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Meet Stunna Girl — TikTok's Latest Viral Music Star And Her Hit Song 'Runaway'

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Meet Stunna Girl — TikTok's Latest Viral Music Star And Her Hit Song 'Runaway'

TikTok’s latest viral star Stunna Girl has created some buzz in the Tik Tok community with her latest song “Runway” and even managed to land a record contract along the way. Stunna Girl, 21, known back home in Sacramento as Suzanne, is the latest TikTok star to be on the lookout for. Her career took off almost overnight on TikTok after someone posted a dance video to her song “Runway,” which she made back in February for the album YKWTFGO. Her unique music style and voice can be best described as an anime-esque girl meets trap music with a punch of angst and personality, very similar to Nicki Minaj’s style. 

After her song “Runway” was released on TikTok, the hit became a viral trend and began flooding the TikTok feed with the hashtag #RunwayChallenge, where millions of people created their own dance videos for the song. The common theme in these clips is an extreme makeover transformation, where girls go from ugly ducklings to total hotties. Think of it as if Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me" video gone trap.  In Taylor's video,  the hot guy doesn’t notice nerdy Swift until she gets a makeover.

This is a classic glow-up story familiar to all the girls, overlooked by boys in high school, who eventually "glow-up" their appearance post high school and begin receiving attention they never had before. Apparently, this is how the "Runway" song is being interpreted, and we are living for it.

If you want to fall down the rabbit hole of TikTok, you need to watch videos made by users in the #RunwayChallenge hashtag. Seeing everyone's version of the song even makes me want to put on some makeup and turn into a total baddie, decked out in runway attire, with the facial expressions to match, tongue out and all.

Read on to learn how this song went viral and what’s to come for Stunna Girl — who is Stunna Girl?

1. She signed a $1M record deal

Stunna Girl signed a one million dollar record deal with Capitol Music Group, crediting it all being possible due to TikTok. She even took to Instagram to share the exciting moment in a video showing her signing the papers and how it all came together.

2. She had no idea what TikTok was until she found out her song was blowing up on the site

According to Buzzfeed, Stunna Girl said she had no idea what TikTok was and that it was her younger sister in North Carolina who informed her that she was going viral on the app. What a happy accident!

3. Everyone and their mother seems to be participating in the #RunwayChallenge

“More than 3 million videos have been made of people strutting their stuff to short clips of the song in what’s become the #RunwayChallenge,” according to Buzzfeed.

This domino effect is the exact way Lil Nas X’s famous “Old Town Road” caught on and led the now-famous rapper's rise to fame. Maybe Stunna Girl will be the next Lil Nas X?

4. She had a YouTube channel before she got famous

Just a year ago, Stunna Girl released a few YouTube videos on the channel “Stunna Girl” before she went viral, with one of her more controversial videos using anti-gay slurs. Her first YouTube video was released a year ago and can be found under the title, “Stunna Girl-Real rap." According to her official YouTube channel, her song 'Runway' has been streamed over four million times. The video is currently standing at 134k likes too.

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5. “Runway” reached a top spot in Spotify’s U.S. Viral 50

According to Time'Runway' reached No. 8 on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart. Stunna Girl even shared on her (deleted) Instagram to share that her Spotify profile has over one million monthly listeners.

6. Beauty influencer Nikita Dragon approves

Nikita Dragon even got on the bandwagon in creating her own clip to the “Runway” track. Stunna Girl was pleasantly surprised and even told Genius how it was crazy that she was listening to her song.

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