How The Mystical Transit Of Venus Moving Into Pisces On February 10th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Month

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Venus moves into Pisces
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If it seems too easy to be true, it’s not.

From February 10th to March 6th, Venus moves into Pisces. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be transiting through Pisces, the romantic dreamer of the zodiac.

In this sign, Venus is exalted, meaning that both the planet and the sign its in work well together and bring out the best qualities of each. In this case, it’s all about love, passion and the ability to see our dreams come to a reality. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Though your horoscope can provide daily advice for how to handle your relationships, we can also look to astrology and these astrological events to see how they affect our zodiac signs.

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Since the middle of January, Venus has been working through the sign of Aquarius, which has very different energy than mystical Pisces. In freedom-loving Aquarius, we have been more independent lovers, trying to balance us and our journey before any time that we give to those we are involved with. 

Even if we were in a commitment frame of mind, we’ve been feeling a struggle or push and pull between following our hearts toward the one we love and running in the opposite direction to journey off by ourselves in the wilderness.

Regardless of our specific relationship status, there is always a need to balance our own wants and needs not only with our partner but also with the two of us as a couple or team. Yet, so many problems occur because we didn’t give one or the other equal playtime. Either we neglected ourselves and focused solely on our lover, or we were more focused on “me” instead of “we.”

But during the Venus in Aquarius transit, even though she wasn’t exalted, it still was an important time of laying the foundation and roots for what we hope to build with the person that we are or hope to be involved with. We were able to gain a greater sense of self, of commitment to choosing ourselves, and what it means to not lose sight of our own individuality within our romantic relationships.

So as Venus ends her intendant transit in Aquarius and moves subtly into romantic and relationship-orientated Pisces, we will feel a shift within us that will help us move into a state of togetherness with more ease and authenticity.

For those who have already been in a significant relationship, we could see ourselves becoming more passionate and tender with our partners. This may come through as wanting to spend more time together, planning special and romantic dates, taking time to show our lover just how much they are appreciated, and becoming more settled within the relationship itself.

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Pisces, although dreamy and spontaneous, also likes commitment. It’s not the stodgy energy of Capricorn’s one step at a time, but rather the "I feel it in my soul so let’s just do it" energy. This means that if there are any proposals for any sort of commitment during this transit, they will tend to be more from the heart and less thought-out.

If you and your significant other have just started seeing one another or only have been on a few dates, this transit will automatically draw you closer together. It may seem that your love affair has taken on whirlwind status with you simultaneously wanting to dive head-first into love but also wanting to hit the brakes at the same time.

While this energy is important to observe, during this time, there is no slowing down love. When Venus moves into Pisces, it just exudes love and radiates it out toward those she cares for. There is no timeline, no brake hitting, and no "let’s take this slow." She loves love and because of that it feels better to just go with the flow and let our romances take us where they will, even if it’s no place we ever thought of going.

And for those of us who are still clutching our glass of Merlot as we watch La La Land for the umpteenth hoping for our own happy ending, this transit holds more promise of finding love than Aquarius did.

In Pisces, we will naturally be willing to work together better with another — not that we will sacrifice our own wants and needs, but in a relationship we have to be willing to compromise at times, and in Pisces this will be easier. We will also be more dreamlike during this transit and if we have a hard time trusting (let’s be real, who doesn’t?) then we will find it easier to not let our past fears stop us from getting involved with a new love.

If we’ve sworn off of love for whatever reason, this might be the time  we do some self-reflecting on what love really means to us and if we are prepared to give what we say we want to receive.

In truth, we can sit on a mountain top all day by ourselves, but it’s our human soul that craves the company of another. No one is born and then dropped off in the wilderness to raise him or herself; instead, we rely on one another, and a big part of that is not only learning what love truly is but also learning how to practice it.

Venus in Pisces is the goddess at practicing love. She not only expresses her heart freely but also loves without abandon. She takes the time to do small acts of service for the ones she loves, to buy special gifts that her lover may enjoy, and loves to plan surprises to take her partner’s breath away.

Venus in Pisces doesn’t just love — she dotes, takes her time, and shows what the action of love truly means all while bringing in the beauty of the world around her. With this transit, love takes on almost an ethereal quality, and while we can sit and debate on whether or not a love that feels this good can actually be real, sometimes we just have to trust in happy endings and happy beginnings. 

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