How Astrology's Double Mercury Sextiles On April 16 To 18 Will Change Relationships This Month

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How The Double Mercury Sextiles From April 16th To 18th Bring Magic To Your Relationships This Month, According To Astrology

We’re seeing that words are the root of action this week as Mercury forms two different sextiles: Mercury sextile Venus, and Mercury sextile Mars, both of which occur from April 16th to 18th. These double Mercury sextiles will greatly affect our love horoscopes and relationships in various ways.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which creates a positive and beneficial alignment that builds a new point of growth based on our previous decisions and choices. A sextile is often the karma we encounter for what we sowed in the past, and while nether truly positive or negative itself, in this case, we usually encounter new opportunities we’ve wished for or worked for.

The first sextile we see is between Mercury in Aries and Venus in Gemini, beginning on April 16th and leading into the 17th. This is a transit that can skip years or even occur multiple times per year.

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The last time that we saw this transit was September of 2018, and with this being the second until the last two occur in September and October of 2020, it means we’re likely seeing a peak in any emotional revelations we’ve been experiencing.

In astrology, Venus represents the divine feminine, and Mars the divine masculine, which is why, when these two cross paths or come together in the sky, it means we’re going to see our own romantic relationships affected. What’s interesting, in this case, is that both Mars and Venus are currently in Gemini; though not forming any aspect between themselves, they are closely aligning with Mercury, the planet of communication.

Venus and Mercury make their sextile from April 16th to 17th, while Mercury and Mars make their alignment from the 17th to 18th. This means April 17th is the peak for the energies these transits will create.

For many of us, we’ve felt blocks this year to moving forward or making plans, even feeling that we’ve been in a time out of sorts, unable to make any big decisions. But even in a time when it seems like the world has been shut down, we can still choose; we just may not be able to act upon those choices yet, and this is what these two transits are really signifying.

With the sextile between Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries, we’re accustomed to seeing this energy occur roughly two to three times a year with the last time happening on March 19th, and this one representing the third between these two planets already this year.

The first was in January, then February, and now April; after this we won’t see these two align until next April! This isn’t to make us feel that we will somehow miss out on something meant for us, but it’s saying to be aware that while every day holds the possibility of a new beginning, each day also varies on what energetic benefits it brings.

It many ways, it’s like Mercury is the connection between the divine feminine and masculine, similar to what many of us are feeling regarding social distancing.

Perhaps we can’t reach out and hug or run away with the one that we love; maybe we can’t even further explore our connection. But the one thing we can do is talk. We can share our stories, our feelings, and maybe even our plans for what we hope the future will hold.

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Sometimes we forget the value of a conversation — the meaning that loving words can hold and how even just speaking to that special someone can make our whole day better. So, maybe this can be one of those things we remember the value of. Maybe we write letters or poems about how we’re feeling, what’s on our mind, and remember how to express ourselves when in person and physical contact is no longer an option.

This is some of that magic we’re going to see fill our lives around this time, because while we can’t embrace those we would like to now, we can certainly talk, share, and go back to a time when the only thing we had to focus on was one another.

With both Mars and Venus in Gemini during this transit, we will also feel very mentally active, and actually desire that stimulation and connection through deep conversations. This will not only feel like we’re having our needs met, but will also open up the doorway for greater intimacy, because we’re being asked to express ourselves verbally more than physically.

While this will be a chance for us to express ourselves in ways different than we’ve grown accustomed to, we also have to remember that while this could ignite the magic within a relationship, because of the duality of Gemini it could also draw greater attention to those relationships where communication or personal beliefs don’t align.

In this case, we’re likely to use this time to realize and understand that if we don’t have that basis for conversation with our partner, it truly ends up affecting the overall health and viability of the relationship.

We also have to be mindful that this year was already slated to be a big one for relationships due to Venus retrograde in Gemini. The planet of love entered her pre-shadow phase back at the beginning of April, and won’t turn officially until mid-May, but it won’t stop the fireworks or conversations from happening.

There is so little that is constant at this time, and we have to focus on the moment we’re in. Even if tomorrow remains uncertain, by only focusing on the day in front of us, we’re more apt to also remain aware about what is important to us.

This means we will feel more in control of those things that we can influence, instead of focusing on those we can’t.

But this entire process is about trusting as well, because we can have all the plans in the world, but it doesn’t mean they are meant to happen. Instead, we have to breathe deep and realize that sometimes it’s the plans we have that keep us from living the life meant for us.

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