The Personality Traits Of The Capricorn Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

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The Personality Traits Of The Capricorn Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

Capricorn the Goat is an earth sign, which instantly implies a well-grounded attitude. Ruled by the planet Saturn, they are realists with a touch of insanity to their style.

The Capricorn zodiac sign is known as ambitious and goal-oriented; they make for excellent, loyal friends and wonderful romantic partners. They can be very astute and sometimes aggressively annoying if they want their point to come across, and they always want to be understood properly.

They can also be as stubborn as a Taurus and as practical as Virgo — both signs they get along with the most, since they are earth signs.

While every sign has a mix of negative and positive personality traits, these Capricorn traits describe the Goat to the T. Individuals born between December 22nd and January 19th are:

  • Ambitious, interested, good listener
  • Persistent, goal-oriented, quick learner
  • Hard worker, realistic, on time
  • Sensitive, easy going, kind
  • Disciplined, educated, law abiding
  • Workaholic, obsessed, impatient
  • Ethical, conscientious, advocate
  • Selfish, annoying, snotty
  • Money-grubbing, stingy, self-absorbed
  • Independent, loner, professional
  • Pragmatic, sensible, materialistic
  • Fun-loving, sexual, sensuous

While these traits do describe the Capricorn personality, the best way to understand this zodiac sign is to dive into every part of their life, including zodiac compatibility, health, work, money, and spirituality.

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How does Capricorn fall in love?

Capricorn mates for life, with a healthy does of side-eye, meaning they flirt shamelessly even when they are in strictly monogamous relationships. They make great partners and usually end up being the main bread-winners in the partnership.

Capricorn admires big personalities and dominant types, and they often times end up with other earth signs who share the same love of money and work.

What is the best business/career/work for Capricorn?

There is no sign greater than Capricorn when it comes to work. They are fanatical about doing a good job, and rarely if ever do they stay at the lowest position. They climb the ladder of success daily and they are proud of it.

Work brings them what they love most in this lifetime: money, and lot of it, and they are complete with the idea that if you want something done, doing it one's self is just as good as anything else. They are workaholics who love every minute of it.

How does the Capricorn zodiac sign raise a family?

Often times, they spur from large families, which is where they learn their incredible work ethic. Whether they have Capricorn children or not, this sign will teach their children the value of hard work and what it can bring them if they dedicate themselves.

Capricorn is a great parent with a good solid vision for the future of their children. As partners, they are loyal — but as mentioned before, flirtatious — and that can be problematic if you can't stand your mate on the prowl. But if you know they are only flirts and nothing more, they can be delightful partners.

What health issues does Capricorn suffer from?

Capricorn is ruled by the bones and joints, so they are prime candidates for arthritis and other diseases that affect the bones. When you think of Capricorn as the Goat, you think of the goat's folded in knees, and that is an insight.

Capricorn has trouble with their knees and, as we all know, you don't have to be an athlete to have trouble there. As hard workers, they tend to sit a lot, in office spaces, and that is very much a part of where their joint pains begin.

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How creative is the Capricorn sign?

It's all about money-making. While they do enjoy the arts and on occasion will dabble into the creating of art, their main "talent" lies in how they are both able to survive and thrive in business.

Capricorn has an eye for the stock market, and for investing. They know where to put their money and how to draw in abundance. They are also very good at creating the perfect workspace for themselves, so that they move through life as productively as possible.

What kind of lover is Capricorn?

Well, if they aren't in a monogamous relationship, then they are wild cats on the prowl, 24/7. One of the dirty little Capricorn secrets is a desire to have sex with strangers — all protected and responsible, but strangers nonetheless.

This kind of desire allows them the escape they crave from the relentless work load they always sign on for. If they are partnered, they demand loyalty and do not put up with infidelity. As lovers, they are as good as anyone else, no better.

How does Capricorn handle their money and finances?

Finance is their religion, but they are not cutthroat or evil about it. They choose interesting vocations and stick with them for a lifetime. Capricorn rarely quits a job, mainly because they are usually so good at it that they are able to rise above the menial labor positions and become CEOs of the company.

Capricorn loves and respects money, sometimes more than they do people. Nonetheless, they are never without a wallet full of fat stacks. They love the money.

Is Capricorn a spiritual zodiac sign?

Between being disciplined and pragmatic, one would think Capricorn has very little time for religion; however, that would be a wrong assumption. Capricorn is spiritual; they are in tune with nature and the flow of life. They honor their ancestors and willingly involve themselves in ritual or religious practice.

Ironically, there are very few Capricorn atheists as the idea of "no God" is pretty much alien to them. They like the God life.

What is the Capricorn personality like in everyday life?

Day to day life is about work and routine, and where that might seem tedious to one, to Capricorn, it's implicative of a good life well lived. They are honorable and filled with integrity. Rarely are they late for any meeting, whether professional or casual.

They respect the ways of others and keep their judgement calls to themselves. They are easy to get along with and always ready to help out a friend. Capricorn may not buy you big expensive gifts, but they are invaluable as friends and romantic partners. 

They will come through for you where it counts, in "the big things." The little things matter less to them than you might be able to tolerate, so love them for their kindness and their interest in you.

What conflicts does Capricorn involve themselves in?

Capricorn won't get into a fight with you unless they know they have the time to invest, and they know they can win. They aren't interested in having a meaningless argument — that's a time waster, and time is precious to Capricorn.

If you cross a Capricorn, they will make a mental note to avoid you next time. It's not that they wouldn't or couldn't outsmart you or prove you wrong, it's that it's not worth their time. If you need to be right, go for it — Capricorn doesn't need your approval or words of concession.

In other words, this sign doesn't care if you're right or wrong, they only care about what works for them at the moment.

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