Why Are Pisces So Negative?

Why Are Pisces So Negative?

Everyone has their bias against certain zodiac signs.

You may not like Libras because they come across as too judgmental or you may not like Scorpios (because you'd be wrong).

But everyone universally loves dreamy, empathetic Pisces.

So, why are Pisces so negative?

Pisces has a dark side, that not many people know about.

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Pisces is among the group of horoscope signs who are feminine. These receptive zodiacs include Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Pisces is the yin of astrology's yang. Passive. Mutable. Receptive. All these words describe the beauty of Pisces.

But carried to the extreme, Pisces can be less than your loving zodiac sign, and this is what makes Pisces so hard to understand.

But, not impossible when you understand what makes Pisces such a complex zodiac sign.

Using astrology, here are several reasons why Pisces are so negative:

Pisces are emotionally-driven.

Pisces are extremely emotional. They feel things in a deep, profound way, this is what enables them to relate to people.

But this strength can become a weakness if left unchecked.

When a Pisces gets carried away with their emotions, they can easily drown in them.

Once they begin to feel things to their full extent, it's hard to break them out of their spiral.

Since they feel things so intensely, because one thing is wrong it seems like everything is.

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Pisces are intuitive to a fault.

Pisces are ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of dreams. Pisces is known to go with the flow and they love to create.

A Pisces can intuitively match the energy. This can be incredibly positive, they’re often the best person to have at a party, but it can also hurt them too.

Other people’s moods easily influence Pisces. If someone they care about is upset, there’s a 100 percent chance they’ll be upset too.

They’re more subjectable to their loved ones’ mood swings. Between trying to fix everything and feeling like it’s their job to fix things, it’s easier for them to get into negative tendencies.

Talking to a Pisces can feel revitalizing, you’ll feel understood and loved minutes into the conversation. It’s easy to forget they have negative traits until you realize their humans too.

Pisces are the sign of the psychic.

Pisces can be indecisive, escapist, and negative, but why do they get this way? Pisces put in a lot of effort into understanding people and sometimes seeing that deep into another person is scary.

Pisces feel things deeply, but are they really that deep? It doesn’t matter, because to them they are. Once a Pisces starts looking into things, it's hard to take off the glasses whether they're rose-colored or black tinted.

Coupled with Pisces' tendency to be nostalgic, it takes a lot of concentration for them to remain in the current moment instead of in a fight that happened 5 months ago.

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Melissa Moscoso is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture, love and relationship topics.