How Virgo Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship And Love Life Starting August 23rd, 2019

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How Virgo Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship And Love Life Starting August 23rd, 2019
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On August 23rd, when the Sun moves into Virgo, it will initiate Virgo season — and with it, a new way of thinking about life. This Virgo love horoscope lasts until September 22nd, and is a very different time than Leo, which we are just finishing up.

While Leo is passionate, he doesn’t often think about the details; while he may rush in, it doesn’t mean he knows what to do once he’s there. This is where Virgo comes in, often categorized as one of the more detail-orientated zodiac signs.

This is about how we all need to slow down and think things through so we can know where to begin.

We are still seeing the ramifications of eclipse season play out thanks to Mercury finally being free from his shadow phase, and the auspicious Jupiter turning direct and Uranus in retrograde on the 11th, which gave us the courage to take a leap of faith. We are still seeing how everything is meant to play out because it’s likely we don’t know.

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For many of us, in the past month or so we’ve encountered twists and turns in our lives that could never have been predicted. What we thought was our future and what we wanted so deeply is now nothing more than a memory, while so many new doors and opportunities are opening.

Part of this summer season is us realizing that while we can plan our lives, we still can’t stop the unexpected from happening. We can’t stop change, feelings, or even opportunities. The only thing we can do is be so full of trust that we don’t let these unexpected life happenings disrupt us from living and making the most of every day.

Each zodiac sign in astrology represents something that is important to us; they are a piece of a well-balanced life. We need the dreaminess of Pisces, the ambition of Aries, the passion of Leo, but we also need the logic of Virgo.

Right now, we are at a crux in our lives. A moment that separates the path that we have been on from the one that we believe we’re headed towards. Yes, this has to do with career; yes, this is about even moving physically. But it’s also about our romantic lives and learning that who we love defines so much of the life path we have.

We have come to understand that it’s not just about picking someone to settle down with; it’s not about the perfect partner or someone our families would approve of. It’s not even about who would be a good husband or father, but instead, it’s about what kind of life we want to live. Each of us are different, so when we combine our energy with another, the result or outcome always differs.

In many situations, this year has been the last hurrah at doing what we were expected to do. At walking the line. In trying to stay within the boundaries of convention and really trying to be normal, even if we had no idea what that meant. We needed to do it the way we were told, so we could learn lessons about courage, love, expectations and truth.

But the time has come, in perfect alignment with Uranus retrograde and Virgo season, for us to outgrow the lessons we needed to learn, and with it, situations, people and relationships that were a part of that.

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Eclipse season often is responsible for breakups and shake-ups; however, we were delayed in that because of Mercury’s trickster ways. So this month of August, specifically now that we’re moving into Virgo season, we’re finally able to take a deep breath, connect the dots, and start making plans for where to go from here.

Right now, we are going to combine much of the energy of the past few weeks so we can pull it all together and start making plans. This means we’re calling on Cancer energy for us to think about those topics that are close to home and family. We’re going to be utilizing Leo energy so we are sure we’re following our hearts, and we are also going to make the most of Virgo energy so we can paint that picture of what we want life to be.

Maybe our plans aren’t as defined as they once were; maybe we leave more room for the unexpected. But the one thing that has become clear, even if we don’t know where we want to live or what type of work we want to do, is how we want to feel.

This ideal of being clear on what type of emotional and soul feeling we want to have is what will guide our decisions and plans, beginning today and extending into September.

This is a time for immense growth and new beginnings with our second new moon of the year: the black moon at the end of August.

We are being encouraged and supported to risk making plans again, to take a chance, to dream, and to believe things can be different this time, only if we make the choice for it to be.

When dreaming about our lives and building them so we’re happy, at peace, and inspired, we tend to focus on the starting point. When should we start? What do we do first? How do we begin?

Yet what this season is hoping to teach us is that there is no right way to begin, no one place. We begin by making the choice that today is the day, today is the moment we try, today is the moment we leave the past behind, and today is when we begin.

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