People With The Most Logical Personality Type Share These 10 Dark Traits

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Everyone, no matter their personality type, has strengths and weaknesses. There are things about each of them that we admire a great deal, and others that are very unsavory.

There are a number of personality tests at our disposal. Myers-Briggs is one of the most well-known, categorizing people into 1 of 16 personality types.

One of them is the ISTJ personality type, also known as the Logistician due to their tendency to be very logical.

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The ISTJ personality type is calm and practical, usually doing what makes the most sense and is reasonable. They have a strong sense of what it means to do the right thing and always adhere to the rules.

People with ISTJ personalities are honest, transparent, direct, and have no problem expressing their point of view. Expect ISTJs to be a wealth of knowledge, skilled in many areas.

But it is important to consider ISTJ's strengths and weaknesses because, like every other type of personality, ISTJs have a dark side that they would prefer to keep in the shadows.

10 Dark Traits of the ISTJ Personality Type

1. Insensitive

ISTJs don’t do well at tiptoeing around other people’s feelings. They have trouble reading the room and predicting whether or not their words can be offensive to others.

Because they are straight shooters, ISTJs rarely consider the emotional impact on those around them. They are not naturally sensitive so, unless they become aware of their problematic behavior, it will continue.

2. Rigid

One of the worst ISTJ personality traits is their tendency to be rigid and inflexible. ISTJs feel that rules are made to be followed strictly without deviation.

This can become a problem when a situation requires them to be agile and spontaneous. They do not do well under circumstances where there is a gray area. ISTJs live in black and white.

3. Judgmental

If ISTJs are stressed out, their first instinct is to pass blame, judging others for their failures and flaws. In their minds, there is a right and a wrong way to do things and, of course, their way is always right.

ISTJs believe they know more than others and are quick to correct them when their "mediocre mind" starts to get bright ideas of its own. This is especially true in overwhelming situations.

4. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none

Being knowledgeable is a great thing. If you find a few areas where you are the subject matter expert, consider yourself lucky.

ISTJs know a lot about many things, so they try to stick their nose in everything they can. It is important that they realize they do not know everything and allow themselves to be open to others who may have more expertise.

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5. Stubborn

If you want to change an ISTJ’s mind about something they have already decided on, you are wasting your time. It is their way or the highway and their desire to be right far outweighs their deep sense of logic.

Everything they do is correct in their mind because they are well-versed in the rules and cannot bend when necessary. This can often lead to mistakes that could have been avoided long-term.

6. Self-critical

The downside to the inability to flex is the guilt that ISTJs feel when things don’t pan out. They pride themselves in making educated, reasonable decisions, and when they fail they really get down on themselves.

ISTJs have high expectations for themselves and take things personally when they make human mistakes. They might be bombarded by feelings of failure and humiliation that are unwarranted.

7. Inflexible

People with an ISTJ personality type love the status quo. They are keen on traditions and cultural norms and do all they can to make sure the things they are familiar with go unchanged.

ISTJs are skeptical of new ways of doing things and live by the motto "if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it." Creativity and thinking outside the box are not their strong suits.

8. Socially awkward

Interpersonally, expect ISTJs to come across as abrasive, awkward, or tactless at times. They would rather be truthful than considerate.

Diplomacy is not a strength, so ISTJs really struggle with making people feel comfortable. Because of this, they might have trouble forming bonds in the workplace or social circles.

9. Self-neglectful

ISTJs pride themselves on being responsible, even at the cost of their own wellbeing. The duties of work and a lifetime of professional learning can bog them down, leaving little time to recharge their own battery.

There is a hierarchy of importance in an ISTJ's life and investing time in things that might truly feed their souls is at the very bottom.

10. Lack of personal development

Like self-care, ISTJs sideline personal development as well. Part of this is because they have no idea that there is any internal work to be done.

It is difficult for ISTJs to see themselves through the eyes of others. They simply keep plugging away, crossing off goal after goal with none of them contributing to their growth as a person.

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