What It Means For Your Love Life When Neptune In Retrograde Happens This Week, Starting June 18th

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Neptune in retrograde
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Once the love is there everything else falls into place.

On June 18th, we will experience Neptune in retrograde in its home sign of Pisces. Neptune is an outer planet whose retrograde motions affect us differently than that of Mars or Mercury. What does this mean for your zodiac sign and future horoscopes?

In contract to the inner planets who spend only 7 or 9 percent of their time in retrograde motion, Neptune spends 43 percent of its time here so it doesn’t have the quick and obvious disruption that we can sometimes feel by these events in astrology. However, that doesn’t mean that these phases aren’t important or that this one in particular isn’t part of the grand astrological plan we will see play out over this summer season.

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Neptune is the planet that governs illusion, fantasy, spirituality, unconditional love, emotions, philosophy and of course magic. This planet is named after the God of the Sea, who used a trident in his ruling of the oceans. In mythology, the trident represented three: the idea of becoming, being and passing away.

The connection here is also made to mind, body and spirit, which are seen through the deep sense of unconditional love that this planet is known for.

Often it seems that Neptune gets a bad rap as  the aspect of illusion is highlighted in negative ways, but there are no true bad qualities of this planet or even its retrograde phases. Usually, during Neptune retrograde, we will find ourselves more quiet and contemplative; we are drawn inward to deeper thinking and usually find ourselves lifting the veil on something that we thought was true.

This can be a new realization about ourselves, a friendship, a work situation, or even a romantic relationship. But the veil doesn’t mean that something horrible happens, it only means that we became ready to see the truth of the situation.

The other aspect we can’t forget is that we are famous for overthinking and expecting the worst from situations and people, especially those of us who have been hurt before. So sometimes that veil being lifted is us seeing someone and their intentions for what they truly are and realizing they are so much better than we had thought.

All of that being said, this Neptune retrograde is very different than those we previously have seen. This retrograde is being blessed by the magic and benevolence of a Grand Trine between Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury; these planetary aspects create very balanced and fruitful energies that will be influencing the next few months for all of us.

In astrology, nothing can get quite as lucky as a Grand Trine, which is when the planets essentially form a triangle in the sky, creating the space for things is magic. But that’s the thing about Neptune: no matter how many other things may be going well, he ultimately needs love to be a part of that as well, otherwise nothing else is worth it.

During Neptune in retrograde, it’s less about finding the truth than deciding to live by it.

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This year has been an intense time for all of us, and since the start of it we’ve seen our closest relationships under the proverbial microscope, going through various tests and transitions to see if it is strong enough to evolve to the next level. Beginning in June and going through November, we will be asked to simply look around and decide if we are actively participating in our blessings or if we are unconsciously blocking them.

The beginning of this transit will bring good news and changes to our lives, specifically our love lives. We will be seeing things grow on a grand scale and likely much faster than we had previously planned for.

While at times planning for the future can seem overwhelming or scary, during this transit we will take pleasure in dreaming about the future because we will be seeing things develop in the best possible way. We won’t be clouded by our fears, doubts or even those things that had happened in the past. It’s almost as if this retrograde serves to sever us from the illusion of failure, of pain, and of things not working out.

This time period will show up differently for all of us, but the common thread is looking for and allowing the love to flow where it naturally wants to go. This means that we will spend less time fighting the truth in our hearts and more time enjoying the benefits of following it.

We will spend more time loving and less fearing, more time making plans for our future and less wondering if we will be hurt. We also will be drawn more into the spiritual realm which means that those relationships that develop around this time likely will have a deep mind-body-spirit connection.

During this time, we will feel compelled to go on a quest of some sort — this could be spiritual or also planning trips and traveling. There is also the strong likelihood of feeling more creative and intuitively connected, with psychic qualities surfacing around this time.

We will feel clearer about our romantic relationships and about what we want from life. We will feel ourselves unafraid at making plans and will see our partners with more certainty; elopements will likely be the most popular form of commitment during this time as well as moving in unexpectedly together as well.

The thing with Neptune is that once that veil lifts, we want to move fast, so while we may seemingly jump into what appears to be sudden decisions, they’ve been in the works for some time. We just need to open up our eyes and see things as they really are, because once the love is there, especially unconditional love, everything else just falls into place. 

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