2021 Yearly Horoscopes & Mantra For All Zodiac Signs

Here's what mantra your zodiac sign needs this year.

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Getting to the end of 2020 feels like we should receive a medal of sorts, and the medal is 2021.

But for many of us, 2021's yearly horoscopes are more than the beginning of a new decade, it's a time of change.

We outgrew parts of our lives.

We’re also being asked to step into a new mindset.

No one ever knows what to expect when we’re beginning a month that starts a new year.

While we all have optimistic vibes for the months ahead, sometimes we forget that we actually have to take charge of those things we want to change.


This is especially true for us this year, and especially during the month of January.

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The major energy that will dominate 2021 is the shift into the Age of Aquarius.

While we’ve been hearing about this for years, The Great Conjunction on December 21 officially kickstarted this new era which will bring about huge innovations and redirections in our lives.


Adding to this vibe is that the majority of the big planetary events we’ll experience this year will all be in air signs, including the Mercury Retrogrades which we’ll get the first taste of when it begins at the end of January.

But one of the major points of interest in the year ahead is February, the shortest month of the year that this year will likely pack the biggest punch.

This is because there is going to be a large stellium of planets, meaning a big grouping, all hanging out in Aquarius. Seven to be exact!

January may start off slow, but don’t worry the pace will quicken in February, and then from there, it’s all about movement, change, and having the courage to actually begin what it is we want to live.


Sure, there will be challenges and difficulties ahead, but part of growing is learning what is worth it— and what may not be.

Here's your zodiac sign's 2021 yearly horoscopes and mantra for all zodiac signs:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

2021 Mantra: I trust to be guided to everything in divine timing.

Don't be your own enemy.

You are often inspired and passionate about the things that matter most to you-but you rush ahead, even when you know you shouldn’t.

On the flip side, it seems that pacing always seems to be an issue for you either because you rushed ahead or dragged your feet.

To be able to make the decisions that our souls are at peace with requires us to make them on divine timing, not ours.


This year, trust more.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

2021 Mantra: I release the belief that happiness can only look one way.

This is a year of freedom for you.

In part thanks to the Uranus (currently in your sign) Saturn squares, this year will be all about breaking free, breaking out, and looking up.

Sometimes you become complacent in life because if it’s not that bad, does it really matter if it’s not that great.

But it’s also about that stubborn vibe too because sometimes that actually works against you especially if you’re still holding onto things in your life that you think should bring you happiness but aren’t.

The first square between these two planets takes place on February 14.


Expect fireworks and maybe a few tense moments but keep coming back to that reminder to let life surprise you.

You just may find it’s better than anything you could have planned.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

2021 Mantra: It’s safe for me to fully be myself.

It’s a big one this year for you and that means it’s also time to be who you truly are and not who the world has told or even taught you to be.

While the eclipses will still continue to occur in your sign next year, it’s not just about that but about you wearing a mask.

This year it’s time to take the mask off. It’s time to be you. To be vulnerable, real, heartfelt and let it all out.


You can’t say you want something then be surprised it can’t reach you through the walls you put up.

Maybe the truth will hurt this year, but it may also be exactly what you need as well in order to get to the other side.

For the most part, you have all the tools to figure out exactly who you are and what you want from life.

Now it’s the time to believe it, and stop looking for those lessons so that the blessings can finally find you.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

2021 Mantra: I will allow myself to create the home and family that feeds my soul.

This isn’t just about settling down or marriage, but so much more.

In the coming year, you will be asked to get right on the place that you occupy within this world so that those who belong there with you, can find you.


Last year provided so much time for reflection that as we travel through the coming year with all that Aquarian energy you will be able to find the strength and courage to truly create the life you want.

This includes where you want your home to be, what you want that to look like, and even what soothes your soul.

What calls to your inner being of light so that you tune in so intently to your own self you don’t attract anyone except those who are meant to walk this path with you.

The time of pouring yourself into those who only empty you are over, but it’s a process of continually coming back to the reminder that knowing what you’re worth means living like it as well.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

2021 Mantra: I give myself to burn as bright as I can.

While you’re no stranger to the spotlight there’s a difference between shining bright to get the attention of those we think we should versus just being who we are trusting those able to fan our flames will be drawn to us.

This year for everyone is about trust and allowing, and you’re no exception.

We are done with forcing things, making this happen, instead, it’s all about just being ourselves and allowing life to create divinely around us.

You will be asked to choose though, between the authentic and the artificial.

There will be tests of character in which you’ll be asked to show the growth that you’ve done in the past few years.


Don’t be intimidated, instead trust yourself in all areas and all ways.

You are ready for this, more than that, you were born for this next chapter.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

2021 Mantra: I am always in a constant state of healing and becoming better.

This is an important year for you Virgo because you give up the idea that there is a destination you must reach.

