Personality Types Who Make Great Boyfriends, Ranked From Best To Worst

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How can you tell if a man will be a good boyfriend? Which qualities should you look for in a guy to determine this?

Sure, a good-looking guy can make your heart skip a beat and attraction is important in relationships. However, a man's personality is what's really the most significant thing to pay attention to in potential partners, especially when you're looking for a long-term relationship.

Does he care about the world and other people? Does logic always go into his decision-making or does he think more with his heart? Is he adaptable and open to new situations and changes? These questions may seem a little intense, but it's crucial to know things like this before committing to a relationship.

The Myers-Briggs personality types can be a great starting point.

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Personality types are pretty spot-on when it comes to figuring out how people deal with life, in general, including relationships. The MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) can help to decipher which personality types tend to have more desirable traits for a possible romantic partner.

Here are the Myers-Briggs personality types that make the best (and not so great) boyfriends.

1. INFJ​​

Men with the INFJ personality type are looking for the real deal. And we mean it all: commitment, marriage, and a future together. They take their romantic relationships very seriously and only have interest in ones that are long-term.

They don't do casual relationships; rather, they're looking for soulmates. They desire connection and depth in their partnerships.

This type values honest, unconditional love, and has no time for anything else. Making sure their partners are happy and safe is everything to them. With an INFJ, your love will be the forever kind — the kind of guy you'll be bragging about, even in your golden years.


If you want a man who knows how and when to have fun, but also knows the importance of couple time, the ESTJ type is for you. With this personality type, you'll find stable, trustworthy men who believe that all relationships should be loving and equal with just the right amount of fun sprinkled in.

And that sounds like pretty perfect boyfriend goals.


You'll be hard-pressed to find a man more supportive than an ESFJ type. They love to encourage and give to their partners on a regular basis.

This personality is known for going into romantic relationships with an abundance of enthusiasm and hope for the future. They like to work on and build their relationships, so you can guarantee that no matter what stage of the relationship you're in with an ESFJ, it'll only keep getting better and stronger.

4. INTJ​​

Who can resist a man who knows what he wants and goes for it? This pretty much sums up the INTJ personality type.

They're great at visualizing, which includes the ability to visualize their future and what they want from a relationship. INTJs are in this for the long-term and they'll have no problem showing their absolute devotion to you — and only you.

Similar to INFJ, this type believes in soulmates and compatibility. And nothing is more important to them than to make sure your bond is one full of a life of happiness, honesty, and a line of open communication. They're also willing to push themselves to be the best they can be in order to guarantee that the relationship always stays this way, even if they may need a little help in doing so.

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ENFPs will go into a relationship with his heart wide open. ENFP personalities are exciting and passionate, especially when it comes to romantic pursuits.

This type is characterized by their unwavering devotion, which is definitely worthy of a few swoons. However, there are downsides that come with their eagerness of being in a relationship.

Their excitement tends to manifest in the form of almost suffocating their new love interest with affection. And if their affection isn't reciprocated, it can end up taking a hit to their self-esteem. This can all be very overwhelming to people who aren't familiar with the ENFP personality type.


The ISFJ type is notoriously introverted, so it may take some time for him to come out of his shell and open up to you. But just because he isn't the loudest guy in the room, it doesn't mean he should be overlooked. It's quite the opposite, actually.

Deep down, he's really a hopeless romantic who can't wait to have a lasting, loving relationship. ISFJs have very strong emotions hidden under their quiet exteriors and in time will be willing to show them all to you. This type requires a lot of patience, which could eventually become tiring when trying to grow your romantic relationship.


If you like a man with a little mystery, the ISFP personality type is for you. ISFPs can be reserved, but are also caring, sensitive, and loyal — all positive qualities for a boyfriend. They love spending time with their partners and making them happy. However, approaching the subject of commitment will be a tricky one.

This type prefers to live in the moment and will often shy away from any talks about long-term planning. This can become frustrating, especially if you're wanting to move the relationship forward.


He wants to be in a loving, committed relationship and really wants to make you happy — almost to the point of being obsessive about it.

The ENFJ type can't stand conflict and will avoid it at any cost, even if it means not being honest about their own opinions. This can lead to some big issues down the road since problems will often remain unsolved.

This personality type has many good, dependable qualities that you'd want in a boyfriend, but they do have the tendency to let the thought of losing their partner get in the way of building a stable, lasting relationship.

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He's the old-fashioned type, preferring a solid connection to a potential partner instead of a casual liaison. ISTJ types can be stiff in their ways and prefer function over having fun.

They're very traditional, conservative people who won't have time for anyone who isn't 100% committed to them. And they'll always show you that same commitment.

However, they lack the spontaneous side that makes lasting relationships healthy and could be a problem in maintaining it for the long-term, since they're rarely willing to change anything about the relationship to help it grow.

10. ISTP

This personality type doesn't do the "head over heels" whirlwind romance thing. Rather, the ISTP type requires their own space and can be wishy-washy when it comes to real relationships.

They're always off looking for some new, fresh adventure and don't like the idea of being "tied down." These are not the best qualities in a potential partner.

11. ESFP

ESFP types are free-spirited and fun, which is a great quality in a relationship, especially when things are still new and you're getting to know each other. Unfortunately, ESFPs are notorious for jumping from relationship to relationship.

They're a blast to date, but don't expect anything long-term with them.

12. INTP

The INTP type has problems with satisfying their partner's emotional needs. He's passionate and romantic but has a hard time communicating it.

He often internalizes his romantic notions but is too timid to actually state them out loud and go through with them. His shyness may seem cute at first but will end up disappointing later on in the relationship.

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13. ENTP

The ENTP type is creative and intellectual. You'll never have a shortage of interesting topics to discuss. But ENTPs are constantly looking to improve everything, from their own lives to their relationships. And they'll do this even at the expense of their partner's feelings.

It may start to feel more like a class where you're always being graded instead of a relationship. You want a partner, not a teacher.

14. INFP

This type has a rather strange approach to relationships. Men with the INFP type are big dreamers and often get caught up in searching for the elusive "perfect" relationship.

They can have a hard time separating fantasy from reality and aren't willing to commit themselves to a partner until they've deemed them to be worthy of that ideal pedestal they've created in their minds. In other words, it's probably in your best interest to let these guys keep living in their fantasy worlds and stay away from them.

15. ENTJ

This type isn't the best at sensing emotions and can be controlling, which easily leads to the demise of most of their relationships.

The INTJ type takes their partnerships seriously and wants commitment, an essential quality in a romantic relationship; however, their dominating side often outweighs these qualities.

16. ESTP

You can think of the ESTP type as the typical bad boy. He's popular, charming, and fun to date, but he's also a total player, which won't sit well with anyone trying to begin a committed relationship.

This personality type is thrill-seeking and cares more about the thrill of the chase rather than the actual relationship. Needless to say, he doesn't make a great boyfriend.

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