If You Have These 13 Characteristics, You Belong To The Most Carefree Personality Type

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13 Signs You Are An ISFP

Once in a while, you’ll meet someone who just radiates amazing vibes, even though they don’t say much. They are the ones who tend to be the kindest people out there and typically are seen as natural parents. They’re relaxed, carefree, and have a quietly artistic vibe to them.

For the Myers-Briggs types, the ISFP personality has some of the most mellow people out there. ISFP stands for Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Perception — the four traits and personality patterns that make these quiet people so amazingly fun to be with. They are the quiet friend everyone needs, and often remain some of the best spouses you can get, too.

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Wondering if you’re an ISFP, or if the person you’re dating is one? These signs suggest your suspicions might be right, and that you are one of the kindest, quiet people you’ll ever meet.

1. You’re an empath.

If nothing else, ISFPs are incredibly empathetic people who have little problem putting themselves in other peoples’ shoes. They are soft, gentle folks who often will be sympathetic to others, even when the sympathy is not necessarily deserved.

2. You both love and hate hanging out with people.

ISFPs place a high value on people, but also get drained by being around them for too long. They love having friends, but can’t handle too much time out. As a result, people of the ISFP personality type have a tendency to love people as long as they are at a distance.

3. People typically call you the “quiet one” of the group.



Though they always find a way to make a statement, ISFPs are typically very quiet. Quiet doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to say; it means that they would rather just chill out.

4. “Live and let live” is your motto.

ISFPs are not control freaks by any means of the word. Rather, they love the idea of letting each person live life the way they want to. They’re chill like that.

5. People regularly call you up when they’re stressed, simply because you’re so mellow.

Though it isn’t totally impossible, it’s exceedingly rare that you’ll see ISFPs have panic attacks or get easily stressed out. They are notoriously relaxed people who typically only get stressed under extreme circumstances or if someone around them is stressed. If they see a stressed person, ISFPs tend to do what they can to make them relax.

6. You have an artistic side to you.

Few personalities in the Myers-Briggs types are as adept at being creative as ISFPs. That’s why a lot of ISFPs make a living in arts like graphic design, painting, pottery, and video editing.

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7. People have told you that you have a “summer hippie” vibe to you.

In many ways, ISFPs are the perfect example of a hippie personality type. They are kind, gentle people who are known for having open minds, open hearts, and free spirits. Even if they’re quiet, their mellow and loving vibes are hard to miss.

8. You’re often very shy around people you like.

ISFPs are introverts, yes, but they also have a slight tendency to have a shy streak about them. If you blush around your crush, have a hard time figuring out what to say around them, and fumble over your words, you might be a shyer ISFP.

9. You often struggle with all the thoughts and emotions in your head.

ISFPs are the physical embodiment of the phrase, “Still waters run deep.” They often have floods of thoughts and emotions that can be confusing, upsetting, or downright strange.

As a result, they tend to struggle with themselves when it comes to figuring out whether they should listen to the words and feelings that go through their minds every moment. All this struggle never seems to really show on the surface, though, so most would never guess it.

10. People often ask if you have ADD or ADHD.

Attention spans are not something that ISFPs are known for having. They tend to be easily distracted and might even have been written up in school for being unwilling to pay attention.

11. Criticism and threatening your values are the easiest way to shut you down.

ISFPs do not take well to criticism, nor do they fare any better when it comes to people threatening their values. As sensitive souls, ISFPs tend to need a lot of encouragement — and if they’re criticized, it cuts them like a knife.

12. You are really, really influenced by your surroundings.

If you’re an ISFP, your environment matters way more than you want to admit. A place that’s too noisy, too quiet, or even just doesn’t have the right kind of people will immediately throw you off. As a result, environment tends to be one of the key things ISFPs should look for when they are trying to seek out jobs.

13. Romantically, you often end up in relationships that don’t make sense to you.

ISFPs frequently will find themselves in relationships with bad people, wondering how they got there. More often than not, it’s their idealistic nature and desire to give others a chance that gets them there. That’s why ISFPs are often called the “hopeless romantics” of the Myers-Briggs world.

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