How The Sun-Neptune Sextile Is Going To Magically Affect Your Relationship This Week, Starting May 6th

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Sun sextile Neptune
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If we have understanding, then we have everything.

On May 6th, we will experience the Sun sextile Neptune, which will affect all of our relationships with a greater sense of understanding and connection. In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are 60 degrees apart and they work together to help bring out the best in one another.

What does that mean for your zodiac sign? Not only will the Sun-Neptune sextile impact your love horoscope, but your personal life as well.

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The Sun always represents our sense of self and who we are, while Neptune is about inspiration, intuition, the dream world, our psychic ability, and all aspects of spirituality. While there are some more difficult aspects of Neptune, because of the generous and harmonious qualities of this sextile, they fortunately won’t come into play for us.

At the time of this transit, the Sun will be in Taurus and Neptune will be in Pisces; together, they we will have the qualities of both earth and water which tend to work well together especially in this particular alignment.

The Sun in Taurus will be helping to ground us in our thoughts and desires so that we are feeling centered and balanced in our approach to our romantic relationships, and being stubborn about what it is that we want.

In the May astrology love forecast, we got a taste of exactly how beneficial stubbornness can be when it comes to the truths that are inside of our hearts. Often it seems that we choose relationships or dating experiences because of the opinions or thoughts of others; however in order to truly follow our hearts, we have to become stubborn about where they are telling us to go.

During the Sun-Neptune sextile, we will be feeling that sureness, that dedication to what we want — not in a destructive way, but rather in a way that lets us know that not only are we on the right track but that we can be firm in our destination but flexible in our journey to get there.

In any transit that we’ve seen this year, Neptune has been in Pisces which is its home sign, but it's also been giving us a double dose of intuitive and spiritual energy. During these transits we can see our dreams become more real and even perhaps have them be visions of what may actually occur in the future, even if we’ve previously never considered ourselves to have any physic ability. This is because Neptune thins the veil between worlds so all that is subtle or more hidden from our consciousness suddenly becomes clearer.

Together, these two planets are going to be creating a time for inspiring conversations and moments where we might explore the emotional depths with our partners; it will also create that connection to deepen and strengthen on a very subconscious level. We will be more likely to show our caring and sensitive sides which will also translate into us being more vulnerable with our lovers.

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The secret to a deep level of intimacy is mutual vulnerability. But what is interesting is that we first have to be vulnerable with our own self, which means that we are honest about our fears, our limitations, our truths and our dreams. Only once we have delved to the bottom of our own spiritual ocean will we be able to create a map for another.

In order to have that deep, unspoken, intimate connection with the person that we love, we need to be able to be real about what really makes us the people that we are.

When we see the Sun sextile Neptune, we will be feeling more vulnerable with the special person in our life as well as ourselves, and may also experience a deepening sense of self and a stronger commitment to fulfilling our purpose in our life. Because of this, those we have in our life with whom we have a deep romantic, almost spiritual connection will feel as if we are growing even closer. It will ultimately lead to a greater sense of understanding for our partner, or even casual love interest.

We will likely feel an intense understanding about our partner’s past or previous choices, but we also will feel it toward them in terms of their hopes and dreams for the future. Whenever we have a transit that bridges the past with the future, we know that we are in a time of intense feelings that will likely reverberate out for some time.

With this astrological aspect, we will see couples experiencing a greater sense of intimacy, emotional at first, which will pave the way to greater and more fulfilling sexual experiences. If newly dating, we will experience a burst of great communication that will have us feeling like we grew closer overnight, which will lead to many of those nights we just hope will go on forever.

For those who are single, it’s going to be a time when we will feel like we’re getting a better handle on who we are and what we need from a partner, which will translate to us making better choices as far as to who we date.

Besides the immediate romantic benefits of this transit, it will also serve as beneficial heading into the astrology for May. Because while it’s all positive, there are a lot of changes on the horizon and in order to fare through them in the best possible way, we will need to have a firm foundation with our partner.

This transit will truly be inspiring because only through understanding can we grow in love, and when we feel understood by the person we are sharing our lives with we also tend to bloom, exploding into all of the areas that we never thought we would grow into. This transit will be gifting us with the ability to go deeper with ourselves and the one we love, because when we have understanding, we simply have everything. 

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