Why Do Taurus Like To Argue?

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Why Do Taurus Like To Argue?

In her book, Astrology: A Cosmic Science, famous classical astrologer Isabel M. Hickey said, 'You can lead a bull to water but you can't push his head in without being in trouble."

Why do Taurus like to argue?

As a Taurus, well... you may not like to argue, but you're down for the challenge should it occur. Your fixed sun sign energy makes it tough to see other's opinions.

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Ruby Miranda tells YourTango," The Taurus woman is exceptionally sensitive..." and "She trusts her own instincts...". Highly sensitive people sometimes come across as argumentative. That's just how it is.

Your zodiac sign is the "I have" and when you have a specific viewpoint on the world (or anything you do) you start getting into intense arguments with the people who disagree.

Hickey also states that Taurus rules the throat, and "What we may not realize is that the power to create on the higher level operates through the use of speech," hence why words matter to a Taurus, and they will defend their right to create what they want *to have and keep* until the bitter end.

Here's a deeper look using astrology into why do Taurus like to argue to help you understand why conversations end up with you getting heated.

1. You are fixed on your beliefs.

Once you are set on an idea big or small, as a Taurus you will never let it go. You also don’t let others try and change your mind.

This means that once someone tries to make you think differently, you automatically put your walls up and start arguing. Nothing personal for the most part, you just have a specific vision that you know how it will go, and you don’t want anyone coming in and ruining it.

2. You can see ideas that are different from your own as threats.

Because you are not too keen on new ideas, you can start to see other ideas as threats. This means both for your idea and you personally, depending on the situation.

As a Taurus, you feel the need to protect your ideas no matter what, and that can cause some clouded judgment on your end. Even if the person is just giving a suggestion, something in you has already put up the war flags and is ready to deflect anything that can make you think differently.

3. Taurus, you don't want to admit you are wrong.

It’s not a nice side of you, but sometimes even when given proof that cannot be undeniable, you still are not going to admit your faults. Taurus’ are normally stubborn, so this comes to light when you’re in the hot seat.

It’s not your fault, you just don’t want to come off as weak to others. Even when everyone else is okay with you admitting defeat and would rather you agree, you still feel like you need to avoid waving the white flag.

4. You will argue when you feel like a line has been crossed.

Sometimes you are okay with letting someone win in fights, but once you feel like what the other said was too much, you will make sure the other knows why. You have personal boundaries you believe everyone else has also, but when reality kicks in you feel like it’s your duty to put them in their place.

As a Taurus, you don’t want to leave things in the open. You think that if you aren’t the ones to tell them, then who will.

Now that you have more of a grip on what’s going on in that brain of yours, try and think from the other perspective. It’s not your fault, remember, your nature just falls into this odd caricature of you that looking from the outside you have to wonder what exactly pushed this.

If you are able to stop before things become irreversible, try and calm yourself down and let the other know where you are coming from. We are all human, and we all need to let other new ideas in, or we wouldn’t grow as a united society.

5. You are a fixed sign, who doesn't like change.

Normally, you are a pretty chill person that likes being around others who share your love of luxury and you even have a great sense of humor that everyone wishes they had. But that also means you have very strong opinions on just about everything and do not like being pushed into anything you did not sign up for.

Because of this, you can get caught in the heat of the moment. What started out as a nice dinner can suddenly turn into a battlefield without any reason why. Here are the four main reasons why you like arguing with your friends/strangers:

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