Your Personality Type, Based Upon The Movies You Love

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Everyone has a type of movie that's their go-to when they don't know what to watch. We all joke about a movie being the perfect movie for someone based on their personality. But did you know there is actually some truth to it? 

Ezra Werb and Risa Williams, authors of Cinescopeshave conducted research that a persons favorite movies can actually tell you about their personality. You read that right: the type of movies you enjoy are connected to your personality.

Interesting, right? So which is your favorite?

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

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lord of the rings fantasy quest

Movies you might enjoy: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek, The Avengers, Interstellar, Jurrasic World

Whether you prefer missions or quests, liking sci-fi or fantasy movies means you believe in magic existing in our mundane world. You're creative and have a vivid imagination, one you use to fully immerse yourself in the faraway world of the movies you love. You know how to think outside of the box and see all the different possibilities our universe have to offer.


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seth macfarlane comedy ted

Movies you might enjoy: The Pink Panther, Zoolander, Ted, The Intern, Spy, Pitch Perfect

People who love comedies are the ones who love to laugh and love to make others laugh, even if that means laughing at themselves. You might run from responsibility at times but it doesn't mean you can't be counted on. You know the world can be a tough, harsh place but you choose to look for the fun and the good to make it all more bearable.



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batman action explosion

Movies you might enjoy: Batman Begins, The Bourne Series, Divergent, Mission Impossible, Bond

Needless to say you love adventure whether it's as a hero saving the day or as a man/woman on a mission. You're brave and believe in fighting for what you want and believe in. You crave excitement and don't mind taking a few risks to find it. You try to live life to it's fullest because you know that any day can be your last.


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horror classic movie

Movie you might enjoy: Poltergeist, Ouija, Dorian Gray, Sweeney Todd, Texas Chain Saw Massacre

If horror is your go-to movie, you clearly have a dark side that you're not afraid to embrace. You're blunt and make sure to tell things as you see them and you tend to be more on the pessimistic side. But don't go thinking you're a horrible person! You're strong in the face of any fear you might feel and your friends know that they can always lean on you for support.


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notebook romance kiss

Movies you might enjoy: Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, Age of Adeline, The Fault In Our Stars, Pride & Prejudice

It isn't that much of a leap to say that you are lovers but that doesn't mean you won't fight-it'll just be for the people and things you love. You are passionate in all areas of your life and always try to make other people happy. You are loyal and compassionate and don't give up easily which only helps to fuel your never-ending hope.

Documentary and History

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documentary and history

Movies you might enjoy: March of the Penguins, Citizen Four, Zero Dark Thirty,The Other Boleyn Girl

You are not really a fan of surprises; you'd prefer to know what is going to happen and when. You value knowledge and truth and know that things usually happen for a reason (even if you don't know it as it occurs). You are great at listening to other people tell their stories and your friends know that if they need to talk, you'll always be there for them.


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men in tights musical

Movies you might enjoy: Robin Hood: Men In Tights, West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Into the Woods

Just like musicals can range from the ones that make you laugh to the ones that make you cry, you are full of all different emotions which you have no problem sharing. You're artistic, creative and outgoing and you don't shy away from attention.


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godfather drama

Movies you might enjoy: Creed, The Godfather, Black Swan, Atonement, Titanic

It goes with out saying that you have an affinity for the dramatic. You are not afraid to tackle the harsh realities of life but you also can see the wonder that is there. You have a big heart and are supportive of all your friends and family, even if you do sometimes tell them what they don't want to hear.


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disney animated opening

Movies you might enjoy: Cinderella, Minions, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Hero 6, The Penguins of Madagascar

You are definitely a child-at-heart. You know the importance of smiling, laughing, letting loose and just having fun. You're loyal and have no issue with owning your weirdness and being unique. You always think of other people and have a pure heart that many are envious of.

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