Who Are The Mutable Zodiac Signs In Astrology & 4 Things That Make Them Different Than The Rest

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Mutable Zodiac Signs Astrology
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You need to de-stress? Hire a mutable sign as your life coach to help you calm down.

Have you ever noticed how different you are from other zodiac signs? Maybe you get along well with people, or can blend into any environment without a problem.

You might be one of the mutable signs in astrology

If you are a Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Sagittarius you are a mutable sign. 

But what exactly is it that makes your zodiac sign able to adapt to change so well?

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You are the emotional support systems of the zodiac, the people you can depend on to go with the flow. Instead of creating change like a cardinal sign or resisting change like a fixed sign, your horoscope accepts change without putting up a fight. 

If the change is beneficial to you, you adapt to it. Instead of experiencing stress, something in your brain says, "this will be interesting" and you act in a mutable way.

In fact, adaptation is one of your biggest skills. As a mutable sign, you are able to mutate (get it?) to accommodate your surroundings. 

Like a chameleon changes its color to blend in with its environment, not because it has to but because blending in will help it survive. 

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These are 4 ways mutable signs are different from other zodiac signs. 

1. As a mutable sign, you adapt to survive. 

Does that mean you shy away from conflict? Sometimes, yes. You would rather there be harmony and peace than discord. In ego stroking terms, you are selfless enough to adapt to the situation in order for everyone to be at ease.

Like anyone, you will stand up and fight if it goes against your beliefs. But you will not be on the front lines of the battle like the cardinal signs nor will you be coordinating the attacks like fixed signs but you will be the reinforcements who had to realize praying for peace gets you nowhere.

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2. Stress rolls off your back easily.

You know how to shed off dead weight, and polish finished products and you can tell the difference between the two. Your sister signs, fixed signs, and cardinal signs need you.

If all 3 signs were a pirate ship the cardinal signs would be the captain telling you where to go. The fixed signs would be the first mate telling everyone why it’s the best option for the ship to go that way.

You, the mutable sign, would be the navigator telling them how they are going to get there. Without you, results would be sloppy and partially finished. 

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3. Mutable signs are the fine tuners of the zodiac. 

The itinerary makers, the reservation securers and the editors of your paper. If someone needs to make sure something is perfect you are the person they go to.

Of course, making decisions is not your best quality due to your focus on perfecting. You would not be the main one making the artwork out of clay but you can bring out the potential it has. 

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4. You bring harmony to a situation. 

As a mutable sign, you are strongest emotionally out of 3. With your ability to adapt and conform to your environment you can carry a heavier burden than your counterparts.

You can endure like no other person. You will not whine when you can’t get your way nor will you cause a conflict because something in your life has changed.

This can be seen as a strength or a weakness but you know that it is neither. It is both. It is a blessing and a curse. 

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A Mutable sign's differences help make this world a better place. Harmony is your goal and others may see that as weakness. You know how strong you really are so don’t let others underestimate you. Keep your heart open.