How The Astrology Of 6/23 Will Seriously Affect Your Love Life This Week

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Sun sextile Uranus / Mercury opposite Pluto
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It’s time to find the freedom to follow our hearts.

On June 23rd, we will experience two different transits in astrology that will dramatically affect how each zodiac sign approaches their romantic relationships. And it's about much more than a love horoscope, because when we see the Sun sextile Uranus and Mercury opposite Pluto, things will become more liberated.

As we near the full moon at the end of this month, we are seeing the culmination of some themes we have been working toward during the first half of the year. This transit is crucial because it’s going to let us break out of the mold and find the freedom to do something different.

The first transit is the Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus. A sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another and help or benefit one another — essentially, they work together. In astrology, the Sun represents ourselves, our core identity, and the part of ourselves that we often keep hidden.

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In Cancer, this means that we are focusing on our emotional body, our feelings, and our heart. Uranus likes sudden changes, unexpected surprises, and in Taurus he’s interested in building solid foundations from the ground up.

Together, these two planetary bodies are looking to bring to light some deeply held feelings or emotions and then use the newly realized feelings to build a foundation for a new chapter or part of our lives.

Relationship-wise, this points to many of those connections where we aren't quite sure what we are, but we do know that we love each other and have fun together. It seems that most of us are in some variation of just that because we are less likely to define our relationships at this point.

We are focused instead on appreciating one another, on helping each other become our best possible selves and not rushing the process, so we are more apt to keep our options open and let the relationship define itself.

However, this doesn’t always mean that we have a smooth path paved toward forever. There is a fine balance between letting things be what they are and also having the courage to speak up and say what we want and need from someone.

During the Sun sextile Uranus transit, we are going to be less likely to gloss over the difficult parts and instead be willing to open up and honestly express what is in our hearts, knowing that the only way we can begin to build the romantic future we are hoping for is if we get honest with ourselves and our partner.

Together with the second transit between Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, we will truly have nowhere to hide — not even from ourselves.

In astrology, an opposition is when planets are 180 degrees apart and trigger one another, sometimes highlighting feelings or actions. Mercury in Cancer is all about the feelings, except in this case it’s about expressing them, speaking up and sharing the depths of our heart with the person whose name is written there.

Mercury in Cancer likes to say exactly why they love someone, how they love someone, and what they are hoping to grow and build with their partner. Mercury in Cancer doesn’t leave anything unsaid, and while sometimes it’s scary to speak up and express our truth, Mercury opposite Pluto supports nothing less.

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This transit is really highlighting the energy of Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus. This means that we have the emotional feelings of Cancer in combination with the earth signs Capricorn and Taurus that are responsible for building strong foundations and working toward goals. This really supports us in opening up to our partners and moving into a different type of intimacy and relationship during this time.

For many of us, the idea of opening up our hearts, even to the person that we love, is one of the most difficult things we can do because we have been hurt before, but we also have to realize that we can’t actually have a relationship without doing just that.

Together, the astrology of these four planetary bodies will affect all of our relationships in the coming days. Overall, there is going to be a push to look at, examine, and express our feelings.

This could be about a relationship beginning or even ending. It could deal with a relationship transitioning to a more serious, committed state after the sharing of feelings as well. But we have Uranus and Pluto in the mix too, which are seen as some of the most volatile, unpredictable, and change=orientated planets of the solar system.

So while we are going to be asked to express our feelings, we also have to buckle down and get ready for our lives to dramatically change. Sometimes we think of change being a slow moving situation in which we have to gradually see things move; however, in some situations it can happen in an instant. Especially in terms of love, all it takes is just one moment for our entire lives to change. This week, we are being given such a moment, we just need to stop thinking so much and instead just decide to take it.

There is a time and place for everything, or a reason for every season, and we’ve been through a lot this year so far. We’ve spent time diving to the depths of our souls, we’ve explored our truth, and now right before we begin the summer of eclipses, we have this transit that is so perfectly asking us to excavate the truth in our hearts and make long overdue changes to our lives so we can seize opportunities and move forward.

To be wary of change is natural. To hesitate or even doubt is normal, but what defines us isn’t the fact where we are afraid of being hurt again, but about what we do in spite of those feelings. This is the time of the year for all of us to embrace our truth and find the courage to truly embrace the freedom that comes from following our hearts. 

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