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Which Learning Styles Suit You Best, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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zodiac sign learning styles

There are a TON of different learning styles out there, but have you ever thought which one really helps you best, based on astrology.

Sure, your horoscope might say that you're someone who likes to grab life by the horns and really live it to the fullest, but have you ever thought how that correlates to learning?

When I was in school, I always felt like I was drawn to the same kinds of learning styles, and I still do today. I've always been an introspective person — even in my everyday life — and I feel like that helps me best when I learn.

While I said there are a ton of different learning styles out there (and there are), there really are seven main learning styles that people tend to be drawn to and habits they use when studying new material. 

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These are visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary, and they are pretty much exactly what they say they are.

If you are a visual learner, it means that you learn best when you can see things right in front of you - like on a computer screen or in your hands — and usually as pictures or diagrams.

As an aural learner, you prefer to use music and sounds to learn - think of things like Schoolhouse Rock and language discs.

Verbal learners focus on speech and words; those who prefer this learning style tend to work best when they can work out a problem by talking about it. As a physical learner, you need to roll your sleeves up and get dirty through touch and field trips rather than just sitting in a classroom.

Logical learning need structure and common sense to learn best; reason and facts, rather than creativity. As a social learner, you would work best by working in groups where you could bounce ideas off of one another.

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And as a solitary learner, you learn best when you can do your own thing, rather than learn in a classroom or a group. Now, all of these learning styles are different, but they can be mixed and matched, depending on your preference.

So, while I might be a solitary learner, I also find that I learn best when I can write things down to look at later, which would also make me a verbal learner.

You might already know what type of learning you prefer, but have you thought about how it relates to your zodiac sign?

It might just give you a new way to work out problems (and not just in the classroom). So keep reading to find out how YOU learn best using the science of astrology.

ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19): Physical (kinesthetic)

Ares zodiac sign learning styles

Aries, you've always been a firm believer that the only way to learn is to do it yourself. Whenever someone tells you about their own experiences, it doesn't really do anything for you. You know that everyone can have different experiences doing the same thing, so the only way you can know for sure is to do it yourself.

You learn best using the physical learning style. This means you get to use your hands (and body) to get dirty and actually learn by doing. Even if you're not in a classroom, you like physical learning because it means you get to learn about life from your own experiences. There's no sitting around on the couch waiting for someone to tell you about it in your life.

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TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20): Physical (kinesthetic)

Taurus zodiac sign learning styles

Taurus, touch has always been important to you, no matter what the situation may be. You find touch to be very sensual and important to the learning process because it means you really get to know the situation firsthand. Whether it's in your personal life (with a partner) or in the classroom, you learn best when you can roll up your sleeves and dive in.

You learn best using the physical learning style. It's not only a way to roll your sleeves up and dive in, but there's something about touch that really makes a lasting imprint on your brain. You have a tendency to recall the past better when using your hands, which is a great skill to have when learning and when you're with a partner.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Verbal (linguistic)

Gemini zodiac sign learning styles

Gemini, you're known for being the person who lots to talk, whether in person or over text (in a way), but no matter how you do it, you love to keep the conversation moving. Not only that, but you love to be able to talk things through. For you, being able to work through a problem or situation out loud is a way for your brain to connect all the necessary parts together.

You learn best using the verbal learning style. It's a way for you to keep an important part of your personality intact (talking) while still having a chance to learn, too. You kind of already use this learning style in your everyday life, but when it comes time to actually sit down and learn, you prefer to work things out verbally instead of on paper.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Logical (mathematical)

Cancer zodiac sign learning styles

Cancer, you flourish in environments where you can be your complete self without judgment. You want to know that whatever situation you're going through — in the classroom or in your everyday life — is one where you will be nurtured. When you feel welcome, you thrive. This environment, where you can relate to your surroundings, usually relies on smart learning.

You learn best using the logical learning style. It does include more reasoning than the others, and it may not be as creative, but it's all about letting you be yourself and work things out in a smart way. Instead of trying to make your learning process flowery and over-the-top, logical learning strips a problem or situation down to the bare bones and uses common sense.

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LEO (July 23 - Aug 22): Solitary (intrapersonal)

Leo zodiac sign learning styles

Leo, you like having your voice heard because it makes you feel like you're really being valued. When there are too many people trying to insert their opinion in a situation or problem that is supposed to be all about you, you feel like you're getting lost in the crowd. You would much rather handle a situation on your own — or at least in a one-on-one setting.

