Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of December 18-24, 2017

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Are you ready to settle down?

After a wild ride through Sagittarius, the Sun and Saturn both move into Capricorn this week. The energy of this practical, patient Earth sign encourages people to start thinking about long-term goals when it comes to career, money, and love.

Capricorn isn’t about one-night stands or playing the field. Impulsive risk-taking isn’t on the agenda, so pay close attention to your weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for December 18 to 24, 2017. Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet, too, so when it’s working together with the Sun in its own sign, a lot of people are going to find themselves thinking and planning for the future.

It’s time for the zodiac signs to grow up. Who do you want by your side?

ARIES: Page of Wands

I know you have trouble staying in one place for long, Aries, and the idea of settling down makes you itchy. But no one says that you have to shackle yourself to someone who’s going to hold you back.

This week you might just realize that there’s someone out there who’s got just as much energy as you. Far from being a “ball and chain,” they’d make a great partner as you forge your own way through the world over the years.

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TAURUS: Five of Swords

I know you want the best of all possible worlds, Taurus, but you’re going to have to tone it down a little. There’s a lot of petty conflict this week.

Don’t get involved in the drama. You’re not invincible, and a bad attitude could end up driving away the very person that you want to keep around.

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GEMINI: The Hierophant

This isn’t the time to go chasing after something new and exciting. Don’t let yourself get distracted by shiny surfaces, Gemini! You won’t like what you find underneath the glamour.

Stay focused on the people in your life who’ve proven themselves to be loyal and reliable. This isn’t a good time to start bending the rules.

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CANCER: Four of Wands

Good news, Cancer! You won’t have to look much farther than your own home (or at least the neighborhood) to find long-term romance this week. Get involved in some activities in your own community and see who you meet.

The universe is poised to bring you exactly what you want: security and peace-of-mind.

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LEO: Justice

What have you been up to, Leo? You’re going to reap some karma this week. Whether it’s a happy ending or a tragic plot twist will depend on your own past behavior.

You’ll have a decision to make, too: above all, try to be as fair as possible. You might ask a Libra friend for advice.

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VIRGO: Six of Swords

Last week was rough, and now you need to take some time for yourself to reflect on what just happened, and how you’re going to proceed from here. Take heart, Virgo, the worst is over.

You just need a little time to do what you do best: organize your thoughts, put things in order, and make a plan for a future that you can look forward to.

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LIBRA: Three of Cups

It’s party time, Libra! All that brooding last week was bringing you down, but now it’s time to get out there and dance, enjoy your friends’ company and meet new people.

You can help balance out all that serious Capricorn energy floating around and remind others that it’s important to relax and just have fun, too.

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SCORPIO: The Hanged Man

Wait for it…you might feel like nothing is happening, Scorpio, but it’s the calm before the storm.

This is your chance to thoroughly evaluate the situation and figure out how you can eventually push romance along in any direction you choose. Hang back for now, don’t make any promises, and just observe.

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Before you can make any life-long plans with anyone else, you need to get to know your own self a little better. You’re idealistic, Sagittarius, and sometimes you forget that other people aren’t always going to live up to your dreams.

Dive into your own subconscious and think about how your expectations of love may or may not be possible for real people in the real world.

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CAPRICORN: The High Priestess

All of your best-laid plans might seem a little shaky this week, Capricorn, but rest assured that this is just one more step along the way that you’ve carefully mapped out.

This is your month, and your ruling planet Saturn has your back, but the usual rational approach isn’t going to work this week. (And when is love ever rational?) What does your gut tell you? Pay close attention to your intuition — your subconscious mind is trying to show you the way.

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It’s all about trust for you, Aquarius. Take a leap of faith and give people — and yourself — some credit.

Love always comes with some risks, but people can change. Things are better than you might expect. Let those bad memories stay in the past where they belong and concentrate on creating a better future.

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PISCES: The Fool

You may feel like you’re just starting out, but you’ve got a lot of experience under your belt already. This week marks a new phase in your love life, Pisces, and anything is possible — but don’t forget all the hard work and harsh lessons that you’ve already endured.

If you’ve learned from your past mistakes, there’s a very good chance that your next romance could be the one you’ve been waiting for all your life.

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