How The Astrology Of May 25th Will Affect Your Love Life Majorly This Week

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How the astrology of May 25th will affect our love lives this week!
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Without hope, nothing is possible.

On May 25th, we will see two different astrology transits that will deeply affect not only how we move through our romantic relationships, but also how they will develop and grow from this point on. When we experience Jupiter trine Neptune and Mercury trine Pluto, each zodiac sign will see changes in their love horoscope.

In astrology, everything is connected, so while we could look at each of these transits separately, the truth is that they play off of one another, affecting how each will show up in our lives.

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The first aspect is Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter likes to make things larger than life, to bring faith and hope to even the most dismal of situations, and to bring luck to those who have done the hard work to deserve it. Neptune is the planet of fantasy, romance and spirituality, which in her home sign of Pisces is only heightened.

This aspect isn’t just looking for love, but for the fairytale or even just for forever. Nothing can compare to a Pisces in love and the same is true for when Neptune travels through this sign.

In astrology, a trine is when the planets are within 120 degrees of one another, which provides an air of harmony and cooperation; essentially they work together to bring out the best in one another. Together, these two planets are looking to make a big splash in our love lives. Not just a new date or a one-night stand, but the kind of splash that changes the landscape forever.

Because of the long-standing nature of these planets, it suggests that those relationships that will be most affected are those who have been involved for some time. This means that for all those who are dating or in a “situation,” we will be seeing some movement and sudden clarity around issues that have seemed to plague the relationship.

But as with everything, it’s connected to something else, so we are also dealing with the second aspect of Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury is the planet of communication and how we think about and address our thoughts in Taurus. So, not only are we feeling more grounded and stable, but we will also gravitate more toward discussions of family and commitment that are centered around our romantic relationships.

Pluto is the lord of all that which is hidden from plain sight; he rules over all that is just below the surface, which can be the catalyst for reconstruction of our lives through a rebirthing phase. In Capricorn, Pluto is asking us what needs to be put in place to build a solid foundation. He will be asking us what needs to be cleared, what we need to be say goodbye to, what has overstayed its welcome. But he will also ask us to look at what is working for us in our lives.

This dark planet doesn’t just take away to leave us with less, but instead, think of it as clearing the old, dead remnants of last year’s blooms from a garden so that we can see what is coming up new, what is now growing ready to flourish.

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In Capricorn, this planet likes to work, to get to the nitty gritty of things, and to really roll up his sleeves to get working on the heart of the matter. Together with Jupiter and Neptune, this points to something happening in our romantic lives.

It feels as if we’ve been stuck on something for a while, whether in a particular situation or with a certain issue. It seems that it wasn’t necessarily our partner or love interest but some external factor that it felt like we had little or no control over. It’s likely that we’ve tried everything in our capability to try and remedy or fix the situation, only to feel like everything was futile because it never seemed to amount to any sort of growth. All of that is about to change, however. 

Just a week ago, we saw Uranus move signs into Taurus, and with it the wheels of change were set into motion. But even the most dramatic of changes sometimes take a little bit to see fully manifested, and Jupiter trine Neptune and Mercury trine Pluto are a part of that.

What it breaks down to is that we’re ready now. We’re ready to look at what’s been below the surface all this time, and we’re ready to talk about it with our partners. We’re ready for love and we’re ready to let ourselves be hopeful that this time actually can be different; that we can achieve that fairytale kind of love, even if it looks like no story we ever have before seen. We are ready to have that big love, to make changes, and to move forward into our future.

How this will show up in our lives is through big change, or at the very least the beginning of what’s to come. The reality is that this is only the beginning of the drastic change that will occur between now and the summer months. During that time, it’s likely we’ll take a look around and realize that nothing is recognizable from only a few months ago or how we anticipated our lives would go.

During this transit, it’s best to lose our grip on fear, to let the planets inspire us to delve below the surface, and to be ready to take on some big aspects of communication all for the name of love — the kind of love that there is no going back from.

To take a risk is difficult and scary. We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all accumulated baggage, but just because it's gone wrong ten times doesn’t mean that it won’t go right the eleventh. We have to hope that things can be different or we’ll never truly be able to see a situation for what it is instead of what we’re afraid it will be.

Sometimes, we just have to realize that without hope, nothing is possible — including that great love.

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