How Passionate Mars Moving Into Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Horoscope In The Next Few Weeks

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Mars in Capricorn
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Consistency can just be so damn sexy.

On March 17th, Mars is going to move into steady and ambitious Capricorn. During Mars in Capricorn, we will see the planet of passion, energy and sexuality under the influence of the pragmatic and steadfast sea goat, which ensures that while the going may be slow at times, we will reach our goal.

For your zodiac sign, that may mean that you heed the advice of your love horoscope and take what it says to heart. Because when it comes to relationships, this week, you'll want to focus on communication above all else.

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Capricorn doesn’t lose, at least not in the way that many of us think. This sign takes every experience and makes it work for its ultimate good; it’s focused on the bigger picture and the overall outcome rather than the small moments that may seem like setbacks to many. Not every moment will be an easy one, but even in those there are still lessons to be learned.

This earth sign is nothing if not consistent, not just in the big picture but the small moments as well. It’s detail-orientated and while on its own it can run the risk of becoming monotonous, with Mars lighting a fire under it, it’s the kind of stability that that feels infused with passion and purpose.

Currently, Mars is in independent and freedom-loving Sagittarius, which means that our energy, while fiercely motivated, has also been all over the place, or at the very least less focused when it comes to building a relationship with the person we love. As this fiery planet moves into steady Capricorn, all of that will change.

When we are young, we often think of danger as sexy; after all, there is a reason why we all have to go through our bad boy phase, right? But as we grow older, we realize that while the bad boy is exciting, he actually doesn’t make that good of a partner to take on life with together. More than anything, when we finally realize what we want, it seems that consistency and stability actually become the sexiest qualities a partner can possess.

Perhaps, at one point, we even thought consistency was boring, something our grandparents possessed while they went to the same restaurant each Friday evening for dinner. But predictability is very different than consistency. Even the most wild, spontaneous relationship still needs consistency, because if we can’t truly count on someone to be there for us, there is no point to even having a relationship.

Mars in Capricorn wants to make things right; he wants to show up — not just with flowers for a date but with a shovel to clear away the snow. He wants to be in your life, not just be a fixture on the outskirts. He believes in getting to know one another, taking his time in this process while you both learn the ways of one another. He’s not going to take the fast track to the altar or even rush things romantically, which is why if any big relationship points come up during this phase, you know it’s been in the process for some time.

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This is a transit that favors the sensual, but not in the way Sagittarius was after it. Mars in Sagittarius, while interested in a connection, can also get distracted by that one night of fun, but Capricorn is about the distance and long-term goals.

Capricorn doesn’t bed hop, and doesn’t really favor one-night stands. After all, there is no way to build with someone who is only in our bed for a few hours, and investing in a partner while having them invest their time and energy is a priority for all Caps.

During this transit we’re going to find ourselves more future-based. It’s not enough to think about what we are going to be doing this weekend or even next week. This transit wants to know where you hope to end up next year, what you aspire to do with your life, and what a true partnership looks like.

But there is more, because Capricorn doesn’t just care about what our plans are but if we can put in the work to get ourselves there. This is one of the signs that never shies away from hard work, which means that no obstacle is great enough to stop the sea goat once its sights are set on a goal.

Luckily for us, this goal will be our hearts and the life that we can share with our special someone once we have committed to working our journey together. There is no shortcut here, but the thing is, none of us will be looking for that either. We actually are looking forward to the process, to the building and to knowing that someone is just as committed to us as we are to them.

Consistency isn’t boring, it’s actually part of the foundation we all need to truly feel like we are unconditionally accepted and loved, and it also lets us embrace our true selves, knowing that regardless of what kind of day we have, or what we look like, the person that says they will be there for us actually will be.

It’s the point at which we get to decide what comes next. It’s been a rough start to the year, but the picture is getting clearer and the direction we want to head in is coming into focus. The next step will be to plan how to go from where we are now to where we hope to grow together.

During this time, there will be a great deal of conversations about the specifics or the foundations of relationships — the “I got you if you got me” type of conversations — and while sometimes these moments can be scary because of the aspect of change and risk of vulnerability, ultimately we have to remember that if we want something we’ve never had, we also have to start doing things we’ve never done.  

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