Your Monthly Love Horoscope For March 2021, By Zodiac Sign

Your Zodiac Sign's Monthly Love Horoscope For March 2021

Artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach, and motivational speaker Kate Rose puts into words what all zodiac signs can expect in love and relationships starting March 2021.

Your monthly love horoscope drives home one message during the month of March 2021 — there’s a difference between our egos never giving up versus love.

This month that realization becomes crystal clear, and we’re able to see just what it means for love — to never give up and for us to fight to keep a relationship together.

Pisces Season started February 18, but in March we enjoy all the deeply emotional and meaningful moments represented by the fish.

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Love will be the main focus of March, but especially those unions and relationships that feel divine and more soul than the heart.

So often we think of giving away a piece of our heart in love, but our hearts are flesh and eventually will stop, it's our soul that lasts forever.

As we journey through the soulful world of Pisces, we learn more about what it means to love from our soul versus our hearts, and as we do — no others will do because when we give away a piece of our soul, there’s no getting it back.

During the first half of the month leading up to the Pisces, the New Moon on March 13th expects lots of developments on the relationship front.

Pay attention to any changes that happen. Some may be orchestrated by the divine versus those that we’re making happen. We may still cling to a storyline, we’re too afraid to let go.

This is the difference of whether it’s love that’s not giving up — or our egos.

Be mindful of moments you’re scared to let go of and trust whatever comes next, even if you can’t see what that is.

What is meant for you will ask you to believe beyond what seems logical, which means that you will have to suspend your belief system and allow the Universe to surprise you.

But there’s also a fair amount of moments this month where you will be asked to step up to the plate in a big way thanks to that infusion of Aries energy coming in.

The combination of Aries and Pisces will ask us to stand up and fight for the love that is bigger than just a date on Friday nights or changing our relationship status.

This is about recognizing that there truly is a higher purpose to love, sometimes we just first have to allow ourselves to believe in our dreams, so they actually have a chance to manifest.

New beginnings are plentiful and abound this month showing us what it means when love never gives up because that’s how we truly know it’s forever.

Key dates and themes affecting your monthly love horoscope in March 2021:

March 3rd Mars enters Gemini

Quick action in love, taking chances, new developments in love/relationships

March 5th — Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Active change in a new direction, letting dreams shape our reality

March 7th — Pallas Enters Pisces

Lightworkers come together in relationships, love has a deeper meaning and purpose

March 13th — New Moon in Pisces

New beginnings in love, spirituality, and the feeling of a divine purpose

March 15th — Mercury in Pisces

Conversations turn towards feelings, dreams, and what we believe in. Expect a huge leap in communication in relationships.

March 20th — Sun Enters Aries

Bringing a balance of fire energy to so many planets in watery Pisces, we take giant steps in love, feeling confident and sure of ourselves.

March 21stVenus Enters Aries

Passions heighten, return to play and fun, unstoppable in love, independence from the opinions of others.

Vernal Equinox, Spring begins as we celebrate and welcome an even amount of darkness and light. Beginnings are everywhere, chances of fertility are higher.

March 28th — Full Moon in Libra

Relationships become more solid and stable, if not they'll end, requiring more partnership, kind of love, teamwork, companionship, peace returns.

Monthly love horoscope for March 2021, by zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

During the first half of March, until Venus enters Pisces, you might feel a little overwhelmed in your feelings, and that’s okay. It’s part of the process to prepare you for the expression of unconditional love that Venus in Pisces can bring your way.

It’s been an interesting few weeks to move through as you had to practice more patience than normally was necessary. You've learned the difference between being impulsive and just taking action on what you want, but now greater things are in store.

There’s a whole lot of heart to now sort through. Give yourself time to feel what you feel rather than push yourself forward.

There will be time for action, but right now it’s okay to just feel, even if that’s the last thing you want to do.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Eyes wide open feels like the best way to describe the first half of the month as you just take in and watch what happens around you.

This isn’t the same as waiting or being passive but it’s also okay to just simply observe what others do when you do nothing at all.

There also may be some comfort in returning to your feelings once again as you realize that it’s okay to stand firm in your beliefs as long as you know what you’re standing up for.

Expect some rocky moments mid-month as you turn some corners in your relationships about what you want and your inability to accept less. Trust the process even if it seems to be going differently than you imagined.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

There will be a softening this month around all those walls that you had thought you needed, it may feel a little like you’re coming undone, but this is the step to you being able to build the life and love that you want.

It’s time to let it out this month, to feel, to cry, to love, to just allow your heart to show.

Since the start of the year, you’ve really stepped into what it means to truly love yourself, which means that you’re ready to allow yourself to love another in the same way.

Accept your softness and appreciate that there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for love.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

We can’t just feel what we want to without feeling even those parts that we don’t. At times you prefer to only deal with what’s comfortable and good but then when it doesn’t, that’s when reality comes crashing down and you retreat.

