Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of February 19-25, 2018

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Push yourself to make the right choice.

Have you ever felt trapped in love? Felt an odd sort of sinking feeling in your gut every time you are with your partner? Prayed they would drop dead so you didn't have to be a bad person and break up with them?

We have all been in relationships that were going nowhere, but still held a powerful sway over us. So if you are stuck in such a dead-end relationship right now, don't despair.

Your weekly love horoscopes and tarot card reading for February 19 to 25, 2018 will tell you exactly what you need to do to overturn the situation in your favor.

ARIES: Reversed 4 of Wands

The 4 of Wands is a card of a union. So when it shows up reversed, it announces the need to break one. And that's exactly what you need to do, Aries.

You have always made gut-based decisions at the spur of the moment, and always lived to tell you were right. So what's stopping you now? Just listen to your gut. You will thank yourself later.

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TAURUS: The High Priestess

Relationships are like babies: They are fascinating one moment and utterly disappointing another. That doesn't mean you put them up for adoption.

So, Taurus, if you want to overturn the situation and make it better, you need to find someone who can help the two of you fix it. A wise and experienced person. Whether that's your grandmother or a relationship counselor is up to you, but at this point, only an external force can help you understand where you are going wrong with each other.

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GEMINI: Ace of Swords

The truth can set you free, Gemini. And though you do not like confrontations, it's the only way you can air out your relationship right now. So speak up and let your partner know how their actions have been hurting you all this time. It will shock them at first, but it will also open up a fresh channel of communication between the two of you so you can be friends once more.

Just remember not to blame them while you are voicing your feelings. After all, most people don't do things to intentionally hurt us. They do them because that's how they have always been. So tell your partner your backstory and why some of their actions trigger certain feelings in you.

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CANCER: Page of Wands

Cancer, are you feeling trapped in this relationship because your partner is getting too dangerously close? Are you pulling away because you are afraid of feeling too much and then ending up heartbroken if this does not work out?

If that's the case, then the tarot card that turned up for you makes perfect sense. Why? Because the Page of Wands is a child following her heart. She is passionate and creative, but like a child does not know how to maturely handle things yet.

So if you have been pulling away because you are afraid of being vulnerable, then know that the only way to come out on top in this situation is by going through it by allowing yourself to feel all the emotions you have been suppressing so far, and by realizing that loving like a child who has no fear of the future is the most freeing and exalted way of falling in love.

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LEO: The Star

They say you are a diva on the inside, Leo. A diva who knows she is worth her weight in gold. So why aren't you walking away now?

Have you ever seen a celebrity sign a contract if they did not have dates or if they were unsatisfied with the proposed pay? No. And neither should you. So walk if you are not comfortable in this relationship, and hold your head up high.

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VIRGO: Page of Cups

Virgo, it's time to do some contemplation. Time to take a magnifying lens and truly scrutinize your relationship and who you have become because of it. That's the only way you will gain the upper hand in this situation.

After all, once you have analyzed everything, you will realize that the solution to your problem was staring at your face all along.

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LIBRA: 9 of Wands

Has anyone ever told you that you argue too much, Libra? That you find faults all the time and make a big deal out of the smallest mistakes? That's the reason why your relationship is strained at the moment.

So if you want to overturn this situation and return to your state of relationship bliss, you need to learn to be patient and assess a situation like a lawyer before you lash out. You will mitigate unnecessary dramas that way and realize that sometimes all you needed to do was let the events unfold for them to smooth out on their own.

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SCORPIO: 2 of Pentacles

It pays to be flexible, Scorpio. After all, those who are too rigid often end up broken when the stress is too strong, while the resilient bend under pressure and then spring back up again.

So be more flexible. Learn to adapt to the fact that your partner is not your mirror half, and instead, quite different from you in certain situations. This will help you compromise and emerge as a true couple.

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SAGITTARIUS: Reversed 8 of Wands

You love your freedom, Sagittarius. So if you are truly feeling trapped in this relationship, the only way for you to emerge out of this is by letting the wind blow in a different direction. Do you catch my drift?

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CAPRICORN: Reversed Judgment

You hate the situation you are in, Capricorn. But it's got a part to play. And that part is awakening you from your slumber so you can truly do what you were born to do in life.

After all, the messengers showing us the right way are not always kind. Some lead us by showing us where we do not want to go.

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AQUARIUS: 3 of Cups

Want to make things better in your relationship, Aquarius? Then start treating your partner like a friend. A friend you will hold accountable if they are nasty to you. And a friend you will praise and be grateful for if they are nice.

Remember: You should never tolerate something your partner does if you wouldn't tolerate the same from your best friend.

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PISCES: 7 of Wands

In life, you cannot always rely on others to protect you, Pisces. Not your family, your friends, or your lover. Because sometimes, they are the very ones who hurt you.

So if you feel trapped in this relationship, do yourself a favor and stand up for yourself. After all, how can you expect someone else to be your savior when you refuse to be your own?

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