How The Mars-Uranus Square Will Affect Your Love Life This Week, Starting May 16th

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Mars square Uranus
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Life is about finding someone who understands your flavor of different.

On May 16th, the zodiac signs will witness Mars square Uranus — with Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus — igniting our sexual desires and giving us a burning need to follow through on what it is that we most want from love.

In astrology, a square is when planets are within 90 degrees of one another, which can sometimes act as a tug of war or kerosene on a fire. We can’t always view squares as negative aspects because at times we need to feel the force of energies in order to inspire us in a new direction.

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Sometimes it’s the force of the pressure that enables us stand up and make changes, to feel that things have reached a point of no return and that we are being called to act. It’s easy to ignore how life moves and to sometimes feel like where we are at the moment is where we will always be. Yet the only thing that is a given in this life is that nothing remains the same.

We are constantly shifting, moving and evolving from who we were to the people that we were born to be. While this may sound much larger than a simple transit between two planets, the reason this aspect will be magnified is that Uranus will have just shifted into a new sign after spending the past seven years in Aries.

Whenever a planet changes signs, it upsets and highlights what will be our focus moving forward. But because Uranus is considered to be the great awakener and change agent, it’s magnified to the point that we can’t ignore it.

Mars is a red-hot planet. It’s the planet of fire, ambition, desire, motivation, action and sexual desires. In Aquarius, Mars likes to do things a bit differently and A bit freer; it’s almost as if Mars going full speed ahead, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks or says.

Because of the influence of Venus that we will see around this time, Mars’ focus will be more sexual in nature with this aspect than purely career or social motivation. Often, it seems we as a society walk a fine line with our sexuality between feeling the freedom to sleep with whoever we want but also saying that it’s a special something we engage in with the person we love.

Mars gets confused by this mainly because, while he loves sex, he enjoys it most when it’s with a true partner and not a casual tryst. So, Mars isn’t just looking to get down with the nearest and most willing during this transit; instead, he has his eyes set on the one who is a true partner outside of the bedroom, the person we have already let ourselves be naked emotionally or mentally with.

While Mars is all about passion, desire and hot sex, he’s also about connection through depth, not shallow interactions. Because of this, those who are in more serious or committed relationships may feel this transit more strongly.

However, if unattached, Mars will be affecting everyone by asking us to refocus on what we truly want — not just in terms of sex, but also in terms of love as well. The questions that we could feel ourselves asking are: If we’re not only happy in a given situation but also satisfied, are our needs being met? Are we being inspired? Can we be open with our partner sexually?

Through the honest answers of these questions, we will get a better idea of who we are and the type of relationship that will fit our needs most comprehensively.

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There is another side to this though, and it's that in Aquarius, Mars is likely to encourage us to act our fantasies out a bit, to take a walk on the wild side, and to try different types of sex, different positions and even introduce various toys or props into our sexual escapades. This is also why Mars tends to want a committed partner in order to engage sexually with, because that is the only time he can truly express himself sexually.

But this is a square, so that means there is another planet in the mix and this is the agent of change, the big kahuna, throwing a wrench into even the most well thought out of plans. Uranus will just newly be in the sign of Taurus, a sign that governs family, sensuality and home life. Taurus likes to stay at home with a good book, or to take a bubble bath with the one that they love. They like backyard BBQs and freshly mowed grass under their feet, sunsets and bonfires all cuddled up under a starry sky.

Together, this means that we are likely to see big changes in where we call home, who we call family and that likely, sexuality or a very strong sexual connection is part of the situation. When we see Mars square Uranus, these two planets will want to blast us awake, to own who we are, and to stand up for those we truly love. They want us to be true to ourselves and make the commitment that will ultimately set us free.

These two planets want to remind us that sex and love can be the best of friends, that we can have passion and purpose, excitement and stability, and that we settle for what we think we can get when it is possible for us to have it all, which includes amazing sex.

Part of life is to learn who we are so that we can live more truthful in our purpose, to not be afraid to own who we are, and to pursue a life that sets our hearts on fire. These two planets will come together and inspire us to not only embrace all that we are, but also recognize that really life becomes a whole lot more exciting once we find someone who understands our flavor of different. 

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