People With The Most Entertaining Personality Type Share 11 Specific Traits

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In every group of people out there, you’ll find that one person who’s always a party animal. They’re not only the life of the party, though — they’re the most well-liked and popular people you’ll probably ever meet.

If you have this personality type, you’re probably one of the most appreciated people in your circle of friends. But what does that mean? Well, it means you have an ESFP personality.

ESFP Meaning

The Myers-Briggs personality type spectrum, or MBTI assessment, shows every kind of person out there. And yes, this would include that one party animal, too. In the Myers-Briggs world, this kind of personality is known as an ESFP.

ESFP is an acronym for Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving, but most people just know people with this personality type as “the Entertainer.”

People with this personality type are known to be fun-loving, enjoy life and spending time with others, and want to be the center of attention. They maintain an optimistic viewpoint, are uniquely themselves, and constantly seek new things as they can easily become bored.

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But while they are bold and aim to draw all eyes to themselves, you won't catch them in the middle of conflict; they steer clear of confrontation. ESFP personality types also tend to do poorly at long-term planning and only see short-term solutions.

Here are the most common ESFP characteristics, and what romantic relationships, careers, and friendships are like for them.

Positive & Negative ESFP Personality Traits

1. Generous

ESFPs are known for being generous with their time, and for being willing to go the extra mile for their friends. ESFPs are the ultimate best friend. They are the ones who encourage their friends to live their best lives, applaud them when they do well and are there for them.

At times, this can even be a bad trait, since ESFPs tend to place everyone else’s needs before them, often to the point that they may burn themselves out.

2. Optimistic

Many people wrongly see the ESFP personality type as the one that’s permanently naïve. This is just not true! Though they may have been burned in the past, they still see the best in people.

The thing about ESFPs is that they tend to be overly optimistic around people, often to the point that they may end up giving the wrong people chances. This is because they hope everyone is as good a soul as they are.

3. Altruistic

ESFPs see people and memories as more precious than money. It’s all about people and having a good time with ESFPs.

That’s why they tend to see their connections with people to be the best investments they can make on both a personal and professional level.

4. Attention-seeking

If you want to upset an ESFP, it’s very simple. All you have to do is ignore them. ESFPs live to soak up attention and make people feel great as a way of saying thank you. It’s just in their nature.

5. Stylish

Few other personality types have as much a flair for fashion as ESFPs do. From a very luxe-looking home to a perfectly put-together outfit, you can bet that ESFPs enjoy being the ones people compliment when they decide to flaunt their fashionability.

6. Social

At any given moment, ESFPs know where all the coolest parties are. In fact, ESFPs are the people who you go to when you need to know where the party’s at. This is because they really, truly love to go out and will often plan a large portion of their lives around it.

7. Immature

ESFPs have a very playful, almost childlike nature to them. This can make them very fun to be around, but also can make them extremely immature.

Learning to enjoy responsibility is something most ESFPs have to really buckle down to do. Otherwise, they may end up flitting from job to job, unable to hold down anything for more than a few months.

8. Excessive

Glitz and fun times are what ESFPs love most, and that can be great. But the problem with having a party lifestyle is that it costs a lot of money.

This means that ESFPs will often spend a great deal of money without actually having cash to do so in the first place. If they could, a typical ESFP would live in a music video.

9. Unconventional

Most ESFPs are as unconventional as they come, and also tend to click with people who are equally as unique as they are. As such, many ESFPs are artists by birth.

ESFPs hate structure, routine, and “the Man,” so expect to hear a lot of status quo questioning from these guys.

10. Perceptive

ESFPs have incredible interpersonal skills. They are perceptive enough to notice problems underneath the surface, but are graceful enough to handle just about anything with serious amounts of tact.

Because of that, they make any group outing fun and also can act as a mediator when friends argue.

11. Outspoken

Being bold and outspoken is just the name of the game with ESFPs. In a crowd full of people being told to “go with the flow,” the ESFP will be the first one to tell the leader to shut their squawkbox.

Why? Well, ESFPs don’t like being told what to do and they also tend to be the boldest Myers-Briggs type in the crowd.

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ESFP Compatibility & Relationships

ESFPs will not have an issue trying to find a person who will be interested in them. Their magnetic personality is what makes people love them, and their social connections often mean that there will be an endless amount of parties to attend while single.

The only problem ESFPs might have is that it will be hard to find someone who takes them seriously and who would be able to convince them to settle down. But most of the issues they have is finding the right match.

Otherwise, commitment just won't be their thing. It may take a while to find a like-minded party animal to be with. Thankfully, ESFPs have plenty of options, and no matter what happens, they will likely always have a nice group of friends who have their back.

Best Career For ESFP Personality

In the workplace, ESFPs prefer jobs that require hands on experience, while allowing them to connect with people around them. Once they find a profession they are passionate about, they truly enjoy working to create an atmosphere that helps clients or coworkers feel excited and accomplished.

Because they thrive in workplaces where there is plenty of social interaction and variety, it's best that they stay far away from professions that require solitary work or tedious tasks at a cubicle. In addition, they don't plan for the long-term very well, instead preferring a career where results are seen quickly.

ESFPs do best in environments where they have freedom, can address the needs of others, and add an overall element of happiness to the people they serve.

ESFPs should choose careers in art, music, design, sales, social work, counseling, or coaching. Specifically, ESFPs would thrive in careers like: teacher, sales representative, therapist, musician, tour guide, life coach, or even fashion designer.

Tips For Relating To An ESFP Personality Type

1. Let them be the center of attention.

As mentioned, ESFPs thrive when all eyes are on them. People trying to relate to this personality type must understand that ESFPs are the entertainers of the Myers-Briggs types and, as such, are born to entertain everyone around them.

Let their liveliness light up the room without trying to bring them down or tell them they are being attention-seeking. What's more, realize that ESFPs act this way because they genuinely enjoy making others around them happy.

2. Take them on an adventure.

Easily bored, the ESFP constantly seeks out new adventures and spontaneous trips. And what makes the adventure even better is having someone to share it with.

When getting to know an ESFP, bring them somewhere they've never been or sign them up for an activity they've never done. Just remember that when they are excited and happy, they may not be the most focused individual.

3. Keep things light.

ESFPs tend to steer clear of any confrontation and conflict, so be sure you don't bring any drama into their space. Their ideal atmosphere is one filled with positive energy, laughter, and an overall lightness.

If your personality doesn't necessarily mesh with an ESFP, keep in mind that bringing negativity into their world won't get you anywhere. Save the criticism for another day, perhaps with another person that isn't them.

Famous People With ESFP Personalities

  • Elvis Presley
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Serena Williams
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Mark Cuban
  • Justin Bieber
  • Paul McCartney
  • Will Smith
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Katy Perry

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