When He Starts Doing These 10 Things, You'll Know He's Falling In Love

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Does He Like Me? How To Tell If A Guy Likes You & Is Falling In Love With You

How to tell if a guy loves you for real.

By Aja Louther

Contrary to popular belief, men are not as hard to read as we like to think. Yes, they may sometimes struggle to show emotion, but when they are comfortable they are like an open book.

So if you're wondering, "Does he like me?", the signs he likes you may be more obvious than you think.

A lot of the time men are not taught how to be emotionally open or vulnerable, and this is why it’s hard to tell if a guy likes you. However, love is a universal language and undoubtedly the most powerful force in the universe, so when a man is falling in love, you can bet your bottom dollar that he is going to make it known to you.

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Here are the 10 undeniable signs he loves you:

1. His eyes light up when he sees you.

One of the first ways to tell if he really adores you is by the way he looks at you. One look and you’re on the floor in a puddle of warm mushiness. He smiles and immediately you feel safe and loved.

It’s not easy to fake this kind of look, so when it’s real, you will know.

2. He’s told all his friends about you.

If it was just a fling his friends wouldn’t feel as though they already know you. He is so proud and excited about this union that he hasn’t hesitated to tell all his closest friends about you and how amazing you are.

So when you meet his friends and they seem to already know who you are, don’t be surprised because he's probably told them about you.

3. He notices everything about you.

He finds you absolutely beautiful, he’s examined every part of you, your flaws, quirks and triggers. He notices details others seem to miss like when you’ve cut your hair and that you wear a different lipstick according to the mood you’re in.

He knows that you scrunch your nose when you’re unsure about things, and even the way your eyebrows raise to new heights when you’re excited.

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4. He treats you like a queen.

He effortlessly makes you feel like a queen, he opens doors for you, he cooks for you and when he kisses you, he does so gently.

He respects you, your emotions and feelings and does everything in his power to be the best version of himself when he is around you.

5. He makes you feel like the only female in the room.

When you go out he makes you feel like you are the only one in the room. There could be a group of models in the restaurant and still, his eyes never wonder from you.

He knows how to make you feel like the most important person in the room.

6. He does everything in his power to make you happy and shares that happiness with you.

He will send you good morning texts and bring you flowers. He loves seeing you smile so making you happy is easy for him and he enjoys it.

When you are happy and smiling, he is happy and smiling.

7. He loves spending quality time with you.

He is always keen for adventures with you, discovering new places and seeing new things. He loves making memories, especially with you.

He doesn’t mind a stay at home movie night or a wild night on the town as long as you are with him having fun he is happy and content.

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8. He introduces you to people as his partner.

He adores you so much that when he introduces you to friends, family or colleagues he introduces you as his partner.

There is no need for you to introduce yourself, he’s proud to have you by his side, so he naturally does it for you.

9. He shares his emotions and feelings with you and isn't afraid to commit.

He is open with you about his emotions what he wants for his future and is not afraid to tell you that he sees you in it.

He openly expresses that he feels safe and comfortable enough to make the commitment of being in a relationship with you.

10. He isn't afraid to say 'I love you.'

Most of the time (but not always), it’s the woman who says ‘I love you’ first, and this is a scary one because there is nothing worse than saying those three words and not hearing it back.

However, one sure sign to tell whether he really has fallen for you or not is when he says, “I love you” you can feel the authenticity of those words deep down in your soul.

If he really loves you, you will know because the words will flow out of his mouth, from his heart and it will hit you like a wave and you will be left feeling warm and fulfilled.

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Aja Louther is a writer for I Heart Intelligence.

This article was originally published at I Heart Intelligence. Reprinted with permission from the author.