People With The Rarest Personality Type Share 15 Specific Traits

INFJs are a rare gem.

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Do you feel like you are different from everyone you know? If so, don't worry because there's nothing wrong with you.

The Myers-Briggs system classifies the different types of personality types that can be found. It was developed by two psychologists, Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, using Carl Jung's psychoanalytic theories.

The system is broken down into 4 different categories — extroversion/introversion, intuition/sensing, thinking/feeling, and perceiving/judging — which are then assigned to each of the 16 personality types.


And the INFJ Myers-Briggs personality type is the rarest of them all.

INFJ Meaning

INFJ stands for Introversion, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Judging. INFJ is the rarest personality type.

The INFJ personality type prefers to spend time by themselves, are idealistic, make decisions based on their emotions and merit, and are organized planners. INFJs are referred to as the Advocate, the Counselor, or the Insightful Visionary.

Whether it's their persistence and ambition to accomplish their goals, or their desire to form deep, lasting connections with others, INFJs have very unique characteristics that set them apart from everyone else.


These diamonds in the rough are a real treasure, so if you find this type of person in your life, never let them go.

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Positive & Negative INFJ Personality Traits

1. Creative

INFJs are creative souls who prefer to write rather than speak. They aren't big talkers unless absolutely necessary, and find peace in writing because it allows them the creativity to express their thoughts.


2. Overthinker

INFJs are the ultimate overthinker. They can't let a social situation just play out; instead, they have to go over it in their head a million times before they can feel secure. And they almost never feel secure.

3. Inflexible

People with an INFJ personality have an all-or-nothing mentality. It's always quality over quantity for them. INFJs will never settle and believe that if you aren't capable of giving your absolute best, you shouldn't start doing it in the first place.

4. Hesitant

INFJs have trouble putting thoughts into words. Their thoughts are often so complex and jumbled that it's hard to figure out what exactly they want to say.

5. Loner

INFJs are considered loners who can often be found wandering the park alone or drinking coffee by themselves at a cafe. However, don't assume they are lonely; they choose to isolate themselves from the world in order to get in touch with their inner self and organize their thoughts.


6. Adaptable

INFJs can fit in anywhere. At the end of the day, they are extremely flexible people who can fit in with just about any crowd. They have no problem using this to their advantage.

7. Sensitive

The word empath perfectly describes the INFJs of the world. They are unbelievably caring and generous people, and will go out of their way to help those in need.

They think about what life would be like in other people's shoes. This is what makes them so sensitive to the feelings of others. They would never intentionally hurt someone.

8. Selective

INFJs prefer the comfort of their own home and they value their privacy. They would much rather be alone than surrounded by bad company.


They are very selective of who they surround themselves with. They only want to hang out with people who share the same values as they do and also respect their time to recharge.

9. Truth-seeking

INFJs are fascinated by the mysteries of our universe. They could spend the entire night just watching the stars drift by.

They aren't interested in ordinary things like who won this week's sports game. Instead, they prefer to delve deep into the true nature of things. Be prepared for some heavy conversations with an INFJ.

10. Intuitive

INFJs can easily sense when something isn't right. This is one of their most important characteristics. Not only do they have a deep sense of intuition, but they listen to their gut feelings.


While most people ignore these feelings, INFJs have a keen sense of what is happening in their life. Their gut is almost never wrong.

11. Hardworking

You will never meet a lazy INFJ. When it comes to working, these people are constantly trying to achieve their goals. They quickly learned that in life, nothing comes for free. They constantly give 100 percent of themselves to the task at hand.

12. Mindful

INFJs are conscious of the future and do not obsess over the small trivialities of life. They tend to focus on the bigger picture and only care about the truly important things in life.

They face challenges head-on and do not get discouraged when things do not go their way. Instead of getting upset, this only motivates them more.


13. Analytical

People with an INFJ personality can solve problems. If someone needs a quick solution to a problem or reliable insight, an INFJ is just the person to ask. They are excellent at sorting things out and are usually right most of the time, too.

14. Moody

INFJs might seem contradictory at times. They can go from happy to sad in a heartbeat. Their emotions are constantly changing, which can make them especially difficult to keep track of.

15. Emotionally intelligent

This skill comes from their deep emotional intelligence. They can see right through people's words and actions, and identify a manipulator very quickly. They use this trait to protect themselves by removing those negative people from their lives.

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INFJ Compatibility & Relationships

When it comes to INFJ compatibility, these individuals strive for forming close relationships that are based on empathy and emotion. While they initially come off as a bit mysterious, they will eventually open up to people they care for.

In their romantic relationships, INFJs place a great deal of emphasis on making sure their partners are taken care of. Using both an emotional and logical perspective, INFJs do what they can to maintain balance and harmony.

However, INFJs may find it difficult to openly express their feelings, and because they spend their energy on ensuring their romantic partner's happiness, they may neglect their own needs.

INFJ is most compatible with ENTP and ENFP personalities.


Best Career For INFJ Personality

INFJs not only strive for harmony in their own relationships, but in the lives of others as well. This means they do well in careers that are focused on improving the lives of other people.

INFJs also thrive in careers that let them express their creativity and adhere to the high standards they set for themselves.

Though they want to do good in the world, because of their introversion, INFJs prefer to work alone, making it harder for them to find themselves in leadership positions. But despite this, they do tend to do well working alongside their coworkers, as they can see the bigger picture at hand.


These advocate personalities would do best in careers like teaching, counseling, social work, writing, acting, psychology, or photography.

Tips For Relating To An INFJ Personality Type

1. Be understanding of their boundaries.

At first, INFJs may come off as secretive and won't initially open up until they are sure you can be trusted. This requires a high level of understanding on the part of the people wanting to get to know them.

It's important to respect their boundaries, give them time to be more vulnerable, and try to understand where they are coming from.

2. Be respectful of their alone time.

Because they are so intuitive and empathic, INFJs can become overwhelmed by their emotions. This is why they find alone time so incredibly important!


Don't take it personally if an INFJ would rather spend time at home by themselves; instead, try to realize that being alone means they have time to recharge their energy.

3. Allow their creativity to flourish.

Rather than trying to stifle their level of creativity, encourage them to express themselves in whatever way they prefer. Whether it's writing, painting, or just embracing their intuitive nature, these strengths are important to them.

Famous People With INFJ Personalities

  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Mother Teresa
  • Maya Angelou
  • Steve Jobs
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Gandhi
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Bill Gates
  • Serena Williams
  • Barack Obama

Why is INFJ the rarest personality type?

INFJ is the rarest personality type, making up only 2% of the general population! Of that 2%, men make up only 1%, making INFJ the rarest personality type for men, specifically. INFJ is also the third least common personality type for women.

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