People With The Shyest, Most Loyal Personality Type Share 11 Specific Traits

The ISFJ is quiet, but the most loyal person you'll ever meet.

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Most of us have a friend who is quiet and maybe a bit awkward at times, but who has always proven they were the most caring, loving person. These people are gems who often end up working in the healthcare field, or end up being the “rock” we all need in life.

The Myers-Briggs personality types are categorized into specific groupings, all based on the main personality traits they own. In the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), this loyal but shy individual is known as the ISFJ personality type.


ISFJ Meaning

ISFJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging; these traits combine to create a personality that enjoys alone time, is fact-oriented, makes decisions based on emotions, and highly values an organized approach to life.

Known as the “Defender” or "Protector," this Myers-Briggs group is made of truly altruistic people. ISFJ types are loyal, practical, sensitive, compassionate, dependable, and have a desire to serve others for the greater good of humanity.

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Grounded and committed in all aspects of life, the ISFJ individual is often seen as a caretaker that others choose to rely on. But they are also hard workers who prefer to be more "behind the scenes" rather than in the spotlight.

However, this personality type is often stuck in their ways and are adverse to change. Because they are introverted, they steer clear of confrontation at all costs, and due to their giving nature, they often find their own needs put to the wayside.

Though they are empathetic to the needs of others, they sometimes come off as a bit conservative when meeting new people. They don't open up easily, and because they are so good-hearted, leave themselves vulnerable to being taken advantage of by others.

Positive & Negative ISFJ Personality Traits

1. Aloof

Though ISFJs are very kind, loving people, most individuals assume they are stoic loners. In fact, most people tend to assume they just don’t like others, primarily because they are more into being alone than they are being around people.


However, this isn’t true. ISFJs tend to be very emotional, but that’s all underneath the surface. Heartbreak hits this personality type harder, but then again, so do the good sides of love.

2. Quiet

ISFJs have a hard time actually making conversation with people in social situations. They are also much more likely to want to listen than talk. This personality type boasts the quietest folks around.

3. Conscientious

When it comes to friends, quality is more important than quantity for ISFJs. While most people are snapping up a bunch of friends on Instagram, that kind of stuff never really appeals to them.

They feel comfortable with a small group of friends, but of those friends, ISFJ knows they will always be around.


4. Loyal

Should someone hurt a friend or a loved one, ISFJs will end up making them regret it. An ISFJ is the best friend to have when someone has done you wrong. They often will end up defending their friends from bad people, despite hating confrontation.

5. Non-superficial

Looks don’t really matter much to the ISFJ. They are way more into a person’s personality than anything else. This is because ISFJ tends to focus on the big picture rather than the small picture.

6. Reliable

ISFJs often daydream about saving the day. They are natural problem-solvers and often are the ones people go to when they want reliability. This is true when they’re dating or when they’re on the job.

7. Unpredictable

ISFJs are known for being reliable, but only up to a point. The problem with them is that they can be very moody and broody, which, in turn, can make them very unpredictable in relationships.


This tends to be their downfall. An impulsive ISFJ can easily burn all their bridges in a single night.

8. Altruistic

ISFJs put others before themselves all the time and feel happiest when helping others. This is why a lot of ISFJs tend to gravitate toward careers in health, education, environmental science, and social work. They really want to make a difference — and often do.

9. Emotional

Angry ISFJs will unleash verbal attacks that they later regret, simply because they don’t know how to handle their own emotions when they’re brought to the brink of anger. Sometimes, ISFJs may take an equally cutting tactic by stonewalling the person they argue with.

10. Easily influenced

Because of their good nature and tendency to “take the higher ground,” ISFJs are infamous for being taken advantage of. Thankfully, they quickly become observant and guarded when it comes to their attention and affection, and are known for leaving bad relationships quickly as a result.


11. Shy

Shyness is the calling card of the ISFJ, who much prefers to stay at home doing things they enjoy. But don't let their shyness fool you — they are the most caring, loyal individuals you can meet.

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ISFJ Compatibility & Relationships

With the right partner, an ISFJ can quickly become a knight in shining armor, or the loving partner that people often assume don’t exist.

They are, by nature, very sensitive and good-natured people who are hard to upset and are extremely empathetic towards others. They give great gifts, love to pamper their partners, and always do what they can to be a “hero.”


However, the problem with ISFJs is that they tend to be shy to the point that they don’t know how to approach people they like. They also may be a bit impulsive, moody, and awkward at times, which can make them bad at having a confrontation or argument.

Needless to say, ISFJs are known for their unpredictable behavior because they don’t know how to handle their emotions well enough. But overall, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that ISFJs may have to work on themselves and come out of their shell when they want to find their perfect match. The good news is that, once they tackle their shyness and broodiness, they will be the best partner.

The best matches for ISFJ include the ISFP, ISTJ, and ESFP Myers-Briggs types.


Best Career For ISFJ Personality

ISFJs are driven by their desire to help others, and use their strong people skills to their advantage in their careers. They are reliable, structured, and have a strong attention to detail; their strong work ethic means they are committed to putting their all into projects.

Because of their meticulous nature, ISFJs prefer to work behind the scenes instead of receiving praise or the spotlight from their coworkers or boss. They crave order in the workplace, and tend to do well in jobs where they can not only help others, but are centered on planning, clear expectations, and practicality.

ISFJs thrive in careers like administration, counseling, nursing, education, social work, or healthcare. The perfect job for them could be as an accountant, office manager, medical assistant, pharmacist, librarian, teacher, or childcare worker.

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Tips For Relating To An ISFJ Personality Type

1. Choose a low-key activity.

ISFJs are introverted, so a night on the town isn't exactly their cup of tea. When trying to connect with them, stick to easygoing activities, like drawing and painting, nature walks, or watching a television show or movie.

ISFJs tend to take on a lot, especially with their hard-working nature, which can leave them emotionally drained. Take them far from their workaholic tendencies, focusing on something that can distract them from the hustle and bustle of their jobs.

2. Keep things conflict-free.

ISFJs are incredibly shy and introverted individuals, and make it a point in life to stay far away from conflict. They crave stability and organization, so if you are looking to relate to them, make sure you aren't a spontaneous, unpredictable type of person. That's a huge turn-off for them.


They are easily overwhelmed, so be aware that every situation must be approached from a compassionate, gentle place. If they feel too vulnerable, they will close themself off and become quite irritated.

3. Be honest and open.

Though ISFJs aren't an open book until you get to know them, they appreciate candor. They certainly won't appreciate it if you play games with them or put their emotions through a loop.

Being open and honest with them will make ISFJ feel much more comfortable revealing information to you and telling you about themselves.

Famous People With ISFJ Personalities

  • Kate Middleton
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Barack Obama
  • George Clooney
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Beyoncé
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Nelson Mandela

Is ISFJ a rare personality?

The ISFJ is actually the most common personality type! ISFJs make up 14% of the general population, 8% of men, and 19% of women.


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