10 Men Describe The Moment They Knew They Wanted To Marry Their Wives

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what makes a woman marriage material

"One look at her, and I just knew."

Try as we might, it’s nigh impossible to quantify what makes a woman marriage material and what makes some relationships more special and important than others. Attribute it to chemistry, timing, or je ne sais quoi, the fact remains that sometimes, when you just know, you just know.

Because we care about what men think, we asked guys to tell us about the moment their lightbulb flicked on and they realized their wives were “the one.” Here are some of our favorites:

1. We danced in the rain together.

"One summer afternoon during our high school years, we spent the afternoon listening to Blind Melon and braiding each other’s hair. Then it started to pour rain in the bright sunshine. We literally danced out in the rain and got soaked while playing with a giant yellow happy-faced Frisbee we named the bee. It's one of the happiest memories I have as a human being. For one afternoon, every single thing in my life was happy and perfect."

2. Life was just... easy with her.

"We don't believe in marriage, but even before she became pregnant with our son, even before her terminal, degenerative disease was diagnosed and began progressing rather rapidly, it was clear she was the best friend and partner I'd ever have. Communication was always nearly effortless. It wasn't the things that were there in the relationship, even though they were amazing; it was what was missing, which was stress. It's hard to even quantify in words the difference. Sure, things were and are hard sometimes, but they're SO easy compared to other relationships I’ve had."

3. One look at her and I knew.

"I was sitting by her on a couch at her parents just watching TV, and I looked over and there she was just sitting there looking content and happy with her cat snuggled up to her. I just kinda knew I loved her."

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4. She told me she was pregnant.

"I know how this sounds, but I’d been really wondering if I really wanted to be with her forever or not, and then she told me she was pregnant. I took it as a sign from the universe or God or whoever and proposed, and say what you want, but we’ve lasted 15 years and I’ve never regretted it."

5. She took care of me when I was ill.

"It was when I got sick — really, really sick — and she didn’t think twice about stepping up and taking care of me for as long as it would take. She didn’t even have to be asked; she just assumed the position of 'full-time nurse, maid, chef, and personal assistant' and took care of sh*t without having any idea how long I’d be under the weather. I asked her to marry me in the parking lot of my doctor’s office 10 minutes after he’d given me a clean bill of health."

6. I just knew.

"It’s a cliché for sure, but sometimes you just know. I just knew. Our relationship was different than all the others I’d been in and so much easier and happier. It would be insane to assume there’s anything better out there."

7. I proposed after sex.

"I asked her to marry me right after we’d finished having sex once and it was very spontaneous and not glamorous at all. However, during our lovemaking, I’d looked at her and thought, 'I could do this with her the rest of my life.' I sort of blurted out a proposal and here we are."

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8. My grandmother told me how happy I seemed.

"It actually took the people around me pointing out that she was 'the one' for me to 'get it'. I knew I loved her and that we weren’t going to break up anytime soon, but I hadn’t put that much thought into the 'forever' aspect of things until my grandmother mentioned she’d never seen me so happy and at ease in my life. I thought about that for days and then I asked my friends if they thought the same thing. They acted like I was an idiot for not putting two and two together on my own, which was probably warranted. Anyway, I asked her to marry me shortly afterward."

9. We could sit around and do nothing, and it seemed right.

"We’d only been dating for three days and her mom said, 'Oh, I see he’s the one. When’s the wedding?' But at the time I knew I wanted to marry her because we could hang out for hours and not do anything or say anything and be fine with it. I was willing to do sh*t I hated just to hang around her."

10. We shared the same values.

"It's tricky. I've likely spent my entire life looking for an epiphany (I'd settle for a kensho) about anything and it's yet to happen. However, the little moments add up. You realize you share similar values. That you like and (much more importantly) dislike the same things. The tiny instances of absolute partnership add up — like the time you may have been in the wrong with the guy at the rental car place but she still bears her fangs like a lioness on your behalf.

But it's virtually impossible to take these things anything other than for granted without perspective. A bachelor party, of all things, provided that perspective. Naturally, men talk about their partners and between realizing what a good one I have via comparison and returning home from to her even-keeled and smiling visage after a booze-and-idiocy-soaked weekend, it became an easy choice."


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