How To Make Moon Water & How To Use It

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How To Make Moon Water & Ways To Use It

Before electricity, there was Moon water, but how do you make it? Moon water is known to help cleanse the soul, and as well as other health benefits.

Centuries ago, it was common for our ancestors to dance under the Moon during ceremonies, no matter what weather conditions occurred.

What happens when you make Moon water?

Those who receive the Moon’s energy hold the power of healing and transformative energy.

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Whoever was perceived to receive the energy was known as a ‘lunatic.’

Side note: Does anyone else find it ironic that ‘lunatic’ has two different definitions? Either way, they both express unique energy that can transform those individuals.

To capture the Moon’s energy, it’s recommended to put water in a jar outside under a full Moon.

Usually, Full or New Moons indicate the highest gravitational pull, which is believed to release the highest level of its energy.

Similar to how the Moon affects the tides, it’s also believed to affect our emotional and spiritual soul.

Our body is mostly made up of water, so it’s an interesting theory for the Moon to play a part in our emotional states.

The Moon offers an intimate connection so that we can all become unison with the universe.

Why make Moon water?

It’s believed that the Moon is feminine, which helps connect our creativity, time, enlightenment, and more.

The Moon represents an inner never-ending shift within ourselves, and that we should use its energy to always reflect on life.

It also invites us from the shadow to seek the light.

The Moon can do more than sit up in the sky, while you point your thumb to make it seem smaller.

While the Full Moon acts as the sun’s mirror, a New Moon represents that darkness doesn’t last forever.

The energy from the Moon focuses on our subconscious mind by giving us new insights.

Here’s how to make Moon water:

1. You'll need a mason jar and filtered water.

Fill your mason jar with filtered water on a full Moon.

The jar represents our bodies as a vessel for our spirituality.

This also measures our capacity for love, acceptance, and truth in our lives.

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2. Choose your herbs.

Surrounding the jar with herbs and gemstones help the Moon’s energy focus on a certain aspect of your desires.

​If someone desires love, then it’s recommended they lay rosebuds around the jar.

Rosemary and sapphire help promote wisdom, while chamomile and Angelite desire joy.

3. Set an intention.

Ask yourself what you desire from the Moon’s energy so that your focus is more clear during the process.

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4. Give thanks.

Hold the jar of water close to your heart and express gratitude to the Moon.

Expressing abundance and blessings will help promote the Moon’s energy.

This will help anyone meditate on healing, and release any transgressions they may have been holding inside.

Some people may wrap their jars with a clear wrap to enhance the absorption of the Moon’s energy.

This will also help prevent anything, like bugs or dirty, from getting inside of the jar.

5. Have faith.

After this, put the jar of water down, walk away, and let the Moon work its magic, literally.

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Once you have the Moon water here are some ways you can use it:

1. Moon water can be used as a beverage.

Some people drink their Moon water unless they see something swimming in it most likely caused by the herbs used in the making process.

Drinking Moon water helps purify any toxins in the body, to help recharge our energy.

Another way to amplify your cleaning process is by using Moon water to make tea with.

Pick either rosemary or mint and add the Moon water to enjoy a fresh cup of hot tea. Herbal teas are known to carry health benefits and healing.

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Especially if you’re feeling or are sick, then I recommend making Moon water to boil in a pot.

Once you have it one boil then put your head over the water, put a rag over your head so the heat doesn’t escape.

Allow the Moon water to open your pores. This will help sweat out the sickness while recharging yourself.

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2. Moon water can be used in your bath.

Epsom salt baths are greater for relaxing our muscles but try also putting Moon water as well.

The energy of the salt helps cleanse the atmosphere so that anyone can focus on their good character.

3. Water your plants with the Moon water.

As a plant mom myself, this is another idea that I will possibly give a go at.

Try adding Moon water to your plants for extra hydration.

Since plants change our carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen (O), this means the plant will release pure energy for us, to breathe in from the comfort of our homes.

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4. Wash your crystals with it.

If you collect crystals, then this might help the cleaning process.

It’s recommended to use the Moon water to cleanse your crystals, from any contaminated dirt.

Make sure to research which crystals will benefit from Moon water, before applying it so there’s no future damage.

5. Put it in a diffuser.

If you don’t have plants to release the Moon’s energy, then go to your nearest Walmart to get yourself an oil diffuser.

This will help the Moon water to recharge anyone’s home while giving it an essential oil odor. I recommend either tea tree oil or eucalyptus.

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