What Is A Karmic Relationship And What Being In One Is Really Like

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What Is A Karmic Relationship And What Being In One Is Really Like

In western society, we are programmed to dream of that fairy tale relationship and "happy ever after," and usually spend our lives looking for a soulmate or 'The One.' But what we often end up finding — without even realizing it! — are karmic relationships.

What is a karmic relationship?

In her blog post about the nature of these special bonds, writer, teacher, and intuitive Amanda Linette Meder nails the definition of a karmic relationship.

She says that "a karmic relationship is a romantic bond that is formed with someone in your soul group and it's a relationship designed to heal past life lessons and pain."

Karmic relationships are the type of soulmate relationships that no one necessarily wants, but everyone has.

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Signs of a Karmic Relationship

Identifying such a bond isn't always easy, but there are certain signs of a karmic relationship to look for when you meet someone who makes you feel something you never have before.

It was "love at first sight."

Whether or not you believe in love at first sight is one thing. But if you were instantly attracted to someone for reasons you can't really put into words, chances are there is a karmic connection at play.

The relationship is an emotional rollercoaster.

It's true that no relationship is easy, and they all take work. However, karmic relationships will regularly thrust you into a cycle of blissful highs and devastating lows that normal relationships just don't experience.

It's a codependent relationship.

Karmic relationships are all-consuming. In a codependent relationship, you don't feel at ease unless you're with your partner all of the time, you begin to have a warped self-image, and boundaries are basically non-existent. In short, you're physically and emotionally dependent on this person and your relationship.

It doesn't last.

Because of all of these factors, karmic relationships are known for being on-and-off. That level of volatility is simply unsustainable. However, it's not unusual for the connection to be so strong that you can't help but find your way back to each other even though you know in your heart it may not be what's right for either of you.

Purpose of a Karmic Relationship

While karmic relationships may sound painful and heartbreaking (and they often are), like most trials and tribulations in life, they serve a purpose. 

Karmic relationships are a source of growth for those in them. You will likely find that your karmic partner is extremely similar to you in their ways. This gives you the opportunity to analyze yourself without actually analyzing yourself. You gain a sense of awareness that gives you the opportunity to change the worst parts about you for the better. 

In short, karmic relationships are lessons that allow for healing and maturation. 

Differences Between Karmic Relationships, Soulmates, and Twin Flames

Karmic, soulmate, and twin flame relationships may feel similar, especially while you're in them — but they have marked differences. You don't really know the lasting effects and true label of each until you've had time to process them.

Karmic relationships are typically those with people whose purpose is to teach us a lesson. Though the love is fierce, it's selfish, often toxic, and they aren't meant to last. 

Soulmate relationships, on the other hand, are those that make us want to become a better person not for ourselves, but for your soulmate. While a karmic relationship is home to two partners who ultimately care more about themselves than the other, soulmates are the opposite. You would do anything for your soulmate, and they would do the same for you — which is why soulmate relationships are more likely to last. 

Lastly, twin flame relationships completely transcend all labels. Your twin flame may not even be a romantic relationship, but someone you just have an overwhelmingly strong bond with. The love with your twin flame is truly unconditional and encourages deep soul growth without the volatility that you'll find in a karmic relationship.

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How I Identified My Karmic Relationship

Karmic connections are, as Meder puts it, "challenging to say the least, and heartbreaking, to be more clear."

My own relationship has definitely had its ups and downs. Married to a fiery, artistic man, bickering and power struggles are not unfamiliar territory for us.

Yes, I have a partner to go through life with that I know will be by my side through the good and the bad, but still…the power struggles that I mentioned have had me wondering if there’s something deeper here between us; something that happened in other lifetimes; something to do with karma.

So, in 2014, I decided to investigate that very idea and sought out someone who could possibly give me that answer: a psychic channeler.

What is a psychic channeling?

The practice of psychic channeling is a means of communicating with a consciousness that is not in human form by allowing that consciousness to express itself through the channel. This practice has been around for millennia.

Channelers, also sometimes known as psychic mediums, often use what is called "spirit guides", friendly spirits who give them knowledge and help them on their spiritual journeys.

So once I was ready, I met with a psychic channeler named Grace Cavanaugh, who is a channel for a collective of twelve otherworldly entities called Osairah.

