The TikTok Challenge You Need To Try, By Zodiac Sign

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The TikTok Challenge You Need To Try, By Zodiac Sign

TikTok is a social media application owned by ByteDance that has been a saving grace for lots of people this year: the constant challenges and social nature of the platform made 2020 just a bit more bearable.

No wonder TikTok is a social media platform that has risen in popularity over the year, even though it was banned for a short time.

Perhaps you’ve already done every TikTok challenge in the book, or maybe you haven’t tried a single one.

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TikTok challenges are hilariously funny and many create trends that people love to try, watch and share on their social media.

You might be curious about the TikTok app and want to try it out for yourself or with a friend.

The easiest way to dive in and have some fun is to check out challenges that match your zodiac sign.

Here's the TikTok challenge you need to try based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: "Attention" by Todrick Hall

What better dance challenge for the bold, attention-loving Aries than the Attention challenge?

It is incredibly high-energy with some difficult gymnast-like moves thrown in; this is perfect for Aries who are constantly in motion and have a ton of excess energy to burn off.

This challenge should keep them busy for a least a few hours!

Taurus: "U Can’t Touch This" by MC Hammer

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, Taurus zodiac signs will have their hands full trying to hit every beat in the U Can’t Touch This challenge.

Each movement is aligned to the beat of the song and it will definitely take a few (hundred!) tries to perfect.

Taurus’ naturally mental tenacity makes them the perfect signs to tackle this difficult dance.

Gemini: "WAP" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

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Gemini zodiac signs will love the WAP dance challenge; it is the perfect opportunity for the outgoing and passionate signs to show off some really awesome moves.

There’s a lot going on in the dance itself which is perfect for a Gemini who is used to juggling so many things in their day-to-day life.

All Geminis should give this dance challenge a try before the year is over!

Cancer: "Supalonley" by BENEE and Gus Dapperton

Cancer zodiac signs will love this fun and simple dance challenge that involves plenty of flowy motions and miming actions.

This challenge will let them release their goofy sense of humor and express their emotions through dance.

Cancers should definitely give this challenge a go!

Leo: "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion

Confident and drama-loving Leos will adore the Savage dance because it allows them to show off some moves and be the center of attention.

Leos love to shine and this dance is a great way for them to express themselves.

With plenty of body rolling and hip-swaying going on, Leos will make sure that no one is able to take their eyes away.

Virgo: "Lottery (Renegade)" By K CAMP

This wildly popular dance challenge is a TikTok favorite and it’s no surprise why.

The dance is pretty difficult and there’s a lot to remember, which is why it is perfect for the Virgo zodiac signs.

The hard-working and challenge-seeking signs will not rest until they perfect the dance: it will definitely keep them occupied!

Libra: "Say So" by Doja Cat

This simple dance is relatively easy to learn and is full of fun arm motions and footwork.

Social Libras will love joining up with friends to do the challenge together and will appreciate the simple, flowy movements.

This challenge is a great way for Libras to be social and join in on the TikTok fun.

Scorpio: "TraTra" by Nfasis

There is a ton of body rolling going on in this dance challenge; dancers have to be focused on the beat to match their movements perfectly.

This dance perfectly combines Scorpios’ main traits: passion and persistence.

It allows them to let loose and be sexy, while at the same time gives them a challenge to work on.

Sagittarius: "Obsessed "by Mariah Carey

The Obsessed dance challenge is a fantastic way for Sagittarius zodiac signs to express some sass and release some energy.

Their spontaneous and fun nature will really help them get into the moves and add a lot of their own personality to it.

Sagittarius signs will absolutely love putting their own spin on the challenge.

Capricorn: "Get Loose" by Huncho Da Rockstar and Kblast

Usually done with multiple people, this dance is a Capricorn sign’s chance to shine.

Timing movements to match their friends is a critical part of the dance and is the perfect challenge for ambitious and stubborn Capricorns.

They will not give up until they nail it. Try getting a few Capricorns in the room to complete this challenge and see how fast they master it!

Aquarius: "Vibe (If I Back It Up)" by Cookiee Kawaii

For our rebellious and free-spirited Aquarius signs, why not give the Vibe (If I Back It Up) dance challenge a try?

The dance involves a lot of freestyling, making it the perfect way for Aquarius zodiac signs to express themselves and let loose.

Aquarius signs hate conforming and being another in the crowd, so this dance allows them to do more than follow simple movements: they get to add their own spin to it.

Pisces: "Blinding Lights" by The Weekend

Pisces, you're a soulful zodiac sign.

An upbeat and very fun challenge, the Blinding Lights dance is great for the creative and dreamy Pisces to join in on the fun!

It doesn’t require the same sexy hip movements or shoulder shimmies like some dances, but instead is a high-energy dance to blow off some steam.

This challenge is perfect for Pisces who want to try a challenge that doesn’t require a lot of dropping it low. It is simply wholesome dancing fun.

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