What Type Of Wife You'll Be, According To Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

What will you be like when you get married?

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We all dream of what kind of wife we’ll be one day. Maybe you want to be that mom with the perfect husband while your kids are the best-behaved tots on the block. Or maybe you're more of the adventurous type — always posting about new, fabulous vacations you and the hubs go on. 

Or maybe you'd rather be part of a power couple — those people who celebrate their new promotions or clients together once a month. Or you crave to be that affectionate wife who always seems to be engaged in some sort of PDA.


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Well, if you take a look at your Meyers Briggs personality traits (you can take the test here!), your results can point you in the direction of the type of wife you're most likely to become.

Here is what type of wife you'll be, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type:

The traditional wife:

ENFJ: You’re a long-term kinda girl, casual dating, as a rule, is a no — so you make the perfect type of person who'd love to stay and take care of life at home. You’re devoted to your spouse and to your family. It also helps that you're a natural teacher and mother.


ISFJ: You want that storybook romance, the perfect happy family, and white picket fence life. You crave perfection and idealism in your life and have the kind of drive to make it happen!

ESFJ: You are a devoted spouse and mom, you have a natural ability and desire to help others which makes your motherly and wifely duties a breeze.

The adventurous wife:

ENFP: You enjoy dating, the thrill of the chase, and having fun with your partner and you’ll carry that on into your marriage. Your love for competition and adventure makes every day something new and fun!

ESTP: You’re adventurous by nature, and your unpredictable personality is made for new and thrilling things. You and your significant other are ready for excitement in any form.


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ENTP: Once you're done playing the field and are ready to settle down with the right person you want to keep it fresh, you love a challenge and enjoy the thrill with your partner.

INTJ: You are a heavy commitment kind of girl, there's no going in halfway it’s all or nothing for you. Your natural problem-solving abilities make you a super fun date night companion who’s always on the ball.

ESFP: You are a social butterfly you love to go out and have fun, and you are always the center of attention. When it comes to your marriage every day is a party.

ISFP: You are a thrill seeker, you love a challenge and you’re an adventurer at heart. You have a deep connection with your partner and love to go out and face the world together.


The influential wife:

ESTJ: You are a committed partner and won't accept anything less than that from your significant other when you find someone whose interests and priorities align with yours you will be an unstoppable power couple demolishing goals and living your best lives.

ISTP: Your high standards mean that when you do finally find a partner they'll be a real winner when you have the same goals and aspirations you two can accomplish anything.

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INTP: Your serious straightforward attitude makes you one intimidating gal, but once you find someone who isn't afraid of that big brain of yours you two can take on the world. After all, if they can handle a girl like you they've gotta be pretty tough.


ENTJ: Your high-efficiency attitude and energetic spirit is one that demands a partner that's on your level. Your confidence and driven attitude make you one heck of a go-getter and only a partner with those same qualities will be able to keep up with you.

The affectionate wife:

INFP: You need someone who's like you, and that you can bond with, once you find a partner who clicks with you, you’ll be inseparable. You're passionate by nature so your marriage is sure to be full of romance and love.

INFJ: You're a serious woman, you prefer commitment over casual and will fully devote yourself to your relationship. You’re passionate and enjoy a close relationship, you're determined to make it work together.


ISTJ: You are looking for stability and a long-term relationship. You are very serious about love and marriage you hate casual dating and will devote yourself to your partner completely.

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