Your Zodiac Sign's Weekly Astrology Love Horoscope And Tarot Reading For April 6 - 12, 2020

Your Zodiac Sign's Weekly Astrology Love Horoscope And Tarot Reading For April 6 - 12, 2020
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The mind is humanity's greatest gift and greatest curse. And right now, it seems to be hinging on the destructive side of the spectrum.

Yes, times are tough right now. It's scary and we don't know what will happen from one week to the next. But that doesn't give you a free pass to overthink until you pass out. On the contrary, now is the time to stay calm and assess your situation.

If you need any reassuring, that's what your weekly horoscopes and Tarot card reading for April 6th to 12th, 2020 is here for.

So, switch off your mind for a second (just take in a few deep breaths) and check if your body is feeling okay. If it is, there's no need to overthink. You have most likely done everything in your power to weather this storm, and that's all anyone can ask of you right now.

With that said, let's find out what this week has planned for each zodiac sign in astrology.

Aries: Abundance + 3 of Earth

Aries, you have everything you need to stay healthy and thrive. So, stop focusing on hoarding more and focus on what you want to build in your life. Now is the perfect time to work hard and create something worthwhile.

Yes, it will probably take a few more years to show solid results, but if you focus on building right now, you will be way ahead of others by the time this crisis is over.

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Taurus: 10 of Earth

Taurus, this week is going to be an interesting one for you. You will finally get to see the real face of the people who are close to you. And it could either surprise you in a good way or shock you into silence.

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Gemini: 3 of Air

Gemini, this was supposed to be a prediction for the week, but the Tarot wants to give you advice instead.

You need to focus on learning a new skill right now. Maybe it's something you have always wanted to learn but kept postponing for whatever reason. Maybe it's something you started but dropped midway. Or, maybe it's something you recently found out about and want to learn more of.

Whatever this skill is, the Tarot strongly recommends going back into student mode this week.

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Cancer: Desire

You are going to find it hard to control your libido this week, Cancer. But don't let your practical side sweep it under the rug; that will make matters worse as the days progress.

Instead, be your own lover this week. There's more than enough information on the internet to teach you how to do it, and a lot of stimulants as well.

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Leo: 11 of Air

Be careful, Leo. Don't let your mind create havoc in your life this week. Because if you don't check your impulses, you might end up behaving in a manner that will seriously damage your reputation in your social circle.

For some of you, this is a cautionary tale against being selfish.

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Virgo: The Maiden

This is the card for Virgo. And it says that this week is going to be an extraordinarily good one for you.

You might start something new that invigorates your senses and brings out your creativity to the forefront. Or, you might find yourself entering a new phase of life with butterflies in your belly and a happily beating heart.

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Libra: 11 of Fire

Someone is going to make you really angry this week, Libra. For some, it's going to be their romantic or life partner. For others, it's going to be someone you see regularly. Perhaps a neighbor.

The Tarot says you should not bite back your words if you experience something that doesn't sit right with you. Doing so will cause the anger to fester and explode out in an ugly manner later on this week or by next week.

Instead, calm yourself down first (take a few hours if you must) and then communicate clearly. You can also practice what you will say before you do it. Make sure to have a plan B in case the discussion doesn't go well and the other party is unwilling to work with you on a common solution.

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Scorpio: Ace of Air

Inspiration is going to strike you hard this week, Scorpio. For some of you, it will be in the middle of the night. For others, it will be in the evening during the twilight hour.

Don't miss it! Write it down immediately either in a notepad or in a note on your phone. This idea will make you big bucks if you nurture it properly.

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Sagittarius: Reversed Ace of Fire

If you'ave been working on a passion project for a while now, Sagittarius, the Tarot wants you to know that the delays you are experiencing in reaching a larger audience is a fated one. You aren't emotionally ready to handle the load yet.

So, focus on healing yourself for now and keep honing your talents. Your time will come, there's no doubt about it. And when it does, you will be ready for it.

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Capricorn: 4 of Air

You need to create a routine for yourself, Capricorn. Discipline is the only thing that will get you through this time period.

So, focus on what's in your control and become disciplined about it. That will give you back a semblance of order in this chaos.

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Aquarius: 2 of Water

This week is going to be a loving one for you, Aquarius. You will find peace and joy with your special someone, and will feel closer to them than ever before.

Enjoy this period of bliss. Cherish it. And let your emotions do the talking.

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Pisces: 11 of Earth

Pisces, this week is going to be a very career-focused week for you. Your work will consume most of your day followed by concerns about money by night. And while there isn't much you can do to reduce the load on you, you can definitely try to set some boundaries to find a semblance of balance.

Actually, don't try. Make it happen. Your mental health will suffer if you don't.

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