The Bizarre Way Each Zodiac Sign Acts After A Breakup

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how the zodiac signs act after a breakup
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You're acting strange, girlfriend.

A breakup can hit you so hard that it can cause you to do things you’d never normally do, and for a time, even change the quality of your character. We may even look to our horoscope for an answer as to why we are affected so deeply

We all deal with breakups differently and we’re not even consistent with the way that we deal. Some breakups are more difficult to process than others for whatever reason.

I’ve had breakups that I’ve even instigated but still hit me hard. I’m talking about crying every day for months. There have also been others where I barely shed a tear. They say time heals all wounds but there isn’t a timetable for how long your heart is going to hurt.

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Sometimes when we’re in the throes of post-traumatic breakups, we may behave in strange and bizarre ways. We’re acting out as a way to separate ourselves from the person we were and the person that we’ve become. We do things that we’d normally never do but for some reason, it feels right to do it after a breakup. You might not feel like talking about it to your best friend but confiding in the bottom of a bottle seems like the best thing you can do.

When we’re hurt, we feel exposed and raw and will do anything if it will dull the pain, even if other people don’t understand why we’re doing it or why we don’t just get over it. It must be nice if all you need to get over a breakup is an acknowledgment that things are over and that it’s time to move on. Most people need more than that.

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When you’re reeling from a breakup, you can find yourself doing some pretty unbelievable things, things that when you look back upon them you wonder how you did them. Sometimes when we’re acting strangely after a relationship ends, we not only feel far removed from our normal selves, we feel like that was an entirely different person.

Here’s how the zodiac signs act after a breakup.​

ARIES: You try to hook up with one of your ex's friends or family members.
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There's no logic to this behavior. Do you think that if you do manage to have sex with someone connected to your ex, that they'll run and tell them how amazing you were, or are you just trying to get your ex to regret breaking up with you? Whatever you're doing, it's not very nice to use someone for your own f*cked up reasons. Yes, one way to get over someone is to get under someone else but keeping it in the family isn't cool.


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TAURUS: You go full-on emo and write bad poetry, prose, and songs.
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It's good that you want to get your feelings out in a creative way and if you are inspired to write something, good on you. However, some of your breakup writing should never be seen by anyone else. When you're in the throes of heartbreak, you don't have that distance you need when looking at your work. Write it, save it on your computer, or even print it out and toss it in a drawer. Give it some time; if you really think there was something in what you wrote, look at it when the heartbreak has dissipated and you can see clearly.


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GEMINI: You spread rumors about your ex.
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It's not good to spread rumors and gossip about your ex. You think you're doing damage control with the way people think of you but really, you're just looking like a Grade A jerk. Points though for creativity, as most people would just say their ex cheated on them or that you had irreconcilable differences, but you spin a story that's truly imaginative. You're not painting yourself in a very good light and when you spread lies, the damage is far more intensive than you think.


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CANCER: You text, call, and message excessively.
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You refuse to let all contact go, so you go overboard and are constantly reaching out to your ex. It's easy to see through your sham of concern. If they need someone to talk to, it's not going to be you. If you want to remain friends, you're still going to have to go through a cooling off period. It's embarrassing when you send text after text and they never respond. They may not be answering you but the messages that they're sending are clear: stop contacting them.


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LEO: You make up mean nicknames for your ex.
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You pass it off as just being funny but the rude nicknames that you're coming up for your ex are mean and show that you're not handling things in a grown-up way. Calling him The Creeper, Tiny Penis or Roadkill is bad enough but making your friends and family call him that is just malicious. Use all that creativity for something that will make you feel better. Write a novel about your relationship but be sure to change the names.


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VIRGO: You take a trip to Upside Down World.
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When your relationship is over, you try to change everything about yourself — you get a makeover, do things you'd never normally do and say things that sound strange coming from you. Maybe you think if you're a totally different person you won't hurt so badly, but the truth is you're just hiding from yourself. Eventually, you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that the breakup changed your life but not in the completely manufactured way you've changed things.


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LIBRA: You overindulge in everything.
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Normally, you're someone who strives for balance, but being broken up with threw you for a loop. You'll do anything to dull the pain. You drink too much, eat too much, party too much — you do everything to excess except take care of yourself. If feeling better is what you're going for, surprise! All that overindulgence is only going to make you feel worse. How about drinking a lot of water instead of alcohol or switching out partying for calling friends and telling them how you feel?


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SCORPIO: You change the bed sheets.
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No, you don't just wash the bed sheets; you remove them, throw them in the trash, and buy new ones. Anything that your ex enjoyed using is purged from your home, just like you hope to purge them from your heart and mind. You make a ritual out of getting rid of any trace of them as if your house was a crime scene. Be careful when you burn any of the cards they gave you or the pictures of you together; you don't want to burn the house down with your fury.


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SAGITTARIUS: You stay put.
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You, the traveler and the adventurer, go entirely against your character when you're dealing with a breakup and don't go anywhere. You barely leave the house. If you can't get it delivered you'll do without. If you don't work from home, you'll call in sick. You will do what you can to retreat from the world and you get comfort from the familiar and the routine. Your friends and family will have trouble recognizing you.


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CAPRICORN: You dramatically give them back their stuff.
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You collect everything they ever gave you and all of their things that they had left at your place and you make a big show of returning them to your ex. You want to hurt him however you can, and you think returning his sweater that you loved is going to feel like a stab in the heart. The problem is that it's going to hurt you more than it hurts him and at some point, you're going to want all that stuff back. If you're lucky, you can get someone to steal them back for you; if you're not, you're going to regret being so hasty.


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AQUARIUS: You're going to try to harvest your ex's friends.
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You'll justify inviting your ex's friend's out by saying that you always liked them and that you don't want to lose them now that the relationship is over. The truth is you want them to tell your ex how amazing you are and how much fun they have with you. In your perfect evil world, your ex's friends would take your side and turn against him. 


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PISCES: You develop a fake profile and try to catfish your ex.
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Catfishing rarely works out well, especially if your motives are questionable. You think you know what he wants in a woman, so you create a profile you think is sure to entice him. Once you do, you become the epitome of his ideal girlfriend. What happens when he falls for the fake you? Have you even thought about the consequences of your actions, besides getting even? This is really mean for you, Pisces.


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