You learn best using the solitary learning style. Working alone gives you the time to really reach within yourself and find the answers, instead of having to rely on others to help you out. You like working out a problem to be an introspective process because it makes you feel like you're really learning to trust yourself, rather than sharing the credit with someone else.

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VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22): Logical (mathematical)

Virgo zodiac sign learning styles

Virgo, you've always been the type of person to like when a situation is backed by reason. Having to work through easily digestible language or frilly word problems in the classroom always made things harder to understand. You would rather see a situation or a problem as it is, rather than try to fluff it up with metaphors and examples just to make it seem easier.

You learn best using the logical learning style. You've always been known as the organized and detail-oriented person who sees the logic in everything, so the logical learning style is just practical. You also prefer a learning style that's all about process and consistency because you like to handle one things at a time until you really understand it, in life and in the classroom.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22): Social (interpersonal)

Libra zodiac sign learning styles

Libra, you are drawn to a little bit of everything in life simply because you like having balance. Having time for friends and yourself is something that has always been important to you because it means you get the best of both worlds. So when it comes to learning, you like to work alone and with groups so that you can see a problem or situation from both angles.

You learn best using the social learning style. While it does mean you're not always alone when thinking through a problem, it also means you get to work things out with others, which you enjoy. You’ve always been a mediator to your friends and family, but you can't mediate without working with others, right? You like being a social learner because it's way more exciting.

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SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21): Verbal (linguistic)

Scorpio zodiac sign learning styles

Scorpio, you feel like variety is what makes life exciting. You like your personality to be multi-dimensional because it means you're well-suited to handle pretty much anything life throws at you. That said, when it comes to learning, you tend to focus in on some of your best qualities - simply because you know you work best when you play on your strengths.

You learn best using the visual learning style. You're a very detailed person who likes to have everything laid out in front of you before tackling it, so working with visuals seems to make the most sense to you. You can solve a solution easy when you can look at it (literally) from all angles. You also rely on proof to find an answer, so having the proof right in front of you helps.

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19): Physical (kinesthetic)

Sagittarius zodiac sign learning styles

Sagittarius, you enjoy adventure because it usually ends up giving you a story to tell all of your friends and family. You know that life is worth living, not just talking or thinking about, so you value having the experiences some people only dream of under your belt. The same can be said for learning; if you can't dive into a situation or problem head-first, you're not interested.

You learn best using the physical learning style. You're a hands-on type of person who wants to really experience something, which makes this learning style right up your alley. You're also a deep thinker who likes to contemplate on things after the fact, so having a physical grasp on something makes it easier for you to understand and pick apart later.

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CAPRICORN (Dec 20 - Jan 19): Logical (mathematical)

Capricorn zodiac sign learning styles

Capricorn, you are a traditionalist in every sense of the word. You value situations that are based on logic because it means you don't have to do anything creative or crazy to understand them. When it comes to learning, you want all of the material to be laid out in front of you as simply and factual as possible.

You learn best using the logical learning style. You thrive best in an old-fashioned classroom because it complements your strengths. You know that if you just put your mind to a situation or problem in a logical way that you'll be able to find a logical answer — simple as that. You prefer not to work with people who learn differently than you because all it does is slow you down.

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18): Solitary (intrapersonal)

Aquarius zodiac sign learning styles

Aquarius, if life isn't full of fun, then you don't want to be a part of it. You value the excitement and surprises that life brings you and if you feel at any time like you're getting bored, you aren't afraid to shake things up. More than that, when it feels like your environment is getting stale or isn't about playing to everyone's strengthens at once, you tend to go your own way.

You learn best using the solitary learning style. It isn't so much that you need to be alone in order to work, but you much prefer to play by your own rules instead of someone else's. You want to be in a creative learning environment always - where everyone has a chance to do their own thing — but when that doesn’t happen, you use your inventiveness to solve your own problems.

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PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20): Aural (auditory-musical)

Pisces, zodiac sign learning styles

Pisces, your creativity gets you very far in life. You know that if you can look at the world a little differently than everyone else, you'll find a solution to a problem or situation that no one else has thought of yet. You like to use this creativity whenever you try something new because you're already dreaming up new ways to learn every day.

You learn best using the aural learning style. While you do tend to be drawn to other learning styles too, aural learning goes much deeper than that for you. You've always found that music is the most emotional and special thing in your life and, if you have a chance to incorporate it into learning, you jump at it. You find listening and thinking to be the easiest ways for you to learn.

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