Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of July 16-22, 2018

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The antidote to codependency.

They say you should never get into a relationship with someone until you are absolutely sure that you would be happy even if you remained single for the rest of your life. It's because you can't add value to a relationship or another's life if your own cup is empty or has a gaping hole at the bottom.

No wonder so many of us fall into codependent patterns with our partner and soon end up losing our identity in the relationship.

If the relationship you are in right now is headed in that dangerous direction where both of you have started to lose the attractive individuality that brought you together in the first place, read on. Because in your weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for July 16 to 22, 2018, we will be discussing the one thing your zodiac sign can do right now to save yourself from falling into that hole of doom.

ARIES: 8 of Swords

Aries, you feel trapped. You can see the way your partner and you have started to behave with each other and how your lives have started to meld into one codependent goop, and that's scaring you. It's making you feel like you are trapped. But isn't this how relationships are supposed to be?

Well, the answer is no. Relationships that are good for the growth of both individuals are never codependent. So if you need space, speak up and ask for it. Your independence is very important to you. Don't let popular but faulty wisdom stop you from asking for what you need.

If your partner is as amazing as you know they are, they will never resent you for asking for space and independence if that makes you happy.

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TAURUS: 9 of Swords

Taurus, seems like you are the problem in this situation. Not you exactly, just that aspect of you which tends to overthink about your partner's safety, well-being, and whereabouts when they are not with you.

Unfortunately, possessiveness and controlling behavior of this kind have a history of driving a wedge between two otherwise great partners. So beware. Don't overthink.

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GEMINI: Temperance

Gemini, here's the deal: you think your partner is becoming codependent, but that's not the truth. The reality is when you choose to be in a relationship with someone, you are choosing to make them a part of your life. After all, what you do will directly or indirectly affect them now, so they aren't wrong in asking for a say in the matter.

Love might be unconditional but relationships never are. How can they be when you have to balance two different individuals and their needs and aspirations and still have a happy life together? So communicate with your partner properly and learn how to balance your individual needs. That's the key to a good relationship.

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CANCER: 6 of Wands

Relationships can sometimes bring out insecurities we did not even know we had, Cancer. And that's because each one of us has lived a long life before we met our partner. And during that time we have had our unique trials and tribulations and our individual victories.

So the next time insecurities lash out at you and make you want to cling to your partner like the crab you are, remember all the times in your past when you stood alone and succeeded. Whether it was at a competition or at work, we all have had personal victories that show us how strong we really are deep inside and how we will survive, even if this relationship does not pan out in the end.

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LEO: 4 of Cups

Life is not always fun and games, Leo. And while it's good to be happy and engage in only the positive emotions when we interact with our partner, we can't always escape the clarion call of the more negative emotions like sadness, pain, and anger.

If you have been freaking out because you or your partner has been exhibiting these emotions of late, remember that they are a natural part of life. And if you chose to love each other, you have also chosen to do so regardless of whether you are happy or sad.

So use this as an opportunity to interact with each other on a more mature level by learning to support the one who is down. It will strengthen your bond and make both of you stronger intrinsically.

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VIRGO: 10 of Cups

You are not used to being so emotionally happy and content, Virgo. And that's raising alarms in your head because it's not in your comfort zone. Maybe that's why, instead of seeing it as a perfectly normal aspect of being in a good relationship, you feel you and your partner are becoming codependent on each other.

Well, the solution is simple: stop fretting about a problem that doesn't exist! If things are going good, don't sabotage them by worrying things will get worse in the future. Trust me, you won't like it one bit if your line of thought became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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LIBRA: Justice

Here's the thing, Libra. You are here to learn about partnerships, whether with casual acquaintances, friends, or romantic partners. Therefore, out of all the zodiac signs, you know deep in your heart that you will never be satisfied if your significant other is not willing to marry you and become your true partner in life.

Nevertheless, partnership and codependency are two very different things. In one, you retain your individuality and thus make the sum of your relationship greater than the parts, while in the other you lose yourself and become a boring lackluster pair.

And that's what you need to understand: how to balance your individuality with your relationship goals. To play fair to both the relationship and your individual selves.

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SCORPIO: Reversed Queen of Wands

Still waters run deep, Scorpio. And that's the case with you. You appear to be calm and composed on the surface but there's an ocean's worth of depth to you if one looks you in your eyes and hears you speak carefully. But the problem with being so deep and emotional is that water merges with everything that falls into it.

It dissolves salt, absorbs disgusting industrial affluents, and merges with more water. And that's the problem you are facing in your relationship right now:  imbibing everything from your partner.

Well, the Queen of Wands suggests you shift away from the emotional nature of passion and connect with the fiery aspect of it for some time now. Embrace that warm, generous, creative, and strong aspect of yourself and be the leader in your relationship now.

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SAGITTARIUS: Reversed Prince of Wands

Sagittarius, you are a mutable sign. That means you are an incredibly adaptive person. And while this nature of yours allows you to learn from every individual you come across and every culture you immerse yourself in on your long travels around the world, it becomes your bane when you finally decide to commit to someone (which, frankly, is another topic altogether).

Because now you tend to pick up everything from your partner, including their mannerisms and insecurities. And that's something you need to watch out for.

So if you don't want to lose your identity and become a codependent mess in this relationship, focus on your passions, the goals that drive you through the night. That's how you will succeed in separating yourself from the relationship and knowing what you want and what your partner wants.

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CAPRICORN: Reversed 4 of Pentacles

Capricorn, your partner is not your possession. Not your car. Not your house. And definitely not your trophy. So don't disrespect them by treating them that way. They are their own person with their separate needs and desires. Understand that and your relationship will fly smoothly.

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AQUARIUS: Reversed 9 of Pentacles

Regardless of how much you love your partner, Aquarius, you will always be your own person — strong, independent, and a critical thinker. And if your partner is finding that difficult to understand and mucking up your personal space, explain it to them. You are a sharp cookie, aren't you?

Trust me, if they still fail to understand this need, you should consider if this relationship is really right for you or not. After all, you can't fix basic incompatibility of temperaments.

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PISCES: Princess of Wands

Well, Pisces, you know you lose your individuality when you are in a relationship. You are a mutable water sign, after all. And that's doubly bad compared to all the other mutable signs of the zodiac.

So if you have started to lose your identity and individuality in this relationship, focus on your desires and passions. Is it becoming an extraordinary painter? A brilliant coder? A sharp architect? Whatever it is that sparks your creativity and makes you feel alive is your ticket to retaining your identity in this relationship and standing up for what you want, even if it's different from what your partner wants.

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.