5 Full Moon In Libra Rituals To Do On March 20th, 2019 To Attract Your True Love

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5 Full Moon In Libra Rituals To Do This Mar 20th To Attract Your True Love

Dear Moon, I love you.

The full moon in Libra on March 20th is a sweet one. Since it's in this zodiac sign, we will be blessed by the energy of Venus, the planet of love and romance. So, if you are eager to meet someone new or take everything to the next level, this is the perfect night to set all those intentions.

Just remember: the full moon and the two weeks after it are all about thanking the universe for what you have and showing yourself some much-needed love. The full moon rituals you do this night won't exactly be wish-making rituals, as those work best during the new moon cycle.

But you can use the energy of this Libra full moon to give your love life a good headstart, hust by priming yourself for the Aries new moon of April. Here are five full moon in Libra rituals you can do to attract your one true love.

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1. Create a love altar.

You will need a tray, a beautiful scarf or cloth, a black candle, magazine cut-outs of your favorite couple(s), trinkets that remind you of love, flower petals, and anything else that makes you feel happy and loved.

Just cover the tray with the cloth and arrange your chosen items of love on it. Then take a sheet of paper and write down your intention of letting go of the negative things that happened in your love life in the past, including instances of unrequited love, rejection, and childhood traumas that are preventing you from loving with all your heart.

Fold this paper, place it underneath the black candle, and then light it up. You can even close your eyes and say aloud what you wrote on the sheet. Allow this candle to burn for a while and then blow it off when you feel relieved.

You can shift the altar to a more convenient location after the ritual is done. Just remember to spend at least 2 minutes before it every day until the next new moon to keep yourself primed for an intention.

2. Arrange a candlelight dinner for two.

Wine and dine with your special someone as the full moon casts its magic on you. And don't forget to set the mood with some candles, tea lights, and flowers.

Single? Don't worry. Just whip up a meal worthy of a queen and enjoy it under the moonlight with your best friends, or alone, if that's how you like to roll. Just remember: dinners on the rooftop or out in the open are best. After all, how else are you going to soak up the beams of the moon?

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3. Write a love letter to your future soulmate.

And write as if you both have been together for at least three years. It's because manifestation works when you already believe you have what you are wishing for.

Pretend you are writing the letter to your partner on your third anniversary, and convey how grateful you are to have him in your life. Just be specific when you do this, "remembering" all the sweet moments you have spent together.

Life may not unfold exactly as you write. But manifestation magic will make sure you feel the exact same way when it does come to pass.

4. Go for a fragrant body massage or spa.

The energy of Libra is all about reveling in decadent experiences. So treat yourself to a special day at the spa, complete with a full-body massage with fragrant oils. And don't worry if you can't spare that much cash. Just draw a bath for yourself, spike it with fragrant essential oils, and then unwind peacefully.

In fact, if you have a special someone in your life, we recommend doing this together. You can even give each other a soothing massage before the dip to get in the mood.

5. Charge a rose quartz with the energy of the moon.

Rose quartz is a beautiful crystal that vibrates to the energy of love. So if you have one already, place it under the moonlight on this night, and then wear it for the next two weeks so you are charged up for a fresh bout of intention-setting when the April new moon comes around.

If you don't have one, we recommend taking your new crystal to a stream and letting the water wash over it for at least a few minutes. Then charge it under the moonlight overnight before you wear it.  

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