Osairah is a family of light, which means that there are thousands of them. They are a collective group for higher consciousness — souls and beings — many of whom have incarnated and many who haven’t.

What happens during a psychic channeling session?

Before we began, Grace lit a couple of candles and sat across from me in a comfy armchair. She explained that Osairah would come in and give me a greeting and a message, and then I was free to ask my questions. The session would be recorded, so there was no need to take notes.

My excitement surged, and I felt giddy. Grace closed her eyes and took several long deep breaths.

And then…in their otherworldly way of speaking, she said:

"Greetings to you, dear one. We are that one known as O-sai-rah. In fact, we are overjoyed in this moment for all the excitement we are recognizing. We say to you that life in your third-dimensional reality is not always the smooth line you’d like it to be. Ha!

We are connected to you from what you would understand to be seventh-dimensional energies, fifth-dimensional energies, eleventh-dimensional energies, and ninth dimensional energies.

Many thousands of lifetimes you have had dear one and not only on this planet.

We come from what you would consider the future of your life and what you would consider our past, so we are merging on your third-dimensional reality in this way because there is the access point, there is the convergence."

Osairah continued to talk about frequencies, and then they opened up to my questions.

"Osairah," I asked the entities visiting Grace. "Can you take a look at my previous timelines with my husband Adolfo? We have an intense love and passion for each other, but equally intense power struggles. Always the caretaker, Adolfo often treats me more like his rebellious daughter than his wife. I am curious what past life karma we need to clear this time around?"

Osairah answered:

"Yes, we see many lifetimes with Adolfo. We see five previous lifetimes that are important to this lifetime. You have been brother and sister, mother-son, and lovers. There is a very strong theme in connection to this lifetime.

You were in what you would know as the country called Ireland. You were a young girl of twelve and you had been sold from your family. This was a very difficult lifetime; there are many purposes for it, though.

We recognize that lifetime as a very painful time in history; there were many human beings that were sold into servitude. You were actually bought by him. He was seventeen years older than you.

We see the painfulness of this lifetime.

There are many conflicting energies of emotions, in that lifetime with him in which you carried seventh-dimensional energy light codes; you were in a sense very radiant, and even in the atrocity of it all, you were a beautiful being, and that was seen. He paid handsomely, you could say, for you.

[...] Even though he knew on some level the way about the whole thing was wrong, he granted you to have more of an equal partnership as you grew older, because of the light that you carried.

There is a thread — or we often refer to it as a channel-antenna — that connects to this lifetime and your relationship dynamic now. There are those factors that are being healed and literally dissipated by the actions you will take this day forward."

Before closing the session, Osairah also shared information about my frequencies and many lifetimes in other dimensions and on other planets, as well as career stuff that I was curious about.

How my life changed after finding out I was in a karmic relationship

The session totally blew me away. Of course, I knew that Adolfo would think this was complete hogwash. But honestly, I thought (and still think!) this explanation is a huge possibility.

That certainly made sense that in this life, Adolfo would be taking the role of running things, my advisor, and my protector, a spillover from previous timelines. But what actions could I take going forward that would heal us? That would take time to be determined.

On the drive home, I let what had just transpired sink in. If this was real — and I believed that it was — how could I worry about, get upset, or doubt anything again?

Knowing that I had lived thousands of lifetimes and that there are more to come, on other dimensions, gave me a sense of calm. There is no rush to get everything done because apparently the saying, "you only live once" requires the phrase "in this dimensional frequency."

We actually have all of eternity to play out each and every scenario.

On the other hand, a lifetime is too precious to waste, and I would like to get my relationship with Adolfo right in this go-round — karmic connection or not. 

Self-help books, articles, counselor, and coaches certainly have their value, but having the opportunity to speak directly with otherworldly entities that can see my cosmic timelines and which ones are affecting my life now, was invaluable. ;

I vowed to be more compassionate regarding my beloved’s concerns, quirks, and deeper issues he carries. There is a deep love there, and after all, we are all working out our karmic imperfections!

Understanding Karmic Relationships

If you've found yourself in the cycle of a karmic relationship, it's undoubtedly as painful as it is euphoric. Remember that for most, karmic relationships don't last — they simply aren't meant to.

However, if you are married or with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, understanding how karmic relationships work will help you put the events of your relationship into perspective.

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