If we let ourselves feel everything then we’re also not living in fear of having to face the thing we’re most scared of. Love isn’t only roses and sunshine, even the best relationships ask us to feel what’s most uncomfortable at times.

This will be the lesson of the next few weeks as there will be major turning points in your relationships as you see and accept everything that’s going on and not just what you had originally wanted to see.

As we near the end of the month though there is a new beginning with your name written all over it; it will be worth the wait.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Tempting fate is the act of doing something that we deep down know isn’t something we’re meant to or that it’s not in our best interest, yet we proceed anyway.

Be mindful of this train of thought as we walk along the edge of a water and fire sign this month.

Just because it seems like something you might be able to get away with, like an affair, doesn’t mean that you will or even that you should.

Instead, try to look at the reason why and if you’re actually afraid of having something so good.

Self-sabotage is a real thing and for you this next month it’s something to remain keenly aware of and the reason that you’re being tempted down a path that you know isn’t good for you.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Heal thyself first. Always and in all ways. Come home to yourself this month. Be with yourself, put yourself first, and allow yourself to deal with yourself.

It doesn’t mean that it will always have to be this way, but until you heal those parts of yourself that are hurting then you will keep attracting those who will do it for you.

This includes those idealized thoughts about love. No partner will ever be perfect or will ever do all the right things all the time but it’s about someone who wants to put the work in with us.

Yet, if you’re still more comfortable focusing on them than you then it will never be about teamwork. Slow down this month and figure out you, then as we begin a new season, love will make more sense.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The shift into this month may feel a little disorientating to you as you’re being pulled down to feel what you might have glossed over in the past few weeks.

This may even come in the form of a reality check as you realize that you can’t escape absorbing that much-needed lesson about a love you’d rather forget.

Rather than finding yourself in a relationship at the start of the month, it may be more about healing and processing for you.

This is okay too. Allow yourself the space to be able to reflect on why you made the choices that you did without placing blame on yourself for making them.

There’s a lot of peace and forgiveness to be had in lovingly accepting our own choices because this is what frees us to make new ones in the future.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Even when you want love to give up, it won’t. Sometimes that love that is so amazing isn’t convenient or even comfortable.

Sometimes we think it would be easier if love just left us alone so that we could keep doing the same old thing, and stay in our same old routines.

But that’s the purpose of love; to shake us away so much so that it becomes possible to ever be asleep again.

In the month ahead this will be your path. You have to walk that line of trying to forget so that you can learn you can’t.

You have to try so deeply to create an alternate ending so that you can see it’s not worth it.

None of this is futile but all part of the process, because as much as you’re at home in your feelings, a love that actually is everything that you need and more is unchartered waters.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Freedom thrives on actually being free. We can’t actually say we are as long as we’ve still been living in the cage.

Even though this is something you go to great lengths to avoid, there are times on your journey that you create these, so you have a reason to not take a chance.

But if this year has shown you anything so far, it’s that any kind of fear will only ever hold us back.

Now that you’ve learned that you get to spend the next few weeks not only feeling your emotions-but also acting from your heart by taking passionate action towards what calls you the most deeply.

If at any point you feel like you’ve gone too far or have taken too big of a step. Just remember that there is no such thing as being too free, especially for a love that inspires you to be just that.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

There’s no reason to pretend that life is the same when it very clearly isn’t, but even better, neither are you. It’s time to believe in yourself this month, which also means believing in the choices that you make for love.

Just because it’s never worked out before doesn’t mean that it never will, it only means that you needed to learn all you have so that you can be in this moment now.

This is also your chance to really show your heart, especially to those that you really care about.

Be bold this month, especially when it comes to love and the decisions that you make because you honestly have nothing to lose, especially now that you’ve learned to trust yourself.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

This is a good month to check in with yourself and make sure that your heart is really invested in everything that you’re doing, which includes new relationships.

You had promised yourself that this year you were going to do things differently, which means that you are allowing yourself to enjoy all the aspects of life that before you deprived yourself of-or thought wasn’t for you.

Now that you’ve gotten to that space of no longer having to choose between either of your sides, you can now freely walk to the beat of your own drummer.

Realizing that love doesn’t have to be something that someone else told us to expect or that we even have to love according to another’s rules means we are finally free to live on our own.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

This is your month to love and to be loved in all the ways you have ever needed but been too afraid to accept.

As this month dawns it seems you’ve finally learned that you don’t have to be afraid of losing love anymore.

When love doesn’t give up, it also means that it doesn’t leave. And we don’t have to force it or pretend that it’s there if it’s not.

It’s the trusting in love so completely that it becomes all that matters, which means everything that has come before no longer does.

Be ready for some big love moments this month that may even challenge your wildest dreams, but trust that you’re ready for them to come true because there’s no time like now to live your best life with your most incredible love.