While you have held yourself to these ideas or beliefs that happiness or confidence, even healing or fulfillment will be reached once you’ve achieved a certain thing or level of your life—you’re letting go of all that now.

Last year likely held a lot of mourning regarding this, not because it’s sad but because it’s an entirely new way to live.


It’s more open but it also means that we have to be more aware of where we are since there’s not going to be a big sign announcing that we’ve arrived.

To live and grow is to heal and to heal is to become better.

The better we become the better our lives become which as well means we attract better. In all areas.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

2021 Mantra: I trust life to reveal what is meant for you and to remove what is not.

If it feels like moving into 2021 is a big step for you, that’s because it is.

As an air sign, you will be at home in the next year and beyond.


Even though it’s the Age of Aquarius, you in many ways have been preparing for this moment for the past five years or so.

Slowly and sometimes not so confidently moving towards this new life that began as just a dream you weren’t sure was even real.

There’s a difference between making moves out of fear of being hurt and let down versus those rooted in truth and healing.

In the past, you’ve rushed to create endings, beginnings and make sense of the journey but now in the coming year, you are feeling more confident in your own self which allows that to overflow into your life.

Believe the best is truly yet to come.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

2021 Mantra: I allow myself to receive what it is I most want.


While it can be beneficial to feel like we’re always living in a state of chaos or conflict because it allows us to revel in our deep emotions, even enjoying the feeling of melancholy or moroseness-it’s also safe to step away from the safety net of thinking it won’t work out.

This is your work for the next year.

With an influx of air energy, it’s going to challenge your old storylines that have previously thrived off the wounds you haven’t yet been ready to heal-or believed you already had.

But what you’re learning is true healing doesn’t begin until you start making different decisions.

This means allowing yourself to believe it can work; whatever it is, whether career, a big move or in the love department.


It can work, at least if you believe it will.

Now is the time to take a deep breath and step away from the idea that there’s anything romantic about living in lack.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

2021 Mantra: I deserve this and so much more.

As a fire sign not, everyone would guess that what often plagues you the most is your own sense of deservingness and worthiness but that’s because you hide it well-at least to those who only see what it is you want them to.

For those close to you though, they’ve seen this tarnish on your armor already.

Even when you tried to pretend it wasn’t there.

There have been a lot of lessons learned in the past three years and while there are always more ahead, it’s also okay to find peace with some of them.


As long as you’re questioning what’s being given to you, you’ll never be able to fully receive it.

Even if you think otherwise because doubtful hands are those that often drop what is most precious.

Open yourself to receive in the coming year because the blessings are going to flow in fast.

Stop yourself from questioning, “Why you?” and start believing that everything that’s coming towards you—is meant for you.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

2021 Mantra: Life will not go according to my plan, but it doesn’t mean it’s not all part of the divine plan.


The year ahead will challenge you more than most, but that’s also how we grow.

There has been a massive shift in our collective energy from your sign to that of Aquarius and it’s one that most often is uncomfortable for you.

Adding to that is the massive stellium of seven planets in Aquarius during the month of February, so you’re going to have a hold on to your faith and believe that things happen as they're meant to — even if it’s not what or how you thought they’d go.

You tend to get stuck in places you don’t really belong all because you’re afraid to move on.

Now you there’s no other choice because as doors close there will be no option but to open others.


It’s okay to feel scared or uncertain, but it doesn’t mean that it needs to stop you from living the life that is meant for you— whether you planned it or not.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

2021 Mantra: The world is mine.

As the Age of Aquarius dawns this is your era.

This is your time, your moment in the sun and no one has ever deserved it or earned it more than you.

All those dreams you had for your future are about to pay off.

All those feelings you couldn’t explain are about to become real and you’re about to see why all those things never worked out before.

But with great gifts come great responsibilities.

As much as this year is all about you it doesn’t mean it’s actually just all about you but in how you can help those around you.


While you often enjoy reaching out and being of benefit to those around you, this year it will hold a different meaning as you step into a leadership role in both your personal and professional lives.

While many others will struggle to live within this much change and possibility — you already have the code, now your job is to teach others, pass on what you know, and we’ll all be better for it.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

2021 Mantra: I trust in my own healing.

In order for things to be different in the new year, you have to trust that you’ve healed and grown as much as you know you have.

This is the part where you no longer carry the past with you.


Not to wear those rose-colored glasses that you’re famous for, but instead to free yourself from thinking that the future can’t be better than you’ve imagined.

Even though you’re known for being overly dreamy and imaginative, you also tend to dwell on worst-case scenarios, but what you’ve learned is that focusing on what we don’t want doesn’t make it not happen.

If anything by doing that you steal the joy of the present moment-and of any future ones.

But to release thinking about the scary what-ifs in life, you need to trust in your healing.

This means that you believe you have learned all the lessons that you were meant to and that you’re ready for the gift they provide.


While there is no happily ever after, there is happiness, so let yourself believe things can actually be different and they will be.

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