How The Electrifying Sun-Uranus Sextile On February 13th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Week

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Sun-Uranus sextile
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We have to let life surprise us once in a while.

On February 13th, just a day before Valentine’s Day, we will experience a Sun-Uranus sextile in Aries, giving us the chance to see the beauty in life when we let it surprise us.

What is a sextile in astrology? A sextile is a fancy way of saying the planets are about 60 degrees apart and are working together to help bring out the best in one another. This is good news for your zodiac sign, and will affect your horoscope for the better.

At first glance, astrology sometimes can seem complicated, but if we break it down into small pieces and talk about what each planet means, we understand why, when they are in certain Sun signs, we see different situations and personalities brought to a head.

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In this case, we have the Sun in Aquarius, forming an angle to Uranus in Aries. The Sun, although not usually thought of as a planet, represents our sense of self. It also deals with how we work in this world and what type of person we present to the outside world.

The Sun also represents our soul purpose as well. It’s the core aspect of not just our ego but of our entire identity.

The Sun is in the last few days of Aquarius, which means that our sense of self will be feeling more independent, creative, and that we will want to venture off the beaten path in search of the something that we’ve only dreamed of.

During this entire transit for the Sun, we’ve seen more planets push into this independent sign which has only been encouraging us to take the time to not only find out who we are but also the place that we want to represent in this world. For so many of us, the past few years have been a time of great transition where we are moving from one life phase to another.

In some ways, it seems that we think these aspects of life happen instantaneously, but in truth, no big change happens overnight even if it appears that way. While relationships are always cycling in and out of our lives, there has been a massive shift as far as awakening in partnerships, and because of that we have seen and will continue to see a shakeup in the love department.

In order to end up in the relationships that feel the most satisfying, we also have to know who we truly are; otherwise, instead of being able to present our authentic selves and help one another become our best possible selves, we will blend into the other person, looking for them to identify us and complete us.

With the Sun in Aquarius, we will be inspired to not only ask the question of what our own personal why is, but with Sun-Uranus sextile in the great awakener Aries, we will be able to actually do something about it.

The planet Uranus is the celestial body that lives for those big wake-up moments, the game changers, the times in our lives where they will forever be marked by a before and after. The aspect that is helping this situation even more so is that Uranus rules Aquarius, so this is a configuration that is inspiring both planets to act at full power.

And with this sextile between the Sun and Uranus, change is the name of the game.

It began first as a change in self, or a soul change, and now Uranus is on the scene to wake us up to make those changes on the outside — the ones that the rest of the world will notice. It’s not that we need this external validation or even attention, but if our outside lives don’t match with what is going on internally for us, we will lack authenticity in our lives.

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When we feel balanced, it means that who we are to our core is in harmony with the person that others ask of us. This doesn’t mean that we have to bend to another’s will, but life is about compromise, so we have to work to not sacrifice ourselves for others, but rather learn to have our needs met while meeting the needs of those who we care about.

In terms of committed relationships, this sextile can really go one of two ways:

If it’s a partnership in which both people have given each other the freedom to find and explore their identity and soul mission, they will find they are drawn closer together and will likely enjoy some surprises because they are in tune with their authentic nature.

Yet, for those relationships that are more ego-based or are rooted in lower level 3D needs such as financial, approval of others, or convenience, there likely will be a disturbance in the relationship. Whether it occurs or results in a breakup, this date will be remembered as a turning point of some sort.

Those who are dating will have the opportunity to venture further into seeing if the relationship they are investing themselves in is something that will also turn around and invest in them. This sextile will inspire some interesting conversations, some real life situations that may accelerate a relationships, and overall we will encounter some surprises in terms of the connections and expectations of the relationship.

If we’re single, this is a time to just enjoy being by ourselves. We might want to take ourselves out to dinner or plan a solo trip. We might deactivate an online profile or simply go home to our quiet peaceful space and realize that being alone is better than being with the wrong person.

Overall, this is a really inspiring transit that we’ve already done the work for, so now all that’s left is to simply let life surprise us. 

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