What Your Descendant Sign Reveals About You (And Your Soulmate)

An astrology hack for finding the person meant for you.

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In the birth chart opposite your Ascendant sign is your Descendant sign.

While your Ascendant, or Rising sign, represents the many layers of yourself translated through each of the twelve houses, the Descendant reveals a lot more about yourself from an emotional level when you enter relationships.

What is the Descendant sign?

Your Descendant sign indicates the qualities that you're attracted to in other people, often the exact opposite qualities that you yourself project. As a soulmate is said to be your other half, the Descendant sign is representative of the half of you that's "missing."


The Descendant sign is located in the 7th house of your natal chart, the house of partnerships. This house rules how you relate to and bond with others. It is activated when you enter long-term relationships and most apparent when you are in love.

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To calculate your Descendant sign, you can enter your date, place, and time of birth into a birth chart calculator. Your Descendant sign is the sign that's located on the cusp of the seventh house, right across from our Ascendant sign. This shows the polarity between the two, representing the ongoing battle between our independent and co-dependent selves.

Your Descendant sign provides clues to what you look for in a soulmate.

Aries Descendant

This Mars-ruled Descendant appreciates a partner that can mobilize, inspire, and prepare them to take on challenges. The native usually attracts confident and self-assured partners. They want a partner that can spark and bring out their brave and heroic nature.

Taurus Descendant

The Taurus Descendant wants a partner they can be proud of and show off to the world. Being comfortable with their partner in a relationship is important to them. Their partner must embody beauty, serenity, and love, and must be someone they can fiercely trust. 

Gemini Descendant

Intellectual rapport is crucial for the relationship and strong communication. When the Gemini DC native gets bored or feels that their partner isn’t intellectually stimulating, they will move on.


The native with this Descendant wants someone who can be supportive of their creative side, brings excitement, and keeps them guessing.

Cancer Descendant

Ruled by the Moon, the person with this placement wants someone who will bring them comfort and most importantly, security. Someone who competes with them will not last long in this relationship. They want a calm and confident partner willing to meet their emotional and spiritual needs. 

Leo Descendant

Fiery Leo Descendant wants a partner that teaches them how to shine brightly and fearlessly. A person that can love powerfully and can make them feel protected. Their partner must be loyal as well as their best friend. 

Virgo Descendant

The Virgo Descendant seeks someone who can teach them how to be more mature, organized, and practical. Although they enjoy getting lost in their dream or fantasy, they long for a partner that can ground them. They crave the balance and structure that this partner can provide.


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Libra Descendant

Those with this placement want their partner to represent diplomacy and self-control. The natives respect a partner that is in touch with their emotional and artistic side. They appreciate a partner that they find beautiful in their way both inside and out. 

Scorpio Descendant

The Scorpio Descendant native seeks a partner that can spark their mysterious side. They want to feel comfortable around this person so that they can share their ideas, hopes, and dreams. A partner who pushes them to fight for what they want and to be their best friend.

Sagittarius Descendant

People with this Descendant seek adventure and entertainment. They do not want a rigid partner. Sagittarius prefers the thrill to be non-stop in a relationship. Surprises keep them interested. The more exciting the relationship feels, the more hooked they are.


Capricorn Descendant

This Saturn-ruled Descendant seeks someone who will help them create a foundation where they can both build a future together. They want a patient, understanding, and hard-working partner. Sharing their dreams, setting goals, and supporting one another make the relationship exciting for them.

Aquarius Descendant

Inspirational Aquarius seeks to find a partner that can bring out their rebellious side. They want someone fearless, independent, and ready to take on the world with them. This person must be able to challenge their views and bring them new perspectives.

Pisces Descendant

Finding a partner that can bring optimism, faith, romance and an abundance of joy will be ideal for the native. Someone who can calm the native, mellowing down their anxious nature. This person will help them boost their ego. They want someone who can help them be more creative, loving, and nurturing.


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