These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Super Judgmental (So Beware!)

These signs are already rolling their eyes right now.

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Judging other people is a fairly self-defeating exercise.

Because the thing is — you’re YOU. That’s who you are. That’s the only person you 100% understand. You're not that girl in your college biology class, that guy in your debate team, or your former lacrosse teammate.

Everybody around you has different things going on, different pressures influencing their actions, different pasts they carry with them every day. And, even if that other person is your BFF and you text each other 90 times a day, you will still never know their ENTIRE story.


So why judge them? Particularly if you know that you’re never going to know their whole truth? Maybe because it’s just part of human nature.

And, unfortunately, certain personality types are MUCH more prone to judging than others. This becomes especially apparent when you start looking at our astrological signs.


There are certain zodiac signs that are just inherently more compelled to judge people before getting to know them. If you fall under one of those signs or recognize those tendencies in yourself, you need to ask yourself some serious questions.

Why do other people’s flaws bother you so much? Are they really THAT bad? Are you overreacting OR do they just remind you way too much of yourself?

We're all guilty of these thoughts sometimes, but, if your sign makes you more apt to judge, you need to take control of those tendencies and work towards proactive change. Stop justifying your petty behaviors and really try to practice a little empathy.

To quote the new book by YourTango founder Andrea Miller, Radical Acceptance: The Secret to Happy, Lasting Love: “Liberate yourself from preconceived ideas that may be holding you back. Say no to the self-sabotage of being too narrow and judgmental. Have the confidence in yourself to open your heart and say yes!”


If you’re not sure whether or not astrology makes you more judgy than normal, there are the four zodiac signs that tend to have the most judgmental tendencies.

1Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer Judgemental Zodiac Signs Astrology

Your sensitivity can make you judgmental, Cancer. You think that everybody's out to get you, so you take things very personally.

But sometimes those critical people are just being objective or telling you things because they want to help you!

So stop judging those people — they're not trying to hold you back — and try to be more discerning.

Even though it's good to trust your intuition, you have to realize that you're a very sensitive soul and, as a result, you can overreact when you feel attacked. 

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2Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo Judgemental Zodiac Signs Astrology

Virgo, you're constantly nitpicking everything, which makes you come across as overly critical.

Stop worrying about other people's inconsistencies, worry more about yourself, take a page out of Elsa's book and "Let it GO."

No one is perfect, not even you. And if you cut other people some slack occasionally, they'll be much more likely to cut you some slack as well. So it's win-win.

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3Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra Judgemental Zodiac Signs Astrology

Libra, you keep to yourself and don't like confrontation, so your judgmental tendencies tend to manifest in different ways.

You have such passionate feelings about social justice and equity that, more often than not, you find yourself turning a disgusted eye towards the world around you.

And, while your well-developed conscience is admirable, you can also tend to get a little "holier than thou."

You live IN the world, not apart from it, so you need to take more responsibility for your own corner of the globe and spend less time worrying about how others conduct their lives.

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4Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn Judgemental Zodiac Signs Astrology

Oh Capricorn — you're a control freak by nature, so you're not exactly known for being patient with others. While your self-control is impressive, you have to stop judging others for not sharing your same rigid demeanor. Listen to others more often. Take their worldviews seriously. Open your mind up to the possibility that you might even be wrong occasionally. Stop thinking of life as control vs. anarchy, right vs. wrong. Allow people in your life (you included) to be fallible, normal humans once in a while. It will make you happier.

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