How To Know Who's Your True Friend (And Who's Just Pretending)

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How To Know Who's Your True Friend (And Who's Just Pretending)

Separate the fakes from your real friends.

Ask if you can crash at their place for a few days.

Ask if you can borrow $1000.

Ask if you can borrow their car.

Ask if they can pick you up from the airport.

I’m sure most people would flinch at this awfully huge request and probably make some bogus excuse for not being able to.

But that’s exactly how to tell who your real friends are from one who’s pretending to be.

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You see, true friends aren’t just there to listen to your problems or accompany you when you’re hungry.

They’re there to help out when you’re in a tight pinch, even if this costs them their time and agenda. 

Like this one time, my car broke down in the middle of nowhere. It was pitch dark and very late (3am). Afraid someone would find me alone and stranded, I immediately called my family. No one picked up.

I called my friend and boy was I ecstatic to hear her voice at this time. But after explaining my situation, she simply suggested roadside assistance — which I soon realized would take 4 hours until they showed up.

I panicked.

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Feeling a bit unoptimistic, I dialed another friend.



The voice sounded groggy. But as I told him about my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, he suddenly became concerned. Within a minute, he got out of bed and told me to lock my doors and wait.

His GPS estimated 1.5 hours for him to drive towards my location, but surprisingly he showed up in 50 minutes and brought me back to his place to sleep until tomorrow to fix my car.

This made me realize that anyone can be your friend, but only a few are your true friends. These are the ones who often put themselves in your shoes, lift you up when your life turns to crap and even go out of their way to make sure you’re okay.

True friends are there for your best interest. If there’s something you desperately need, just know that they got your back.

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