What Mars In Aries Means For Your Romantic Relationships Until January 2021

Knowing 'when' is as important as knowing 'what.'

What Mars In Aries Means For Our Love Horoscope & Relationships Until January 2021 Mark Nazh / shutterstock

The energy of the year takes on an interesting turn as Mars enters Aries, his home sign, on June 27th. Because of his retrograde period this year, Mars will remain there until January 6th, 2021.

In astrology, Mars is the planet that governs our passions, ambition, motivation, ability to act, make decisions, and the masculine. While we all have these energies inside of us, depending on what we align with and the balance of planets in our natal chart, those with higher levels of masculine energy will feel this transit more strongly.


While Mars is the planet that helps us take that dream and make it into a reality, depending upon what zodiac sign he’s in, it will affect how he shows up in our lives.

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Mars just finished a term in Pisces, which is always a very confusing time for him as he’s masculine, but the sign of the fish is feminine. He’s action while Pisces is feeling, so in this sign, while we can see a gravitation towards more tenderness, we don’t tend to get a lot done.

But that all changes when Mars moves into his home sign.

A home sign is the placement in the zodiac in which the planet is exalted and is in his best possible energy because of the vibrational match of both. For Mars, it means we’re about to have some major clarity when it comes to what we want to act on; however, during this epically long transit, there might be some bumps along the way.

From June 27th to September 9th, with Mars in Aries, we’re going to have the chance to get clear on what we want to build in our lives, and what we’re called to create.


What do we want to move forward with? More importantly, what will it take for us to actually take those steps?

While Mars is an important planet for all of us, it depends on how he’s working together with other aspects of astrology to help us get in that space of trusting our intuition, and the direction it tells us to move in.

At the time that Mars moves into Aries, we’re just seeing Venus turn direct from her retrograde, and we’re also seeing Neptune in Pisces turn retrograde as well.



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Venus always tends to bring awareness and lessons about relationships, while Neptune retrograde brings truth and the ability to discern what's real from what's illusion.


All of this in the midst of eclipse season, specifically the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn occurring at the beginning of July, is really about us honoring what we feel, and no longer arguing with ourselves.

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Whether this energy is about moving towards something or backing away, we’re being given the lessons and the clarity to see them, with the courage to move forward. And thanks to Mars, the fire to make it all happen.

A natural fire elemental planet, in Aries, another fire sign, we can expect to feel a stronger pull towards manifesting and making things happen.

The one downside? Patience will not be easy to come by during this time, so it’s important to breathe if we’re feeling unable to take the action that we desire.


From September 9th to November 13th, Mars will be in retrograde motion, which means we’re going back over some of the ground we just finished covering. While it sounds frustrating, trust that it’s not.

Sometimes, Aries and Mars by default can be impulsive and so driven that he often forgets the details. But in this scenario, we’re being given this time for one of two reasons: One, that we missed some important steps that we need to go back and finish up before finally moving forward; or two, that we missed a chance to do so, and now we have to go back and figure out why.

While Mars really activates our drive to move forward, because it’s the balance side of Venus — with her representing the feminine and Mars, the masculine — means we may see another side of our intimate relationships exposed during this time.

Perhaps we have to look at our attitude or how we use intimacy in our relationships. Do we use it as a form of aggression when we’re feeling frustrated with other areas of our lives? Do we honor it for the sacred act that it is? Do we truly surrender to the power it holds for us, or disrespect its true meaning?


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This may also be a time of reflecting upon our own ability to act versus being patient, realizing that knowing when to act is as important as what we’re acting on, especially as it relates to those intimate parts of our lives, including our personal relationships.

Mars helps us with both — not just to have clarity in our hearts and minds, but to know what to do with that knowledge.

As Mars turns direct on November 13th — a sign of the Divine Feminine, and not an ode to horror movies as we’re taught by popular culture — until January 6th, he’s feeling more sure of himself than he has in a long time.


Mars is feeling more confident, more directed, and more positive that he's capable of making good choices and having a beneficial outcome for all.

This is the magic we’ve been waiting for.



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By the time we welcome this phase in, we will have been through the retrograde season we’re currently in, the eclipse season we’ve just begun, and the retrograde of Mars that likely taught us so much about desires and timing.

We don’t often think of this planet as being anything more than one that can control our temper or sex life, but it’s truly this sense of knowingness that enables us to feel good about acting.


We need Mars, and we need a really healthy Mars, which shows us that we are capable of making good and sound decisions. Because in life and in love, it’s never just about the what (or who), but about the when.

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