The Comprehensive Personality Traits Of The Gemini Zodiac Sign — And What Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Like

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Eminent personality traits: Gemini

Gemini, an air sign, is symbolized by The Twins. The dual nature of the Gemini zodiac sign is revealed in both an ability to communicate well, and the desire to remain mysterious and unreadable.

They contradict themselves at times and may be ironically hard to read, but that doesn't mean they're not on the ball and ready to clarify a thought if need be. There are plenty of positive personality traits for Gemini: they are the gadget fixer, the obsessed fan, and the voice of reason during an argument. This zodiac sign also thinks things through and find solutions for problems.

Born between May 21 to June 20, the Gemini personality represents duality.

While there are, of course, famous Geminis, these are the core personality traits you will find in normal, everyday people:

  • Curious, obsessive, engaged
  • Romantic, foolish, hubristic
  • Social, funny, attention seeker
  • Open-minded, flexible, interested
  • Non-Committal, distracted, untrustworthy
  • Superficial, judgmental, unfair
  • Petty, cheap, self-indulgent
  • Adaptable, easy-going, willing
  • Stuck, unwilling to change, challenged
  • Boisterous, opinionated, jaded
  • Observant, keen, smart
  • Opportunist, money hungry, thieving
  • Unreliable, flippant, snobbish

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As for other Gemini traits and aspects of life, this sign is much more complex than we may think. And every part of their personality — love, health, career, and money — knows no bounds.

What is a Gemini like when they're in love?

They are romantics, but their partner must match up to a strict set of rules in order for Gemini to love them. Gemini needs aesthetics; they are not satisfied with an every day person; they insist on super stars and award-winning beauties.

They are quick to praise their lover if they meet their requirements, and just as quick to throw their lover out, should they fall below their standards. Gemini is hard to love, but easy to be friends with. They prefer superficial love affairs to longstanding, meaningful ones.

They love the idea of love, more than the person they're in a relationship with.

What business/career/work is best for Gemini?

Nobody dreams more than Gemini when it comes to business and grand schemes. You will find the Gemini zodiac sign continuously planning ahead, thinking things out and coming up with outstanding ideas to be set in motion.

What happens is that Gemini has great ideas but very rarely do they put their ideas into action. They are dreamers with great intentions, and very little impetus to do much more on that count. Gemini thinks big and acts small, often times missing out on the best of opportunities.

How does the Gemini zodiac sign raise a family?

It will be the Gemini in the family that is known as the "black sheep." Gemini children are fussy and particular, driving their parents completely nuts. The Gemini parent is similar to the Gemini lover; it's the thought that counts... and that means that Geminis adore the idea of having kids, until it's time to take care of them.

Once again, the romance of the Gemini is better lived out in the mind. In family situations, Gemini feels trapped, yet wants to stay. That's the duality. They want it all... until they have it all.

What health issues or ailments plague Gemini?

Gemini is prone to headaches and nervous disorders. The upper half of the body is vulnerable with this sign, and many of the ailments a Gemini will suffer are associated with breathing.

This sign will suffer bouts of bronchitis, allergy and asthma in their life — part of what comes with being an "air" sign. They also tend to overeat, and overindulge in fast foods, resulting in gastric problems.

How creative is the Gemini personality?

Gemini is an incredibly creative zodiac sign, and that is due to the fact that their natural curiosity propels them to get involved in any number of creative projects — all at the same time. Nothing thrills a Gemini like a car battery that doesn't work, or a mechanical anomaly.

Gemini will also find themselves in the kitchen, as master chefs, serving platter after platter of gloriously concocted foods. Talented chefs and able mechanics, they are!

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What kind of lover is Gemini?

Being dualistic in nature, Gemini often fantasizes that love must be a component of the sexual act for it to "be real." While they enjoy the act of sex greatly, they always find something wrong with their sex partner. It's just in their nature.

In the same way they pick apart car parts, they pick apart sex partners, and no one is ever good enough for them. They like to think of themselves as fair lovers, able to please, and perhaps they are just that.

One would have to say that Gemini's eminent personality trait in sex is judgement. They judge their lover's bodies as well as their performance.

How does Gemini handle their finances?

Here's where it gets a bit confusing for Gemini: that inability to decide is almost like a curse for them when it comes to making money. All those great ideas go nowhere because Gemini's sense of timing is continuously off. They take way too long to make a move, and that is exactly how they miss the mark.

Great minds for ideas, but no business sense at all. They are clueless when it comes to acting on a hunch, and for all of their visionary schemes, they rarely manifest anything more than a few years wasted by not trying hard enough.

How spiritual is the Gemini zodiac sign?

Geminis are open to all manner of spirituality. They love to read spiritual texts and educate themselves on their higher self. The search for peace is great within them, and they will go on personal quests for enlightenment and progress.

They do tend to be dogmatic in their thinking, and it's impossible to convince them that there is anything other than their particular form of worship. They are true to their beliefs and rarely sway from their own personal spiritual path.

How does Gemini act in day to day life?

Each day is a brand new experience for the Gemini personality, and they live in the present. They never plan ahead and act spontaneously in most cases. This doesn't always work out for them as they miss many opportunities due to extreme laziness, but this doesn't really bother them.

Each day above ground is precious to Gemini, and they are grateful just to be alive and well. Ironically, they also tend to harbor grudges for entire life times and will turn on people quite suddenly, without a clue as to why they suddenly disappeared.

Gemini loves animals, cars, food, and the idea that maybe someday they'll get a job.

What kinds of conflicts does Gemini involve themselves in?

Gemini is the worst enemy you could have, and not because they are out there to hurt you. When Gemini turns on you, you won't know it. That expert skill of communication suddenly dries up like a desert when they no longer want you in their orbit, and it might be months before you realize that your Gemini friend or lover has left you cold.

Gemini takes no responsibility for their action and easily plays the denial card. They are the eternal victims and celebrate their personal misery by licking their wounds, in private, for decades. It's hard to reach the heart of a Gemini because they are so completely guarded and self-protected.

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