to find independence and autonomy from the social groups that raised us or were significant in our lives so that we can forge ahead on our own path.

This critical zero-degree triad of planets is about creating a different lens to view love, abundance, and what it means to live life on our own terms.


Each zodiac sign will feel these tensions differently.

Read on to find out which critical degree impacts you the most, by zodiac sign:

Mars & The Second House Of Value


Expect new beginnings around what you value and how those values define the path that you take in your life.

This will be some life-changing directions but ultimately it’s all about making the most of what you have.


Finances will come into focus with the possibility of huge gains but remember that money can never replace human connection.

In life, there is a balance of everything and it begins with you knowing you deserve both.


When we find our own worth it changes what we allow into our inner circle.


This will bring some much-needed ah-ha moments of growth where you’re no longer bargaining for what you deserve.

Venus & Tenth House of Ambition


There are changes on the horizon in how you define success and what it means to be satisfied in life.

While how we feel about something always matters-it’s also about a more long-term plan now rather than the short game.


When we know what is worth our energy we invest our time differently.

You still might be willing to do anything for love-but now you expect love to do everything for you too.

Stick with this new frame of mind and don’t let doubt creep in.


Focus on why you’re working for something around this time, especially long-term relationships.


Make sure that you’re acting from your authentic truth and not any obligations to not rock the boat.

Life is messy, get used to it.

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Mercury & The Eleventh House of Friendship


Refocus on what it means to surround yourself with the people you most admire.

Don’t just keep doing something because you’ve always done it that way, or because it’s comfortable.


Have the courage to step out and step up.


What happened before doesn’t define you and it certainly doesn’t define the future.

Recommit to yourself and that clean slate of not letting past hurts or the words of others define the dreams you have for your future because that’s the only way you’re going to get what it is you want.


The only opinion that matters is yours.

We can love people but it doesn’t mean that we can put their needs ahead of ours or even their opinions.

It’s time to break free from the social circles that raised you because when our wings are ready it’s because we’re meant to fly.

Moon & The Fourth House of Home


Redefine what you thought home would be and how it would feel.


Be brave enough to believe that you can find someone who is looking for the same thing you are and that you’re not being a sell-out to the cause to want to share life with someone.

Look for what’s possible instead of what’s not.


It’s time to speak on your needs and dreams.

Let others be there for you in the ways that you’ve always been there for them and allow yourself to sink into receiving energy.

Remember the first home you make should always be the one within yourself because if you haven’t cared for you-you can’t possibly care for others.


When you’re authentic you shine a bit differently.

Don’t be afraid to shine bright, to speak up, to try again or to believe that you can travel the world and have a family with strong roots.


This is the time when you’re being encouraged to focus on the family part, but it doesn’t mean the other isn’t right around the corner too!

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