Full Moon Dates, Meanings & Times For The Rest Of 2021

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Full Moon Dates, Times & Name Meanings For The Rest Of 2021

Every month there is a full moon that takes place in a certain zodiac sign, but beyond what these events mean in astrology, they are also observed by farmers, astronomers, and people who love nature.

Full Moons have meaning.

Full moons represent maturity or culmination, as it is the middle or peak of the moon’s cycle.

There are many urban legends that full moons drive people to do crazy things.

Words like lunatic and lunacy which are synonyms for crazy have the root Latin word Luna which means moon.

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There is yet to be evidence to prove that, but it speaks volumes to the belief that the moon holds a type of power.

People into New Age and other spiritual practices sometimes charge precious objects like crystals, water, or tarot cards to imbue them with the moon’s energy.

Each full moon comes with a particular name.

All around the world, there are many different names for the full moons. In the united many have Native American origin.

These names correspond with the observation of the environment weather than be seasons for hunting and gathering or extreme weather as well as how people interact with the environment at those specific times.

The moon was and is a timepiece that is invaluable.

In astrology, the moon rules one’s feelings. The moon’s energy can present itself in a positive or negative way.

A full moon is a good time to set one’s intentions, charge objects with the moon’s energy, cleanse your mind and place, and create a space for reflection.

Some people use this to take time for self-care, such as cutting their hair, taking mental notes of their body, and doing a cleanse.

There are many opportunities this year to choose what you need for the next coming full moon.

Full moon dates, name meanings, and times for the rest of 2021:

March 28th Full Worm Moon in Libra, 2:48 P.M., EST

Named after the worm trails that appear when the ground begins to thaw.

Also known as:

Algonquin Eagle Moon

Cree: Goose Moon

Northern Ojibwe: Crow Comes Back Moon

Ojibwe: Sugar Moon marks the time of year when the sap of sugar maples starts to flow.

Pueblo: Wind Strong Moon which refers to the strong windy days that come at this time of year

Dakota, Lakota, Assiniboine: Sore Eyes Moon highlights the blinding rays of sunlight that reflect off the melting snow of late winter.

In Christianity, it is called the Lenten moon if it is the last full moon if it occurs before the Spring Equinox, and Paschal moon, the first full moon of spring if it occurs after the Spring Equinox.

It is also called Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon, last moon of winter, Chaste Moon, Death moon.

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April 26th Full Pink Super Moon in Scorpio, 11:32 P.M., EST

This is called the Pink Moon because around this time, pink moss begins to grow.

Also known as:

Sprouting Grass Moon

Egg Moon: An nod to easter

Fish Moon: It was called this by coastal tribes to indicate the beginning of fish swimming upstream.

Oneida: It’s Thundering Moon

May 26th, Full Flower Supermoon in Sagittarius, 7:14 A.M., EST

This is named after the abundance of flowers growing in spring.

Also known as:

Algonquins: The Full Flower Moon

Sioux: Month of Flowers

Inupiat: Summer Moon

It is also called Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon.

June 24th, Full Strawberry Super Moon in Capricorn, 2:40 P.M., EST

Named after the beginning of the berry season and the beginning of summer.

Also known as:

Algonquin: Strawberry Moon

Abenaki: Hoer Moon

Cherokee: Green Corn Moon

Choctaw: Moon of Peach

Tlingit: Birth Moon

European names for this Moon include the Honey Moon, the Mead Moon, and the Rose Moon

July 23rd, Full Buck Moon in Aquarius, 10:37 P.M., EST

This moon is called the Buck Moon because buck’s antlers are in full growth

Also known as:

Thunder Moon: Thunderstorms are frequent during this month.

Hay Moon: This comes from farmers beginning work in the hay barns.

August 22nd, Full Sturgeon Seasonal Blue Moon in Aquarius, 8:02 A.M., EST

This Moon is named after the sturgeon season of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain.

Also known as:

Full Green Corn Moon

Wheat Cut Moon

Moon When All Things Ripen

Blueberry Moon

These names indicate the beginning of the early harvest time.

September 20th, Full Harvest Moon in Pisces, 7:55 P.M., EST

This is named for the end of summer harvesting.

Also known as::

Barley Moon

Lakota Sioux: Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet

Omaha: Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth

Sioux: Moon When the Calves Grow Hair

October 20th: Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries, 10:57 A.M., EST

This moon is named for hunting season.

Also known as:

Sanguine or Blood Moon is either named after blood from hunting or the turning of leaves.

Other Names

Ojibwe: Falling Leaves Moon

Mahican Dialect, Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Wisconsin, Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana: Hunting Moon

November 19th, Full Beaver Moon in Taurus, 3:57 A.M., EST

Named after beaver trapping season and heavy beaver activity.

Also known as:

Catawba: Leaf Fall Moon

Ojibwe: Freezing Over Moon, Whitefish Moon, They Give Thanks Moon

Wishram: Snowy Mountains in the Morning Moon

Shawnee: Long Moon Pueblo: Moon When All Is Gathered In

December 18th, Full Cold Moon in Gemini, 11:35 P.M., EST

This moon is named after the cold season.

Also known as:

Cree: Drift Clearing Moon, Frost Exploding Trees Moon Hoar Frost Moon

Mohawk: Cold Moon

Oglala: Moon of the Popping Trees

Haida, Cherokee: Snow Moon

Western Abenaki: Winter Maker Moon

Mohican: Long Night Moon because it rose during the longest nights of the year.

Ancient pagans called this Moon Before Yule because it was before Yule Time.

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