Why Are Aries Single?

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Why Are Aries Single?

Some people are single by choice. Others are single but don't want to be.

So, why are Aries single?

An Aries is someone who sets high standards for their love life. As the first zodiac sign in astrology, they can become easily bored with anyone who isn't keeping up with their energy.

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When in love, Aries women are faithful partners, and they are supportive of their significant other. Most of the time, they have enough energy for two. Aries women can be one of the most trustworthy signs of the zodiac.

Aries men wear their hearts on their sleeve and they are quite direct, sincere, and even passionate. They want someone who can match their energy and enthusiasm.

Anyone who dates or marries an Aries will find a loyal partner and friend, but there are some reasons why this doesn't always happen right away.

Here are a few reasons why Aries are single, per astrology?

Aries men can get jealous.

As mentioned before, Aries men wear their hearts on their sleeves and they can’t hide their feelings very easily.

They alpha males — sometimes act like an alpha wannabe — who can’t stand that someone else might get the attention from their significant other. His jealousy borders on possessive even though he wouldn’t want to be possessive over him.

Aries men react whenever they’re jealous. They might accuse their significant other of cheating and even admit that they’re jealous.

Aries can be quite impatient.

The sign is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, which happens to be the planet of aggression and animal instinct. Aries react as quickly as an animal hunting their prey. When they want something, they want it at that moment.

Aries don’t like to live too slowly. They are usually looking for rapid changes and developments and they’d like to be first in everything.

Their temper is something else.

They are likely throwing tantrums all the time, but this is their way of processing their emotions.

They become easily frustrated and annoyed, especially when they aren’t able to do something the way they want. When life becomes too much to handle, they don’t cope very well.

When Aries are angry, there isn’t anything holding them back. They don’t hold back on their true feelings. Whatever’s on their mind and in their heart comes out at that moment.

Don’t expect a forewarning to this anger, though. Aries can immediately express their temper without leaving much room for a decent conversation.

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Aries women can be overbearing.

Aries women will always be in the mood to support their significant other. Most of the time, they have enough energy for two. This can be a problem when their significant other gets into some sort of trouble.

Sometimes, it’s best for someone to learn their lesson on their own. With Aries women, it’s the opposite. They’d rather play the role of savior, especially when they have the energy and practical sense to do so.

They can come off as too strong or too confident.

Aries are confident in their looks. They take their time getting ready for a date or going to the club. They don’t just believe that they’re the best-looking person in a room — they know it. This confidence may rub off as vain or conceited.

They also are the alpha partner and they look for a submissive partner. When someone starts dating an Aries, they’re not only dating that person. They’re also dating the Aries’ dream — it’s a package deal. Many people will find that to be very intimidating and intense.

Aries love fast and often.

When it comes to intimacy, Aries want to achieve closeness in the shortest time possible. Due to that, foreplay isn’t their strong point.

Those born as Aries under the sign of the Ram, love-making about the thrill of the moment and hunting down their prey and going in for the kill. A fairly rough analogy if I do say so myself.

Aries is most likely to hookup on the first date, at a moment’s notice, and in the most impromptu places. Risk comes hand in hand with physical fulfillment for the fire sign.

Aries also have trouble being faithful to one person. If an Aries is single or an uncommitted relationship, they will play the field. When they are in a relationship, though, they will stay committed to their partner.

If they do stray from their relationship, it’d more likely be a quickie rather than a full-blown love affair. For these and so many reasons more, this is why Aries is single, according to astrology.

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