How Venus Moving Into Cancer Will Bring Immense Change To Your Love Life On May 19th

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Venus moves into Cancer
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Home is more than just a place; it’s a feeling.

On May 19th, Venus moves into Cancer, bringing a welcomed change to all of our lives, particularly our love horoscope. In astrology, it’s Venus that often dictates our love lives, and when she struts her stuff through the heavens into different zodiac signs, how love shows up in our lives changes. 

Right now, she is finishing up her term in Gemini, which probably was a rockier time for most of us, because even if we didn’t stray from our relationship we felt torn in some way. Perhaps we weren’t sure if a particular person was the one that was meant for us, or maybe it was that we weren’t sure we were ready to commit to a relationship.

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Regardless of what we were struggling with, we weren’t in the place to take action because we weren’t sure which direction we wanted to go in. This year will go down as a game changer; it will be different and forever will serve as a time to mark a before and after — not just romantically but in our personal lives overall.

While it’s true that each year can change everything, there is something unique that is growing and building this year for each of us.

And now as we usher in Venus in Cancer, we also are nearing the midpoint of the year and with it the lessons that we have learned so far. During the first six months of this year we were asked to deal with the shadow side of our hearts; those aspects that perhaps we tried to hide, that were still healing, or even those parts that we knew needed to be set free.

We were challenged in the past few months, and though we were given opportunities for us to grow, we also were given chances to see just how far we’ve come and if given the chance, we’d slide back into what we were and how we had acted.

For many of us, we discovered that we hadn’t come as far as we had thought, and we still used our previous coping mechanisms to approach love and our ability to forge a level of intimacy with another. When this occurred, it felt like a setback, like we had seen what was on the other side of the wizard’s curtain, and we felt disillusioned asking ourselves: Can we really change? Can we really be different?

Questions that likely seemed to burn into our hearts as we spent sleepless nights under the stars questioning everything. Yet, now it’s a new month and with it a new chance to do things differently.

As Venus crosses the axis into sentimental and loving Cancer, we will see a shift within ourselves and our love lives. If Venus is the goddess that rules all things connected to love and beauty, then Cancer is where she calls home. She excels here, she’s comfortable here, and she’s also at home here, which is important because it’s these qualities that will be surfacing for all of us in the coming weeks.

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We’ve done enough experimenting, enough playing around, and now it’s time to get down to it. Sometimes it seems that we think these big life transitions will just occur without much work or planning on our part, so we mindlessly participate in the everyday, waiting for that pivotal moment in which everything just comes together. 

However, that is only an illusion. In truth, we need to work for and plan for what we want — not to stringently holdfast to the way something has to be but rather, to have a framework that we can build from.

Venus in Cancer wants us to look at what is most important to us. She wants us to think about the person in our life that we can’t go without, that forever has changed our life knowing that we don’t want to go back to that before they were there reality.

When Venus moves into Cancer, things will become crystal clear! She’s going to show you exactly where you want to be and with whom. She’s going to show you what your own truth is and then will light the path in order to begin living it.

Venus in Cancer wants a home, a family, and something that is so stable and grounding she never has to fear losing it. She wants to get married, to share lives, even homes, and ultimately to enter into the kind of partnership that radiates not only warmth and love but also feels like home.

During this transit, we can expect some big changes, especially with Uranus having just moved into Taurus, shocking us awake with whatever new reality this transit has evoked within us. This means that our relationships will be changing and likely will be getting much more serious.

During the winter months, there was a wave of engagements and during the next 6 to 8 weeks, there likely will be another. From now until early July, we will likely see couples wanting to commit to one another, not out of obligation but by the sheer excitement of being able to spend the rest of their lives with the one person in the world who makes life that much better.

We also are likely to see living arrangements change, whether it’s to full-time living together or the part-time option, which seems to be gaining popularity among younger generations in which couples live together during the weekends, enabling them to have their shared couple time but also still have their independence and freedom as well.

Although pregnancy announcements aren’t as likely during this transit, it still is possible, especially if it’s truly an act of both people loving one another more deeply and feeling strongly connected to one another.

Ultimately, change isn’t only on the way for our relationships. It’s knocking at the door, reminding us all that home is not just a place but a feeling. 

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