If These 6 Things Are Happening Around You, You'll Know It's Cuffing Season

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You'll Know It's Cuffing Season

It happens every year.

For those of you who don’t know what cuffing season is, it’s that time between October and March where you notice all of your friends are ‘cuffed’ to someone. Usually, when the weather starts to get cold, we start to look for someone to keep warm within those winter months.

You won’t notice it at first, but then your friend who’s always been single will suddenly message you back less and less because she’s opted to stay in to snuggle with her new beau.

Let’s be fair, cuffing season is the cuddliest of seasons where something in our brains says it’s time to hunker down for the winter with someone we semi to fully like. It’s the perfect time to fall in love because the holiday season is so romantic. I mean having snowflakes fall slowly around you while you both wear matching sweaters is just the most magical. It’s what all of your favorite Lifetime holiday movie plots are made of.

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We’re one month into cuffing season already and here’s how you know all the people around you are starting to pair off.

1. People are dressing the same

Do you notice a lot more people wearing scarves and cool leather coats? Not only that, are you noticing that couples are almost starting to dress alike? It’s almost as if they got a discount on buying two of the same leather coats and sweaters and they were told they could only give the extras to their significant other.

Whether they’ve been together forever or just met, the change into the cold season means that people who have paired off seem to all dress alike. For everyone who’s cuffed off this season, it’s cute, but to the people who haven’t, it’s almost a repeated punch to the face that you’re single.

2. Your friends are making excuses for their terrible Tinder dates

You have strong friends. I know this because I also have strong friends. Women who I look up to and admire because they’re strong, independent, and don’t need any man. But for some reason, when cuffing season rolls around, my single friends start to make the craziest excuses for their terrible tinder dates and give them a chance after chance to prove them wrong.

While we say things like having someone to kiss at midnight on New Year’s doesn’t matter or not having anyone to have dinner with on Valentine's Day is fine, there’s still a part of us that wants to have someone for both of those holidays. It’s been marketed that both of these holidays are better when you have someone to share it with.

I feel the same way, but it doesn’t mean giving Greg — the "stuffed cat enthusiast who always makes you pay for dinner because his money is tied up in investments" — a second date just because you’re lonely.

3. Your friends would rather stay home and watch movies with their S.O. instead of going out for a drink

I get it, cuddling up with your S.O. on a cold night is way better than putting on your makeup and going to a bar but come on! I need my tribe of female and male friends to grab a drink with me so I can blow off steam. You know that friend who’s always game to the party? Well, even their not interested in coming out anymore because they and they're significant other is hooked on some obscure Netflix series that they can only watch together.

You’ll notice if you do venture out to the bar down the street, that there are fewer people than usual. Cuffers love to stay home and just snuggle.

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4. You’ve never seen so many mitten-covered people holding hands

Everywhere you look, people are holding hands, and I mean everywhere. I don’t know if people don’t hold hands in the warmer months because their hands get sweaty but in cuffing season, all bets are off. Mitten-covered hands are making sweet, sweet hand-holding love with each other and there’s no way of busting them apart.

I was walking down the street one time when a couple of bundled up lovers started walking towards me. Instead of them breaking hands apart so I could walk through, they lifted their hands without breaking their hold so I could scoot underneath. If that’s not dedicated cuffers then I don’t know what is.

5. Your favorite dating app seems to have fewer people on it

Around the time when the seasons start to change from warm to colder, people who are single hit dating apps hard to find their one true cuff. This means if you didn’t manage to secure a cuff in early fall, you might find yourself seeing the same people over and over again on dating apps.

Somehow, you’ve swiped no on Tom, the "not looking for anything serious but is a super nice guy" about five times and then somehow, every few swipes there he is again. Not only that, you’ve seen Spencer, the investment banker who takes shirtless mirror duck face selfies, almost as much as Tom. Your cuffing season brain is going to try to convince you that maybe duck faces are really cute after all.

6. It feels like everyone has someone — except you

You look around and it feels like everyone who was single before isn’t single anymore. Even your terrible ex somehow has convinced another person to date him. And yet, you’re really cool — but still haven’t found anyone.

It’s true that you’re going to probably feel like you’re the only person in the world without someone to cuff with but I guarantee you’re not. Don’t worry if you didn’t cuff, you’re going to meet someone, the right someone, no matter what season it is.

Cuffing season can lead to some long-term relationships

I have to admit that not all cuffing relationships end the second the weather gets warmer. Sometimes people who cuff in fall still do outdoor activities with each other when the weather takes a turn for the better. Some people maybe went into a cuffing relationship with low expectations of it lasting but then fell in love.

It’s not the craziest thing to believe, and it does happen. So don’t expect your cuffing relationship to have an end date and enjoy the time you’re spending with someone you might fall in love with.

While cuffing season is one of the most romantic times of the year, spring comes fast and with spring comes a lot of newly single people. Even though I want to believe that all cuffing relationships are forever, a lot of cuffing relationships don’t last. So, if you can get a thicker blanket and realize that sometimes only having to find a Netflix show that you like is 100 times better, you might be better off.

Plus, warmer weather means lesser clothes — and cuffing season can’t compete with that.

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