How The Sun And Neptune Help Create The Perfect Love This Month, Starting July 8th

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How The Sun And Neptune Help Create The Perfect Love This Month
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In order to love, we first must be willing to feel.

On July 8th, we will experience the Sun trine Neptune — with the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces — fueling us with some incredibly potent watery energy and encouraging us to open our hearts when it comes to love and partnerships. This is good news for your zodiac sign's love horoscope, indeed.

In astrology, a trine is when the planets are within 120 degrees of one another, meaning that not only are they in harmony with one another but they also initiate great happiness and success.

For so many of us, our overall emotional wellbeing is tied to how healthy and loving our primary relationship is. Often, this gets backlash because we are told we have to be happy on our own.

And while that is true, being in partnership with someone who can support and help us grow will only benefit both individuals in the long run. However, to get to that point is not necessarily an easy one.

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The Sun represents our sense of self, and in emotional Cancer, that means that we’re looking at how we interact with our family, our relationship, and where our hearts truly lay. Family isn’t just necessarily the one that we’re born into, and it’s also about the family that we build in this life — the people that support us unconditionally and help us to become our best possible selves.

We only accept what we feel deep down we deserve, and this also applies to the type of relationships that we enter into.

But it’s also double-sided. We can only accept a healthy, loving, and supportive relationship if we feel we deserve it, but also that kind of relationship will also heighten our own self-confidence and awareness and then allow us to make better choices for our lives.

Sun in Cancer wants to know what is the truth of your heart; if you were told to follow it very minute, where would it lead you? Are you there already, or would it lead you elsewhere and to someone different?

Sun in Cancer wants to build a life together. She’s not concerned about the fanciest dates; no, she wants to create a partnership, she wants to nurture and build a family with you whether or not that includes children. Sun in Cancer doesn’t have any time for frivolous encounters and instead longs for the quiet nights watching stars with the one that she loves.

But we can’t forget Neptune in Pisces. Neptune in Pisces isn’t just about swiping right into love but about that soul deep, "never going to find another like it," unconditional type of love. Neptune in Pisces is after the love that we think the heavens created just for us — a spiritual love, a fated love, a love that quite simply radiates magic and lasts forever.

Neptune is sometimes seen as the planet with rose colored glasses or of illusion, but in this transit it’s asking us to live that veil that love has to be merely practical. It’s attempting to show us that love will only be as ethereal as we believe it to be, and that in order to have that amazing love story, we first have to forget the armor of skepticism that so many of us wear.

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Together, these two planets are directing our focus toward what we truly need from a partnership, where our hearts lay, where home really is, and also that spiritual unconditional love truly exists. We just have to be brave enough to not just open our eyes to see it, but also to dig deep enough to believe that we are worthy of it.

The right kind of love will make your life better than before. It will enhance your sense of self and your life, not because we aren’t complete on our own but because when we’re loved we become more of whom we are. The right kind of love will challenge you, inspire you, and while obstacles will still occur, it’s about how the both of you become even stronger because of them.

This transit is asking us to believe in magic, to believe in unconditional love, to open our hearts deeper than we ever have before, and make the choice to feel. It seems that catching feelings has been sidelined, that somehow it’s a negative aspect to have feelings for someone and show it. However, in order to actually be in love, or really to be able to love at all, we first have to make the choice to feel everything.

We’ve all been hurt in love; we’ve all had those moments where we’ve pledged to never love again or to never be in a relationship again because it’s just not worth it. Yet regardless of the length of time, eventually we find ourselves staring into the eyes of someone that makes us think giving it another chance isn’t such a crazy idea.

This is the power of love. No matter how many times we swear off of it, it comes right back around again.

The difference with this transit of the Sun trine Neptune is that it’s not asking us to abandon ourselves in the process of loving another; instead, it’s about making choices for our utmost happiness and wellbeing. Taking time to heal the wounds of our past, following our own dreams, building a life we’re proud of so that when we do begin to feel those pangs of love for another we will know that we’re ready to do it differently. We’re ready to let down our walls and  open ourselves up to love.

We could say that no love is perfect, but in many ways it's love itself that is perfect and as humans we tend to complicate it. However, unless we make the choice to feel, to truly be aware of our hopes and our fears, we will never be able to be in love at all. 

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